Wednesday, August 05, 2020

I'ts not nice to call a racist a racist!

Freedom of speech is for everyone! Except for people who call racists racists 'because that's not nice'.

Somehow that doesn't make sense to me. It's like in 'All Lives Matter!' by which people usually don't mean all lives. But it stays unclear what they do mean. In thise case you can say everything what you want. Except that 'everything' does not mean 'everything'. But what it does mean stays unclear.

To me it's still unclear why - of all people - this one single individual is responsible for everyting 'realists' (you can't call racists racists, remember?) finds wrong in the world. What is it about George Soros that makes him 'alt-right' (you can't call racists racists, remember?) 's enemy no. 1?

This article (click) tries to explain. But I still don't get it: if every member of 'Antifa' (apparently it's a very bad thing to be anti-fascism. Okay.) is being paid by the old millionair and Jewish Holocaust survivor George Soros, just like every university (where leftist teachers indoctrinate our children and why you can only trust people to be knowledgeable about a subject when they have not studied it) single outlet of mainstream media ('MSM' for people who find it extremely difficult to read or write words that consist of more than two syllables), George Soros should have more money than Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Bernard Arnault, Bill Gates and Waren Buffett combined.  I find that improbable, highly unlikely, impossible to believe, not very logical.

But the question's still there: why are racists (Oops! I accidentally wrote the 'r'-word. If you feel insulted: it was a joke. If you don't get it, you have no sense of humour. There. Solved it for you.) usually so very angry? By far most of them are white (yes, racists come in all shapes and colours but 'white' is dominant (...) in this group of people), meaning in general they have little to complain about. Only about 'foreigners' (people from dominantly 'white' countries are not considered foreigners but 'Norwegian brothers' or 'expats'.) who steal their jobs and are too lazy to work.

They have in common that whatever bad happens to them, they themselves are never to blame for. So when someone says it's all the fault of [insert minority of choice] they are more than willing to believe so. Is it really that simple? Yes it is. 

Bombard them with fake news (you know, through local 'news' stations owned by the Sinclair Corporation) or via Fox Entertainment Channel and soon they will believe anything that's being told to them. Even when the information that's shoved into them is contradicting. Like: 'Don't listen to everything the government tells you and Antifa should always follow the rule of law but you should never!' and 'Raise your hand if you don't want to be seen as sheeple blindly raising their hands when someone tells them to!'

The Nazi's (you know, those famous fascists who looked like the angry young white males in kaki's with the tiki torches in Charlottesville) learned that young men who don't masturbate are extremely easy to manipulate. The same trick is used by alt-right leaders who tell their new members not-masturbating makes you more manly and attractive to young women. Although the very opposite is true. But hey, who cares about facts when you have Facebook, right?

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Saturday, August 01, 2020

To be together (a poem)

While you flutter in the wind
I enjoy the smell of your hair
blowing my way

Also I'd like to be the clothspin
keeping you from being carried away,
far from me, from 'us,
to never return.

Sometimes I picture us as birds,
ínvolved in a mating ritual,
mockingly circling
and flying off swiftly,
knowing to be chased.

Playing in ever shrinking circles
occassionaly slightly bigger ones.

To eventually
land simultanously
in the same open nest,
to be together. 

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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

You're fired!

Occupations come and go. When was the last time you've seen a bumboat trader, a switchboard operator or a bowling alley pinsetter? Other professions that we consider part of every day life will go too. It's prophesied that in a few decades computer software will be so sophisticated that no more bookkeepers are required. Around the same time you will have trouble finding someone who states 'assembly line' as workplace. It's only natural that jobs come and go. In thirty years people will be working in jobs you and I could not have imagined. Do you think your grandparents would have figured that by today millions would find employment as 'Data-analist' or 'App developer'?

With that said: in the past two months (...) 36 million Americans filled out forms in the hope of receiving unemployment benefits. On top of those already enemployed. People have been fired from bars, clubs, restaurants and retail jobs. (Movie)Theatres have been shut and self-employed entertainers (musicians, magicians, ballet dancers, you name it) are out of work. And thus out of income.

Even though the first coronavirus-wave is far from over and a second one could do even more damage because there are signs the virus is evolving, employees are urged to go back to work, placing them for the dilemma: 'Stay home, get fired and die from hunger or go back to work for less than I would get from social security and risk dying from COVID-19?'

The virus is affecting the workforce worldwide and some governments start to realise people who don't have money can't help the economy to stay afloat.

Perhaps it's time to look into an old idea: (Universal) Basic Income. Before you shout: 'But that's a cummunist idea! It's much too expensive!' 'It will make people lazy!', watch this video:

Here's a quote I found on the interwebs:

If quantum physicists are right and this is in fact a simulation, then a basic income makes sense. Even "The Sims" starts every player out with a modest home, simple furniture and a few simoleons in the bank.

Same with monopoly: everyone starts off with $1500 plus $200 whenever you pass go. The game would be a lot less fun if one player started out with negative -$500 and another player started out with a small loan of a million dollars from their father...

UBI is neither 'left' or 'right' but simply realistic.

Tell me: what would you do if you wouldn't have to work for money to survive?

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Saturday, July 25, 2020

Strong women

All over the world women are setting an example: how to state 'No, enough is enough!' without raising their voices, without using physical force, without agression. But look in their eyes and know to don't mess with them. Unless you don't mind to get hurt. A lot. You don't need to be a Rosa Parks or Greta Thunberg and start a revolution. You can protest without an organisation or your parents behind you for support. And unarmed. Now, there's some real power. 'Yeah, I want to make a statement but I lack the means and am all by myself. So, what can I do?' This: 

Yekatarina Zaspa, still from a video via REUTERS

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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Why is it so hard to spell right?

Especially for Americans it seems very hard to spell words like they should be spelled. Is it the education system? The lack of interest in their own language? As far as I can tell more than a few of the differences between 'proper' English and American English are attributed to a Mr. Webster (yes, the one from the dictionary) who thought there would be justice in 'coming free from their English suppressors' (the Tea Party people were considered the rioters at the time. And they weren't even people of colour!) and give the proud new nation it's very own language. By stealing almost every single word from the English and simplify them to fit better with the average IQ from the zealots, criminals and other idiots who now populated the land they stole from the native Americans by slaughtering them.

Also: it doesn't help if the President of your country can't spell.

(There's a fun read on this one)

'The grammar is weak in this one'

I guess the reason why the national spelling bee is such a big thing in the USA because people are in awe of all those kids who can actually spell. 'They must be really, really smart!' Or perhaps they simply paid attention in class.

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Sunday, July 19, 2020

Equilibrium (a poem)

Just by looking at her
he could feel the effort it took
to make it seem undemanding.
Every part of her beautiful body,
from her slender fingers to her toes
in the shadows,
was aiding in the act.

Was she helping the tree
or was the tree helping her
find the right balance
between love for movement
and staying firmly grounded?

He might never obtain the knowledge
but knew it didn't matter
for as long as she moved
his body and soul
would be in equilibrium.

Trouble reading? Click the PicVoice below:

(Featuring Laila Izabel)

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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Yeah. Let's arm teachers! We need more guns in schools!

There have been more than a few incidents where a gun was found in a school. The gun was often in hands of (or left by) a teacher:

Here are some pros and cons:

For police officers it's really, really stressful to deal with a high school shooting. And they are well trained and experienced:

Even a gun safety class can be extremely dangerous!

It's hard to imagine what an actual school shooting is like. These teachers had a taste:

And should kids really be traumatized because of all these 'active shooter' drills they are made to undergo?Who wants America to be populated by people who believe a shooting can take place anywhere and anytime?

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Perhaps it's time to not address the consequences but the cause of school shootings. You know, try and develop a cure for the cold instead of focusing on developing better Kleenex.

One final argument against arming teachers: if trained secret service people can't prevent a president from getting shot, how will a teacher protect a child?

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Saturday, July 11, 2020

The circle is completed (a short story)

The end was near and they both knew it. 
With tears in her eyes the nurse reached for a fresh diaper from the cabinet 
to change the elderly woman's diaper one last time.

'Come a bit closer, little girl.'
She was in her late forties and smiled because she was called 'little girl'.

The patient pointed at her name tag on her lab coat and said:
'In Kindergarten there was a girl in my group with your name, have I ever told you that?'

'I know, miss. That was me.'

'It's allright my dear. 
Once I changed your diaper, now you're changing mine. 
The circle is completed.'


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Wednesday, July 08, 2020

The Tinfoil Hat conspiracy

As soon as Sars-CoV-19 (COVID-19 aka 'the Coronavirus) was officially labeled a pandemic, producers of aluminium foil threw their prices through the roof because they simply knew millions of people actually believe a three minute clip they saw on Facebook rather than to read an actual scientific report. As a matter of fact: they only believe scientists are not part of the global conspiracy when the scientists finds a shred of evidence one of their favourite conspiracy theories just might have a piece of truth hidden in it somewhere.

In all other cases the scientist is simply a member of the Illuminati. Or the Illuminati (Lizard people, Bilderberg group, Elvis and TuPac, directed by Bill Gates and George Soros) control the mind of that scientist. Whatever their favourite conspiracy host most recently stated on his private videochannel after YouTube kicked him of theirs for spreading lifethreatening lies.

So yeah, the price of aluminium foil (Americans spell 'aluminum'. People in other countries had English in school.) rocketed

because people started spreading 'Quick, spread this video tutorial far and wide before the government takes away our right to protect ourselves!' d.i.y. videos on how to create your own tinfoil hat. And I wish I was joking.

But here's the twist: tinfoil hats actually work! Yes, covering your entire head (Skull, face, neck, back of your head, eyes, nose, mouth and ears) wíll - with absolute certainty prevent evil doers from reading your thoughts and/or controlling your brainwaves. Because you'd be dead.

The following clips show experiments not performed by actual scientists (who, as everyone knows are indoctrinated at leftist universities sponsored by Soros) and were never shown in MSM. That automatically means the statements made are 100% true. Just a shame the websites don't have the word 'truth' in them. Otherwise we'd be 110% certain!

(Ssst...something can never be over a 100%. Mathematically impossible. But please dont't take my word for it. Just try by holding your breath until you are 100% dead and then hold your breath a bit longer until you reach 110% of being that much dead. Than let me know what happened so I can tell the world you proved scientists were wrong for millenia and it really ís possible to go over the 100% mark. You would really be helping! To increase the average IQ of humankind.)

Here's a clip from a guy who bought a $40 tin foil hat: and tests it with his everyday logic and some equipment to measure radiation.

This one answers the question: does aluminium foil block brainscans?

And here's just a fun clip. Enjoy!

Bottomline: if there really is a conspiracy, it's to make people so stupid (ask why your government (wherever you are in the world) puts a lot more money in war machines than in education) they buy aluminium foil,  $40 beanies or 'anti-corona spray' for $30 not realising they just bought a $5 dollar little spray container with alcohol. And just five minutes earlier they themselves claimed the Coronavirus doesn't even exist but is just a figment of our imagination, planted in our brains by the government to take away our free will and other nice stuff. Like finding interesting ways to die, letting others know we really áre as stupid as they think we are.


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Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Addicted to her (a poem)

How could it be that he - as a poet - was lost for words he had used so often? 
Words that time and again had the desired effect?

He coudln't think straight and in hindsight it became clear why: 
he had been intoxicated by her scent en hypnotised by the fierce lifeforce 
she projected on him through her eyes.

In her proximity his coherent thoughts crawled out of sight 
into the corner of his brain he used to reserve for the little secrets he kept as a child.

Only when she left his field of view the fog in his head retreated. 
Slowly. Ever so slowly. But it felt good. Very good. Almost too good; 
if he wasn't careful she could act as a drug.

But oh God, how much he longed for getting addicted to her!


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Saturday, July 04, 2020

Erasing history

'Okay, maybe the guy was a slave owner and a racist but he's also a proud symbol of our heritage
and by removing his statues we erase history!'

What if we could ask Robert E. Lee himself about his thoughts on the matter?
It's your lucky day! Because he actually did share his thoughts on the matter:

Same thing goes for people like Columbus who told - upon arrival in 'India' - 
the native people (...) he was the first person to set foot on their land:

But yes, many people don't seem to know an ancient monument was desecrated
 and replaced by a symbol of supression and supremacy:
(What do your children's history books state on Mount Rushmore?)

But okay, let's assume the premise is true and by toppling statues history is erased:
How do you know about Adolf Hitler? 
After all: in the whole of Germany there is nu public statue of him. 
And because statues of Saddam Hussein (click) disappeared so did the memory of him?

How do you know who won the war on Independence?

Do you get your information from Facebook or from history books?

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Wednesday, July 01, 2020

What did the soldiers and civilians in the US/Afghan war die for?

Was Mike Prysner right when he stated the Afghan war was a complete and total lie? But if 'the enemy' was not women and children hiding in caves who then wás the enemy?

Did the soldiers really fight for 'God, country, honour and 'the American Way?' or to simply have a job, some education and a free funeral?

The war in Afghanistan cost over 115,000 deaths and over a trillion dollars (click). Where did all that money go to?

It looks like the Iraq war veteran was on to something because years later Trevor Noah shares this data with the world:

Could having no plan have been the plan?

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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Breathe in, breathe out...(a poem)

Written whilst enjoying a few live performances during Subculture Cabaret (click) on June 13th 2020, hence the handwriting and mistakes in the original written piece.


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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Good people

With all that's happening in the world I always take comfort in the fact that there are also a lot of good people in the world. Like this street photographer that lets 'ordinary' people like you and me feel like supermodels.

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Sunday, June 21, 2020

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day, dad!

Most likely - puzzling the pieces together - you were Hans Lotzow (Lowtzow? von Lowtzow?) from Hamburg, Germany. Who - in 1966 - offered my half brother and my mother food and shelter when they had none and winter was about to set in. You were just divorced and your house (and heart?) was empty because your child (children?) had (just? Some years earlier?) moved out with his/her/their mother. So, thank you for giving my mom and brother what they needed most in a time of distress, I guess.

Three years ago the woman you probably remarried and still lived at the address I found among my late mother's belongings on a hand written slip of paper (why would anyone keep a tiny slip of paper with a name and misspelled address on it in a to me unfamiliar handwriting for over fifty years? If not for planning to one day tell the whole story?) told a friend of mine (thank you, friend! Unfortunately the lady wouldn't talk to me, nor provide the details I figured would help me find closure.) you had passed away in 1984. Coincidentally the same year my grandmother died.

I would like ('If I may, to take you on a strange journey') the name of the cemetery where your (old? Tired? Sick? Young? Troubled? Content?) bones were laid to rest so I could say hello and goodbye and learn to know what kind of man you were.

Did you like jazz or prefer classical music? Did you play an instrument? According to my mother 'your father was a boxer/a writer of children's books/a (Austrian) swimming instructor for disabled children/a (Russian) piano teacher/a (Swedish) submarine captain captured by the Nazis and given the choice to work for Hitler or have his sub torpedoed with his crew inside and worked as a double spy (I liked that story! Made me feel my dad was some sort of hero.)'.

Did you help Jews or Hitler? Or did you simply try to live through a war you didn't ask for? Where you a cat lover or prefer to walk a dog? Did you smoke or drink? Is there something your child(dren) would like to share with me, his/her/their half brother?

Perhaps some day a private detective (who will pick up his efforts to search for details surrounding your existence when the Covid-19 lockdown is lifted) will be successful in tracking down your sibling(s) and find them willing to talk to me.

What was there in your genes that could explain some things about me that can't be explained looking at my mother?

At least she was being honest (I like to think she was often honest) when as an adult I asked her why as a child I often felt not wanted. She put a hand on my shoulder, looked me in the eyes and said: 'I have good news for you, son: your feelings weren't deceiving you.'

I wish they had.

But things are as they are and I love her and often felt loved by her. If only I knew a bit more about you, dad. Because I'd really like to love you too.

Happy Father's Day, dad, whoever and wherever you are.

This song's for you:

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Saturday, June 20, 2020

Unheard (a poem)

Motionless he stood at the railing,
the dayglow warm against his cheek.
Overlooking the water but not seeing it.

His mind's eye was still in her bedroom
where the curtains were closed
but where her heart had opened.

They had talked warily,
just a few words
because most of what was said
was unspoken
but not unheard

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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

What do we need most? Empathy!

Of course children need food and shelter. That's what they get from their parents. In school they are taught how to multiply, to read and where to find their country of origin on a map of the world. A surprising number of people (not just Americans. Really.) have difficulties reading a map. Especially when they need to think 'outside the box':

If children ask a question and the answer is not in the book, the teacher often doesn't know the answer either. And sometimes there is no answer possible. 'If the Universe if finite, what's beyond its border?' 'Who was the first cowboy ever to call out 'Yihaw!' and why?' 'How is a man supposed to act when his wife says 'Darling, I'm cold?' But that's okay too.

I don't like parents or teachers who then tell children to 'stop asking stupid questions!'. It just shows the parent or teacher is stupid. It really is okay to say you don't know. Especially when you really don't know. So those parents and teachers could also say: 'That's a great question! I don't know the answer either but if one day you do, could you please let me know? Thanks!'

I don't like teachers who give their students a pencil and show them how to draw a house. I like teachers who give their students a pencil and ask them to draw what they find important.

I don't like teachers who give their students instruments and tell them how to use them exactly. I do like teachers who give their students instruments, let them figure out how to use them and are willing to learn from the mistakes their students make. But also are willing to learn from the sometimes amazing solutions their students come up with.

Parents these days hardly have time to cloth and feed their offspring, let alone teach them some basic values. And why should they 'because that's what school is for, right?' They understood this problem in countries like Finland (click) and Denmark (click). Where learning empathy is mandatory.

Children in Finland and Denmark are taught to be better. Not to be better than other kids but better human beings than they were before. Perhaps we can learn from it.

It looks like the city of Camden, New Jersey has: crime as well as 'death by cop' has decreased dramatically since police officers were taught to talk first, shoot later instead of the opposite to which they (police and citizens alike) were grown accustomed to.


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Saturday, June 13, 2020

No More (a poem)

Her words were invigorating,
her eyes of a colour not definable,
sometimes brown, sometimes a shade of green jade
with a sparkle of gold.

Her laugh that of  a twelve year old,
not holding back when she finds something amusing.
But sometimes that of a woman
in the winter of her life,
feeling content having lived the life she had,
looking at a picture of her latest grandchild.

Her hair curly and the colour of sand on a beach,
the morning after a stormy night.

Her eyes were made for truth and honesty,
not concealment.
But her mind played tricks on her,
making her wonder
if her heart was to be trusted,
bewildering her beautiful soul in the proces
and pushing away her loved ones
feeling left abandoned
she tried to escape reality
more than once.

Every once in a while
telling herself she was succesful
until reality caught up with her
Until it was over
and the urge to escape
was no more


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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

More fake news (Bye Felicia!)

Stop spreading these videos of our beloved president! They look so real!
At least tell people when you share them that they are fake!

Sure, honey. Let's also put out a disclaimer on everything your 'beloved  president' says:

WARNING: don't let this man fool you. Almost everything (click) he says is a lie.

Besides: if you can't tell above video is fake, you deserve to get fooled.

Bye, Felicia!

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Saturday, June 06, 2020

She made (a poem)

Understanding came before the vision
So when she said 'It's just like I remember',
he replied 'I remember it differently
but I know what you mean.'

And so they sat in silence,
each in their own thoughts.
Just like she remembered.

While he smiled,
recollecting the sounds she made.


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Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Why I participated in the #BlackLivesMatter protests

From personal experience I can say I've been denied a job because of the colour of my skin: the company stated 'you won't feel comfortable in the office surrounded by only whites'. 

An other time I was also denied a job because of my skin colour: 'We're very sorry, momentarily we're only hiring people of colour to show we're anti-racist and the government gives us money if we hire more blacks, gays and women. (I'm part Indonesian, part German, with a touch of Irish and Scandinavian) so you don't qualify. Would you happen to know a black lesbian?' 

At an other company I was told I wouldn't feel at home 'because there are no other gays in this company'. I told them that doing volunteer work for the LGBT community doesn't turn a heterosexual man into a lesbian, nor does working for Philips turn you into a lightbulb (but you can be screwed) or going to church makes you a Christian. Or standing in a garage makes you a car, holding drumsticks makes you a great drummer, and so on and so forth. But they didn't see the joke. 

There were times I got an interview thanks to my application and motivation letter. When I entered they just laughed and send me out with a cup of coffee. They thought a friend had pulled a prank on them. I didn't see the humour in that. 

Girls wanted to er.. 'be' with me 'because I never had one like you'. 

When I went shopping with my mom shopkeepers asked her what size shoes I was or pointed at the children's section. I'm 4ft7 (1.40m) and have a touch of 'Asian' in my skin colour. It's probably why people from all over the world automatically start talking to me in the language of the country their parents are from. They ask me for directions or a cigarette in Turkish, Swazi, German, Gaelic, Indonesian and Frysian. Which I think is kinda cool.

For all of the above (and more. Like experiences from friends and other loved ones) I think what it feels like to be judged on looks and prejudice. Therefore I will be at Dam Square later today. Because it is about me. And you. And my neighbours. And my children. And my future grandchildren.

(I'll save your post. Might come in useful. Not in the least as a reminder for myself when I feel inclined to judge people on their looks. So, yeah, thanks Kevin Groen:


(last night FB apparently deleted this post, which is both ridiculous & unfortunate because it got a lot of attention, so I'm reposting it ❤️🔥✊🏼)

Dear whyt person, so you want to post on your social media to show your support and solidarity in fighting racism. I appreciate your intention, and I would like to provide you with some tips on how to do this in a helpful way, rather than the typical well-intentioned less helpful (and sometimes downright hurtful and destructive) ways.

So let’s begin shall we.



By only sharing how outraged you are, you are making it all about you and your emotional state, taking away from the PoC whose outrage should be center stage.

Also don’t share how despondent / helpless you feel, it really isn’t about how you feel, and besides you can also educate yourself on what you as a whyt person could be doing instead. There’s plenty of education materials out there that explain what actions whyt folks can take to be a real ally.

PoC have been screaming for centuries that racism & whyt supremacy are bad, we know it is bad, we’re suffering from it every single day of our lives. You saying that doesn’t change the narrative, doesn’t change the system, doesn’t do anything but drowning out voices who speak real truth to power.

But most importantly, when you say that racism & whyt supremacy are bad, you’re excluding yourself from it. You’re denying that you yourself grew up in a whyt supremacist society, inheriting whyt supremacy, and you ignore the fact that you are benefiting from it, and are complicit in upholding it.

Yeah, news flash, PoC have been telling you that forever!! Stating the obvious doesn’t change the obvious. Whyt folks have been denying that whyt privilege is real forever, and you saying that it exists doesn’t educate in any meaningful way. It doesn’t change the narrative among other whyt folks about what whyt privilege means. It might cause a ‘yes’ vs ‘no’ discussion, but doesn’t get into the depths of how that privilege plays a role, in what ways it manifests etc.

Reposting (mainstream) news items about current events, while useful in attracting attention, don’t necessarily change your narrative, unconscious beliefs, nor that of other whyt folks.

And sharing current news items that are depicting violence against PoC, especially black people being murdered might make you guily of traumap0rn, which continues the suffering of black people and PoC.

Also points #1-4 might in truth be you just virtue signaling, and if you don’t know what virtue signaling is, chances are that you’ve done it.


If you want to be a real ally and use your social media for positive change, here’s an uncomfortable truth for you: you will have to put yourself out there, talk openly about guilt and shame, talk about your mistakes, your complicity, your ongoing learning, your identity as a whyt person.

Now you might be thinking “OMG, that’s too exposing, too scary, too painful!!”

Well, if you want to be a real ally, you’ll have to get your hands fucking dirty, and get uncomfortable, endure pain, confront your fears and everything else. And still whatever it is that you experience is nothing compared to what PoC experience every day!

So here’s what would be profoundly helpful for you to share in fighting racism

Instead of saying that racism & whyt supremacy are bad, and that whyt privilege is real, it is important that you educate your fellow whyt folks on those 3 concepts. The best way for you to do so is by getting personal about your own experience.

So share your own personal stories of:
- How you learned about your whyt privilege.
Specific examples when you benefitted from your whyt privilege.
- Mistakes you have made in the past that were racist and upheld racism.
- How your whyt lens makes you see the world, and things you realised you don’t see through that lens.
- Specific examples of how your silence harmed PoC.
- Specific examples of your defensive behaviours when you received feedback from PoC.
-The process by which you started to become more aware.

Why are these stories important, because they educate other whyt folks on what whyt privilege looks like that is hard to deny. It makes the statement that whyt privilege is real come to life.
When you share your own personal experience of contributing to racism, it helps other whyt folks compare it to their own experience without being able to accuse you

Below are some questions that can get you started, and it would be a great starting point for you to share your answers on social media.

- What is your earliest memory that you can recall, that you realized being whyt was an advantage? How did you behave before that realisation? How did you behave after that realisation?

- What does it mean to be whyt for you? And how are youI benefiting from my whytness?

- What is a racist situation that you remember, looking back on, you wish you would have behaved differently? Why? And how would you wish you had behaved instead?

- How did you learn about whyt supremacy, racism, whyt privilege? What was painful? What was suprising? What shifted?

- What is something you believed when you were younger, that you don’t believe anymore? What triggered that shift?

- What is a book/film/documentary/talk/person that changed your understanding on race related issues? How did it change your understanding? How did it impact your behaviour?

And of course you can also share your success stories of when you were a good ally in action. But if you’re not willing to put yourself out there in public, if you're not willing to share your shame and guilt, if you’re not willing to get uncomfortable and endure some pain, then I do not trust you at all with being a real ally when it matters, because you are obviously not willing to do the inner work required to become one, and all you do is virtue signaling so you can feel good about yourself.

Don't post that you support anti-racism, show me that you are doing the work to be anti-racist!

Media attention is important, and sure, big media has a huge reach. But also make sure you share actual stories and experiences posted by PoC who are directly affected by whatever it is that is happening in the world.

PoC voices need to be amplified, not just the voices of whyt-run mainstream media. Their stories are at the heart of experiencing oppression, their stories & experiences need to go mainstream when mainstream media doen’t report on them, and you can do that by reposting what they share.

Also, please share local stories & experiences from PoC. Only sharing content coming from USA may be tempting and sexy, but it also contributes to the belief that racism & white supremacy only happens over there. There are plenty of local stories & experiences from people in your surroundings you should be sharing, you just haven't paid attention!!

Lots of PoC have created (e)books, articles, made movies, documentaries, podcasts etc. Please share their content. There’s so much educational content out there, and it is your responsibility to share it in your whyt circles. Of course whyt people like DiAngelo and Elliot get cited a lot, for good reason, just make sure you amplify educational content from PoC. So share about current events, but share even more educational content all your long.

Here are 2 resources from my page:



And it goes without saying that if you only do the previously mentioned points once a year, you’re not really being an ally.

Fighting racism has to happen every damn day, and if you use your social media only once a year, you really are just virtue signaling.

The moment global uproar is over (e.g. George Floyd, burqa ban, anti-Asian sentiments), that’s when we (PoC) need you to continue your fight.against racism. Not only today, tomorrow, but also next week, next month, next year!

I am looking forward reading more about your whyt journey in fighting racism by you sharing your own story <3

PS: this isn’t a definitive list on how you should use your social media in fighting racism, but following these 3 principles all year long will definitely make you a better ally ❤️🔥✊🏼


Yes, it's hard to speak out. So what if we'd all do it together? Say, five o'clock Dam Square, protesting the brutal killing of American citizens by police officers? On the bus the next morning, in the supermarket, at the birthday party were this 'really nice and he only does this when he's drunk' uncle rants about how it's all the fault of 'De joden, surinamers, zigeuners, moslims!', depending on in which era he (or 'she'. Hey, who am I to judge?) is drunk? 

It's hard to speak out when you're afraid to lose 'friends'. Or teeth.

I'm all for finding enduring solutions. Finding a cure for the cold, not develop better Kleenex.

Update: something that came up after I re-read above. When as a kid I got swimming lessons, the instructor wouldn't let me even go near the deep end. Explaining to my moom: 'He's so short that he might drown!' My mother was furious and I was confused because she had taught me that I should always do what authorities tell me to but here she was, throwing words at him I had my eight years older neigbour explain to me.. Perhaps I should have confronted the instructor later in my life, explaining to him that size doesn't really matter that much in swimming. And why he thought that my ten centimeters taller classmates could still keep their heads above the water while standing at the bottom of the 3.5metres deep end of the pool but I could not. 'If you had taught me how to swim, I couldn't drown there and then, you [insert words my mother used at the time].

In my mind I never said: 'Well done! For a woman/a black kid/a homosexual/someone with one eye/a fan of the Backstreet Boys/asian/in a wheelchair/an old man.' Tip: if you don't know what to call a person, use his or her name. Yes, it's that simple. 

Here's me answering the question: 'What shall I call you? Dwarf, midget, Lilliputian? Which sounds better to you? Because I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable.' My reply: 'Thanks, I appreciate that! What shall I call you then? 'Negro, boy, monkey? Which one of these slurs makes you feel most comfortable?' 'Whoops! My bad. Sorry, Terrence.' 'That's okay, George.'

If I ever have (perhaps at the playground as a kid: 'Not bad for a girl! Weehee!' But not even then, I think.), I am very, very sorry. It is not nice to do such a thing. Not ever.

Except perhaps to jokingly say to a friend who is a Backstreet Boys fan.


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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Before (a poem)

Something in the way her hair moved
when she rode her bike.
Something in the way she smiled
when she looked at a random child
playing with its mother.
Something in the way
she didn't seem to notice
an upcoming truck.
Something in the way
she pulled on her brakes
and put her feet on the street,
almost falling over,
smiling at her own clumsy self,
taking her time to continue her way.

There was something about her
that told him
- with absolute uncertainty -
he had never seen her before.


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Thursday, May 28, 2020


'I hope you'll accept my apology.'
'I will. When you offer it and I sense that you mean it.'
'I just offerered you an apology!'
'No, you did not. You simpley expressed the wish I'd accept it when offered.
That's not the same thing as actually apologizing.'

Which begs the question: why do some people find it so extremely hard
to apologize for any wrongdoing?

Governments are reluctant to apologize for atrocities committed in the past:

Here's a beautiful way to apologize:

So, tell me, did you ever apologize? How and why?

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Saturday, May 23, 2020

Not stupid (a poem)

Time was trivial to them,
to the birds and wind.
The ray of sunlight that lit up her smile
lingered on her face, then moved to his.

Together they were silent.
Together they were alone.
Pure bliss.

Of course they knew
the moment wouldn't last.

They were in love,
not stupid.


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Thursday, May 21, 2020

A positive world: hobo nickel

Until recently I had never heard of the art of the hobo nickel: artistically carving of coins. It's an amazing art form!

Here's an example:

Click here to see more of artist Roman Booteen.

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Friday, May 15, 2020

Skip rope (a short story)

The calm flutter of her wings
as she passed him by
made his heart want to skip rope.

He wondered how she'd be at Double Dutch
and got his mind to wander.

'What are you smiling at?, she asked
turning his smile into a grin.

'I just saw an angel skip rope.'


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Thursday, May 14, 2020

How many refugees don't return to their homeland?

Guess. Of all the refugees worldwide, which percentage eventually stays in the country they run to?

Guess again.


Guess again.


Want to know the actual figure? Click here.

Surprised? You shouldn't be.

Think about it:
if - for some terrible reason you would have to leave the place were you grew up - wouldn't you want to return?

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Monday, May 11, 2020

The Game (a poem)

As light becomes day
and darkness turns into night
Two become one and all is allright

I see you when you leave
and I see you when you come
Our hearts beat as one
that's more than the sum

You came without warning
You left as you came
We played until morning
And I lost the game


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Friday, May 08, 2020

Sunset with me (a poem)

A sonnet, written a little while ago. When I was around 17.
Including a genuine Hapax Legomena. years before I learned what that was.

Do shades of grey
coming to you
by toxicating words
coming from my lips
replace the blinds
that shut your eyes
for the revealing
of the Phantom in your Dreams?

Does the sword,
handed to you
by trembling hands
comspiring with my pelvis
cut the wire
that unites our souls
and makes us wonder
why whe live and love?

It that is so,
the sun will have set,
leaving us alone.

One question then remains:
would you please
watch the Sunset with me?


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Thursday, May 07, 2020

The Coronavirus (Covid-19. You know what I mean)

Some people are scared of the virus, others are terrified. Some think it's all a big hoax that involves The New World Order, George Soros, Bill Gates and the Mainstream Media with the help of over a quarter of a million 'dead' people who are all in the plot to make 'us' believe 'they' are taking away our freedom, money, free will, children and health.

Some try to convince others they should be careful, some try to convince their friends they should be scared to death and others try to convince their friends SARS-coV-2 (the official name) simply doesn't exist. Or is a method developed by The Illuminati/Lizerdmen/Atlanteans/beings from an other dimension/all of the above to bring down the number of people on this planet down to a mere 500 million.

And there are also the confused: 'You should wear a facemask at all times to stop the virus from spreading!' 'Please don't wear a facemask because it will give you a false sense of security and people will come within 6 feet away from you because you make them think its safe!' 'Please keep your distance!' but see absolutely no harm in giving a friend of a friend a massage 'because the poor man is in pain' while simaltonously keeping their distance from an other friend in the room 'because I practice social distancing under all circumstances! Always!'

I've had a discussion with a friend who prefers listening to conspiracy theorists (but calls his method of 'finding the truth' 'listening to my gut feeling') in stead of sources like the BBC 'because they can't be trusted! And some random guy who says he cán be trusted and sells me his unique anti-Corona spray at a special discount but only today told me so so it must be true.'

I replied:

'The Spanish flu peaked during the Summer months' and more worth reading:

Bottom line: there are still unanswered questions about Covid-19 so maybe we should rely on facts in stead of 'our gut feeling' by which we mean Facebook posts. #staysafe

His response: 'I don't trust the BBC. They are mainstream media and part of the system!'

It's not 'the system' or 'msm' telling us what's the wisest thing to do. It's a little thing called 'facts'. But okay, if you rather believe 'your gut feeling' (by which you mean - I'm afraid - conspiracy theorists) that's of course entirely up to you. Stay safe, my friend! 🖖

He: I'd rather decide for myself what are facts and not.

You can't just 'decide' what you want to be facts or not: if the BBC tells you a rock is hard that's called 'stating a fact' and not meant as a sneer to conspiracy theorists. Or gullible people. Why don't you trust the BBC?

He: 'Conspiracy theorist' sounds very negative. I prefer to call them 'open minded people who hold alternative views.'

I'm sorry. Although I appreciate your effort to 'explore all possibilities except when they're stated by 'MSM', a rose is still a rose even when you call it a tulip. A racist is still a racist even when he calls himself 'a 'realist'. Just so a conspiracy theorist is a conspiracy theorist, even when he tells you you can trust him to buy his products and calls himself 'just an open minded person'. Just my two cents.

But you forgot to answer my question: why do you state the BBC can't be trusted?

Oh, and 'alternative view' falls in the same category as 'alternative facts': the view from my bedroom window now shows a parked car. Stating there is no car AND said car isn't parked is not 'an alternative view' but a lie. Even when the lie contradicts itself (Yes, often 'gullible' people (I'd rather call them 'stupid' but won't.) believe in contradictory assumptions. For instance: 'I believe the coronavirus is one giant hoax and the government should do more to protect us from it.' and 'The lockdown must be ended because we can't even see our loved ones in hospital anymore ánd the government should penalize every single person who doesn't practice social distancing.'

I think it's a shame my friend doesn't see what believing in conspiracy theories rather than in factual knowledge does to him and that it can be actually very dangerous and even life threatening . Because I like the guy.

Another friend (with an IQ of 147!) holds the same kind of views as he does and she also fails to explain to me what the difference is between a media outlet that shares (either for free or cheaply) pieces based on proven facts (aka 'MSM', for instance the BBC) and a media outlet that makes claims that are proven to be wrong based on ancient, debunked or simply manufactured data, published on a clickbait site that lures millions of followers to a webshop where they can buy t-shirts, coffeemugs, chemtrail repellent and/or 'business boosting courses' for only $5000 'but only if you act fast!' from a guy who claims he's 'not in it for the money but for telling the absolute truth'. (aka 'Conspiracy site'. For example London real TV (click)).

Both have so far 'forgotten' to tell me why they don't trust the BBC but keep repeating (as if under hypnosis) 'Yeah, but the BBC is mainstream media!' I could keep on telling them 'Freedom of speech does not equal endangering lives by spreading nonsense.' but they seem to be deaf. And I think that's a shame.

'I don't believe scientific reports!
I dó believe some random guy on Facebook!'

A tip for the next President of the USA:

Most likely (according to science...) you won't automatically be immune for Corona (and can still spread the virus!) once you've had it. 'Huh? I don't understand what you mean.' 'Please allow me to explain:

'So er...let me get this...after my house burned down and was re-build there really is a possibility it might burn down again? Noooo! But it can't burn down if it already has, yes?' 'Yes, it can. Just like breaking your wrist doesn't make you immune for future breaks.' 'Can you explain slowly, please? I still don't understand.' 'Okay, I'll say it slowly:''

'The acceleration curve has flattened!
But the secret world government still won't let us go back outside
and pick up our old daily routines!'

Some deducted from their 'gut feeling' and some 'news' sources that once you've had the virus you will never get it again. It could be, but maybe not. Nobody knows for sure yet so my reply to them is:

'So er...let me get this...after my house burned down and was re-build there really is a possibility it might burn down again? No! But it can't burn down if it already has, yes?' 'Yes, just like breaking your wrist doesn't make you immune for future breaks.' 'Can you explain slowly, please. I don't understand.' 'Okay, I'll say it slowly:'

And me? I'd like to be in the 'please be careful' group. But sometimes I'm scared or confused.

Sometimes I think the virus is a perfect excuse to push some agenda's: for World Domination (The Illuminati, remember them?), for more control over people (China, North-Korea, the USA), for power ('Only I have the vaccin! The world must bow to my power! Gna gna!') or simply for money ('Hey, I can now charge ten times more for simple face masks and sell tiny spray bottles of alcohol but when I call them 'Anti-Corona spray' I can charge a lot more to a lot more people!')

Because some are still not convinced of the use of facemasks (I don't know, because the article contained too many 'difficult' words (you know, with more than two syllables 'n stuff) or that one clip of a favourite conspiracy theorist told 'your guts' that 'they' just want to take away your liberty by making you, et cetera), here's an easy to understand picture:


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Monday, May 04, 2020

Dance with me (a poem)

If night had a shadow,
what colour would it be?

If a sound could smell of roses
would you like to dance with me?


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Friday, May 01, 2020

Consciousness (a poem)

After the fire the neighbour took the goldfish in
Bikewheels turning
and a comforting 'Tick...tick'
from one of the peddles.

Drifting away slowly
on the sound of the whistling wind
that she allowed to touch her hair
when a thought led to fresh coffee
in the morning
and broken shoes in the hallway
when the game stopped

at consciousness.


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Wednesday, April 29, 2020


These days I meditate a lot.
More than I used to.
Twice a week I close myself off for the outside world,
fill my water bottle, get some tissues ready because you never know, feed the cat, get in a comfortable position
and close my eyes for some twenty minutes.

Breathing in through the nose, slowly exhale through the mouth.
Just me and my breath. Just being. There, here, now.
Everything else fades to the distance.
Except that sometimes it doesn't and I feel restless,
bored even, not being able to ignore the neighbour drilling a hole in his wall, the clatter of kitchenware through an open window of one of the people in my block. Feeling slightly frustrated. Maybe angry. And that's okay too.

See, feelings are not human so you can't attribute human emotions to them. Some make you feel at peace, some crank up the rhythm of your heart, some are painful. But what is 'bliss'? Annoyance? Pain? Or even 'happiness'? Are those feelings we are taught? If we'd let go of everything we are taught about feelings ('Oh, you fell down the stairs so you must be in pain!' 'Your girlfriend left you for another woman? What you feel now must be heartache!''You failed a test? Aha, you're frustrated!')...

What if we'd let go of all those - no doubt well intended - teachings and actually allow ourselves to feel and let those feelings be what they are: feelings? And simply acknowledge them?

Then I open my eyes, take a deep breath and a large gulp of nice cold water (and sometimes empty the half full bottle over my head), stretch my limbs, shake my head and slowly take in my surroundings. Often I see my cat. At my feet. Awake. Starring at my phone that shows a friendly face guiding me through the meditation. Or simply staring at something that I'm not aware of. That's fine.

I also see a little diffuser (an even tinier rubber penguin just in front of it), filled with a bit of water and a few drops of lavender oil, eucalyptus or whatever I sense is right for me and my breath at that particular moment in time.

A friend asked: 'Do you meditate with your eyes open?' And I replied:

Do you meditate (pray, burn a candle for a loved one, send out good thoughts to a people in turmoil, close yourself of with help of headphones, listening to gentle music)?

Care to share your experiences? It's okay if you do. It's okay if you don't. It's okay, it's okay.

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Friday, April 24, 2020

Blind Poet (a poem)

Left with the remnants of a special night
she dared not dream
of what might have happened
if their paths hadn't crossed
and she'd taken a turn
that would have led
to uncharted futures
with adventures
that would have made her feel unsettled
without knowing why
she felt an inexplicable sense of urgency
(without knowing that was because
they were not jointed)
trying to find a reason
for the things she wanted to do
while being in love
with a blind poet


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Thursday, April 23, 2020

On social distancing and bullies

Social distancing because of the pandemic labeled 'corona' brings out the best in people. And the worst. People walking the dog of a neighbour who sits at home with signs of corona, whole neighbourhoods with people standing on balconies, singing the same song simultanously, people who bring food to doctors and nurses who work around the clock to help the sick, et cetera.

On the other side of the human spectrum there are US senators who made a quick buck by selling stocks just before the market collapsed, knew it would happen but kept the public uninformed, government officials that take in protective gear delivered at the border and sell it to private companies who in turn sell it at huge profits to the highest bidding states and simple thieves and crooks who take money promising to deliver face masks they never had.

Grown men punch 12-years old girls in the face in the supermarket 'because that's not a meter and a half, kid!' and use 'Yeah, but she wasn't practicing social distancing, police officer. I only did my duty as a concerned citizen.' (Maybe she wasn't. But you are an agressive bully who deserves to spend a few months showering with 'real' agressive criminals in jail. 'xcuse me, young miss. Could you please step away from me a little? Thank you! By the way: I think it's great you get your grandma her groceries!' would have sufficed. That's the adult way. Your way is the way of the schoolyard bully.)

The behaviour of these police officers (click) and this one (click) reminded me of 'Die Welle',

a gripping story (click here to see the American remake) about a social experiment in which a teacher shows his pupils how easy it was for Hitler to make people turn on their friends, how a rather docile kid can simply be molded into a weaponized piece of walking propaganda and a downright bully.

Above mentioned police officers used the corona-measures as an excuse to behave like a neo-nazi: intimidating and threatening people. Now they've shown their true nature I sincerely hope they get fined and fired.

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