Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Do you value your privacy?

80% of those surveyed lack confidence in how businesses handle location data, and 84% of people do not trust that laws and regulations will effectively ensure that their location data is not intentionally misused. Find the article here. (click)

There are people who won't go on Facebook because they're worried about their privacy. They even tell their friends about it via WhatsApp, possibly not knowing that since 2014 WhatsApp is in the hands of Facebook...

Lucky for you that you have nothing to hide. Except maybe your phonenumber, your home address, the name of your children's school, the type of pornography you watch, that time you got drunk at a party and you...

'Yeah, but I guard my privacy well. I change my passwords every other week, turn of WiFi and GPS on my smartphone when I go out and even put my smartphone on airplane mode when I'm having a sensitive meeting where company secrets might be discussed.' Hey, good for you! But is it really as safe as you think it is?

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

A positive world

What if the characters from Star Wars had Facebook accounts? this the future of farming and will it help save the planet?

Just two examples of positivity in the world. And there's lots and lots more of it.


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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Gun control

'If we ban guns, criminals will find a way to get their hands on them anyway!' Sounds plausible? Then why not decriminilize drugs? You know, because if you ban them, criminals will get their hands on them anyway. And while we're at it: why not decriminalize rape and murder? Because if you ban it, crimininals will find ways to rape and murder anyway. Right? Wrong! Here are a few things that were banned because they are supposedly dangerous. Guns are not on the list. (Click to enlarge)

Here's a guy who's an active supporter of the Second Amendment. He has something to say to you:

Several schools throughout the USA have decided to ban backpacks to make school 'safer'. But why not take the meassures and take it a step further? Let's ban students in schools! In that way the precious Second Amendment Rights of people who love to empty their AR-15's in school buildings won't be violated and no child will ever be harmed at a school schooting again!

Here's a scenario. Answer this simple question: who in this video is the legendary 'good guy with a gun'?

'The right' has an other argument too:

So, if you don't understand what you are talking about, how could you even discuss the subject, let alone state your opinion?

Well, 'the left' has an anser to that question:

And let's leave all this 'left' or 'right' nonsense behind us, shall we? People are either ignorant or they are not. Simple as that.

And really, does anyone honestly think that if a trained armed guard - as at the Florida Parkland shooting - freezes, an untrained armed teacher could take out a shooter? Or a rushing swat team can instantly tell the difference between an armed student aiming his gun to kill and an armed student aiming his gun to protect? If you don't know the answer, just watch this clip and try answering the same question again:

Say, in the most extreme case, that every child in school is surrounded by a few highly trained and well armed guards: will that prevent them from getting shot? It didn't help then President Ronald Reagan, so how would having an armed detail prevent a child from getting shot?

And why are Republicans so lenient towards guns and so harsh on marihuana?
And if guns are really save to be in the hands of teachers and janitors in schools, why didn't the NRA allow guns to be in the hands of law abiding citizens at the last NRA congres?

The USA is not the only country where citizens can get their hands on guns, yet the number of mass shootings in other countries is close to zero. How can that be? Here are a few reasons:

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Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Consider the consequenses of deportation

A lot of people don't seem to consider the consquences of their actions. Take the people who voted for Donald Trump to become their president. They based their vote on their desire to have all illegal immigrants deported.
For one thing: crops are starting to rot because suddenly there's a shortage of farmworkers.

But never tought it would mean their children would have to say goodbye to their ever so nice school janitor. Or they would be cleaning their own pool after ICE deported their Mexican poolboy. Or those great kids from next door would be forced to go 'back' to a country they they don't call home.

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