Friday, July 25, 2003

Learn Dutch!

Especially for those who like to keep track of my life but are unwilling (and/or) uncapable of learning Dutch, I decided
to keep you posted through a weekly weblog-entry.
Mere days ago I posted my first attempt at writing an entry in English. It was much appreciated.
Best news of the day was that the son of a Welsh friend of mine became the only deaf child in the history of education in Wales to complete his infant level schooling at a normal primary. Three cheers for Hotlips and Daniel!
Further news from the past week...My son's biological mom finally decided to put her signature under the piece of paper
that will allow me to take him abroad. Coming monday we will pick up his own passport! On the same day as she signed
my daughter came by my place and told her mom (another one of my neighbours, just as my son's mom is) she preferred staying with me for the day. For me that felt a bit like a victory since it had been two months since I last had her in my house...To cut this short: Once I'm Pasja of this great city of Amsterdam I will proclaim the 21st of july to be a national holiday...
Me and my son had a quiet week this week (except for the above that is). We went swimming, went to the park. Just being lazy in general, really. Of course our neighbour Angèlique came for tea several times and I got more acquainted
with new neighbour Vanessa. For now I'll settle down in front of the tube with the rental "Betty Blue" rather than attending the birthday-party of a summercamp colleague. Sleep in tommorow for my friend Thura will dress me up for my first real outing in months: An underground Gothic-party at this place called Medusa. Check'ya later!