Thursday, May 06, 2021

Your opinion is not a fact

God put dinonaur bones in the soil to test our faith, homosexuals are children of satan and all teachers are paid by Soros, except for teachers at private schools. Unemployed people are all lazy. Except dad because foreigners stole his job. And granddad because he's a pensioner.

Personally I find it hard to comprehend that there are actually people out there who believe this nonsense. 

Usually those same people believe guns are invented for protection and not for killing.

What really worries me is that they teach this rubbish to their children.

Sometimes I feel have enough energy to enter a discussion with one of these people. More often than not they start calling me names as soon as they run out of arguments. Which is always pretty quick.

It's okay to believe what you want to believe of course but not when it's harmful and damaging to our planet, our children and other people.

I'm at a loss for finding a solution. How do you convince people that 'their own opinion' which they found on Facebook is not a fact?

Of course we could stop people the likes of father and son Murdoch (Fox 'News', the New York Times, et cetera) from spreading false narratives and I guess that wouldn't be a waste of bullits. But it would probably make matters only worse: their followers would most likely take to the streets and kill anyone whom they think doesn't agree with their F├╝hrers.

Of course science isn't always right. At least it is until new research proves it's wrong. According to science it was once believed the human body could not cope with speeds over 35k/ph. And once smoking was considered a good thing 'because it makes your lungs work harder'. So, we learn. And should learn. And continue to learn. But never ever stand still at a premisse and keep on believing what our parents, teachers, guru's or favourite media channel taught us to be true.

There's scientific (...) research on what makes people believe obvious nonsense and how to talk them out of it. Here's a clip on that:

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Saturday, May 01, 2021

There are different races

Yes, there are different races: the Nascar Race, RuPaul's Dragrace...

Kidding aside: there are different dog races. Perhaps you have a poodle living with you or a German Shephard. That's because people started breeding dogs a couple of hundred years ago for the sole purpose of accomodating themselves. Dogs were bred for hunting, for races (...) for company.

Some claim there are different human races but that's simply not true. There's only one human race. Science teaches us (but who knows what they will discover about our past in the future?) there used to be several different species. Or 'races': The Cro-Magnon, The Neanderthal and a couple of others. But they all went extinct. Or at least, that's what we think now. Not counting the tales of 'little people', Big Foot, Dog Men, et cetera. Who knows a handful of the older species of humans survived to this day and perhaps even evolved?

However, there is consensus that these days there's only one single human race. 'Blacks', 'Whites', 'Reds', 'Yellows' are not races. Just like 'the Irish' were once considered 'a race', until in the seventies of the last century! Calling people from Africa 'a different race' is nonsense. For one: Africa is not a country but a continent were many different people live. As a matter of fact: it's the continent that's the most genetically diverse.

'Yeah, but look at their skincolour, their hair, the shape of their noses and foreheads! Surely they are a different race because they are genetically different?'

You are genetically different from me and your neighbour and the best player of your favourite sports team. Does that mean you are a different race? Of course not. Just genetically different.

If  the definition of 'race' is 'genetically different', there are a couple of billion different races of human on our planet: the ones with freckles, the ones with six toes, the ones with a higher IQ, the ones with sharper shaped noses, the ones with straighter hair...

Do you think there are different human races? And can you explain why you think so without referencing to an article you read via social media or a story told by people in your information bubble? Let me know in the comments.

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Monday, April 26, 2021

Caresses (a short story)

It was late. Too late to catch a tram. And too cold really to be waiting at some stop for the night bus. But considering his failing motor skills due to excessive alcohol use he decided not to walk.

At the next stop she got on, a few years after he last saw her. She noticed him right after showing the driver her bus card and walked towards him as fast as was ladylike.

Before she properly sat her hand had found his. She looked deeply into his expectant eyes and said: 'I am glad to have found the man of my dreams again.'

He suggested that they get off together at his stop but she told him she couldn't for reasons that do not matter here.

That is why he informed her of the existence of a literary magazine in which a haiku dedicated to her could be found:

Breathe quietly love
hear how the touch of my breath 
your breath caresses

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