Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Why is it so funny to make fun of another person's handicap?

Why is it so funny to make fun of another person's handicap?

It is usually done by bullies. Like Donald Trump. Remember this?

Now, Donald Trump is known for making fun of people. Like people who think he is serving their best interests. A close friend of his is former UKIP frontman Nigel Farage. Here they are standing in front of golden doors. Just before stating they want to tax millionairs more. Yes, they are lying. Again.

But why is it considered a handicap when you're not like most others? Well, most others get very uncomfortable thinking of being different. That's why they laugh. It's really - originally - not because they find it amusing but a show of strength: 'Look how big and sharp my teeth are. I eat raw meat with those, you know. So you should be no problem, should you wish to fight.'

Back in ye'ole days you had to be strong - or at least to be able to pretend to be strong - because that was the only way to survive. These days we have guns. And supermarkets. On top of that we developed another skill to make us live another day: cleverness. But soms still find it enough to (pretend to) be strong.

Basically: people who make fun of other people because of their different appearance are simply scared sh*itless.

So no, having OCD is NOT funny. It really isn't. And no, you don't have OCD but are simply annoyed at things being not the way you want them to be. Listen to this guy:

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