Friday, July 30, 2004

The US-military is holding 50.000 prisoners overseas.
It is a proven fact that "only" 94 of them have been tortured
by American soldiers and a mere 20 have died as a consequence.
So why the alligations?

I tell you why: suppose I walk into a town of 50,000 inhabitants with a

loaded automatic gun
and hurt 94 people of which 20 die is that okay because
there's still more people I didn't kill?
Of course not!
So why is it okay for American soldiers to do so and aren't they


Your turn to tell me why.

And do you dare to unlabel? Than here's the website for you:
Unlabeled. The people behind it collect the labels from designer-clothing.
You can join too, proving you don't care about the name but about the quality;
that you want to wear it because you want to wear it and not because some magazine
tells you it's the "Hip" thing to do.

Just an anecdote from work:
The little girl feels sorry for animals but loves to eat sausages
and ham-sandwiches. Until I told her about the ingredients that is...

Today was the last day before my three week summer-leave.
I will start it with sleeping in, tomorrow.
My son, who has just returned from five days at the beach with a mate of his,
is staying at my moms for the night. Tomorrow I will collect him and take him to the movies.
Will he enjoy Fahrenheit 9/11? Or is taking him to see Shrek 2 a better plan?

Friday, July 23, 2004

Support a group of people that want an honest presidential election
where a recount is possible as well as a way for the voter to check
his or her vote by having the ballot-machine print out a slip with the
name of the candidate on it. Take in consideration that three of the
four companies producing the ballot-machines are controled by the
Bush-family and predict the outcome of the elections. Good luck!

Fahrenheit 9/11 is raising questions and is one-sided.
Well, just about 90 percent of all American media is one-sided.
Is that a good or a bad thing?

'xscuse me!?
2004 email guestbook of terrorists

Above searchrequest came all the way from Ivory Coast.
I think this is one of the ways for the people using the Nigerian
scam-letter trick to get rich. What do you think?

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Will George Junior win the elections?

What elections? There will be another "terrorist"-attack

and the state of emergency will be declared and elections

will be postponed until the situation is "safe" which will be never.

This is my prediction. What is yours?

In the States at the moment is neighbour Angélique.

Through modern techniques, known as "e-mail"

she send me a hilarious link. It's called The Sloganator. Although I wouldn'say George Junior and Dick Cheney

would find this very amusing. They probably can't even laugh about the jokes in

"Are you being served". Especially the ones about Mrs. Slocombe and her bleedin' pussy..

(For those of you who need to be told: that was a joke...).

If you'd like to know what my son and I have been up to the past week, just let me know...

Catch'ya later, dudes'n dudettes!

Sunday, July 11, 2004


2004 email contacts and guestbook of all private companies and their insurance in new zealand

I dropped my son off at my moms so I could make a start cleaning out for the coming of the new wardrobe-closet next week. Luckily a fleemarket-visit is planned for sunday.
Earlier that day Ferdinand and I went kiting with friends of ours (Marcel, Lenneke and their kids: Erin and Lyanne) at IJburg, Amsterdam's latest win on the sea.

a friend on mine, Bas and I shared a table at a big fleemarket where my net profit existed of 46,08 euro's. Neighbour Angélique left for the States for two weeks (A gift to herself for getting her Bachelor status), giving me a bit of rest...

in the morning I did six miles on the hometrainer at the fysiotherapists and kids at work plucked me flowers. Sweet, eh?

the kids at work re-invented limbo-dancing with colleague Marieke and Ferdinand was happy to receive a European Soccer Championship 2004 game, courtesy of the local supermarket.

I took my chance to give the bedroom a paintjob since my son was staying at a friends: Samer.

it was the end-of term drink at work where more parents showed up then was anticipated with the buying of wine. There was just enough for half a bottle per parent. And then there was this crate of beer as well...My mate Erwin came by to help my finish a crate that was still there since the Rocky Horror BBQ.

it was the last schoolday for a good many kids, including mine.

Friday, July 02, 2004


made history as being the first privately financed craft to make it into outer space. Well, as far as we know that is.

Saturday me and my kids, Eva and Ferdinand had a good few hours of fun for ourselves before my house and garden were crawling with castmembers from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. They came to barbecue and watch football.

Sunday it was once again time to rehearse for the show. We've put in a few extra's so if you'd ever get a chance to come and see it...In the evening neighbours Debbie, Billy, Petra, Miriam, Dudo and Jafaar helped me to settle down after a little clash with some guy from my block. Neighbour Debbie got me out of my mental state by yelling:"Ter, don't hit him! He's not worth it!"
From inside I couldn't help laughing since I only then realized the man physically threatening me was a whole lot bigger than I am...;-)

Monday Ferdinand joined me for work and his gran fixed us dinner. Later that day I joined neighbour Miriam (who also happens to be the mother of my daughter(s) for a glass of wine and thus I was the first to congratulate her on her birthday.

Tuesday I passed the tests on fireprevention and reanimation with zero mistakes! My son gave Eva, her sister Dayna and their mom, neighbour Miriam a bracelet made out of so called Scouby Dou-string. Neighbour Angélique showed me her new Bikini
and friend Daniëlle came to spend the night while earlier that evening neighbour Johanna had come by to see our son while I was at his school to receive his report: he has officially passed his class and is now over to group five!

Wednesday was a really quiet day at work since most kids attended a sport-event and therefor had skipped going to afterschool. In the evening my son and I watched Holland being kicked out the European Championships Football.

Thursday I had planned to rejoin my Pencak Silat group but after a visit to the fysiotherapist decided different. I had left my keys at work but luckily I met neigbour Angélique's guests Dana and Dale, knowing she has spare keys to my appartment.
Lucky me, for my son had accidently left his keys at school. I found him wondering around in the community-garden where a friendly neighbour had left him in. From another neighbour's home he left a message for me on the answerphone.

Friday Marlon Brando, "The greatest actor in the world" left this planet in his physical form and soon when I came home from work neighbour Angélique and her two friends paid us a visit and after they had gone I made a start in sorting out a pile of photographs...