Thursday, June 13, 2024

Anti-immigration is about skin colour

Would you believe it if you were told over 60,000 people of a single country illegally live (and work) in the USA and Trump-voters don't care? Simply read this article to find out why.

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For racists it has never been about being 'foreigners', 'immigrants', 'legal' or 'illegal'. It was always simply because the colour of the skin of the newcomers that make racists hate them. 

Dutch racists support their 'Norwegian Brothers'. Because they are white and racist too. But hate people whose grandparents were born in Marocco. Because of the colour of their skin. Just like their British counterparts:

"We are not racists but hate áll immigrants!" Define 'Immigrant". "That person or one of the (grand-)parents was born outside our country." So you hate Thierry Baudet because his grandfather was French and Geert Wilders because his grandmother originates from the largest Muslim country in the world, Indonesia? And Donald Trump because his mother was a foreigner?" "'s different"

"Now say why you hate all immigrants but not immigrants like Donald Trump and Thierry Baudet. Extra handicap: you can't say 'skin colour'. Good luck!"

"Yeah, but our ancestors came to the United States legally!"
Sorry but you've been lied to, Mrs. DeVos and Mr. Cardona: if your ancestors entered the US before WW I, they were undocumented immigrants

European racists hate Americans, Israelis, Russians and even each other. Because they don't discriminate but hate every foreigner.

Do you hate foreigners? Remember that to most people in the world you are a foreigner.

Thursday, June 06, 2024

"We should be terrified of Muslims!"

"We should be terrified of Muslims!"

Why? The Brits, the Dutch, the Germans and the French killed and enslaved millions. Were they all Muslim? Did Muslims start World War I? World War II? The Vietnam War? The greatest monsters in human history - Hitler, Dzjenghis Khan, Stalin, Leopold II, Mussolini - were they Muslims? The Americans who killed a million Iraqi civilians in retaliation of '9/11', were they Muslims? The priests who sexually abused tens of thousands of children worldwide, were they all Muslims? The chef who wrongfully fired you, was he Muslim? The politician who cut your grandmother's pension? 

The people who killed over 30,000 people and displaced 2 million, just to build a lucrative canal in the Middle East, are they Muslim? Was The Parkland Shooter Muslim? The Una Bomber? Charles Manson?

A moderator on the ImgFlip forum removed this meme
'because it's islamophobic'. 

Just when a few days earlier I posted 
a (Dutch) blogpiece on 'Comprehensive Reading'.

So why do you state we should fear Muslims?
I tell you why: it's because your favourite right wing populist blew a dog whistle. And you  - once again - barked on command. WEF! WEF!

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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Historic legends

Unfortunately quite a few 'historic facts' turned out to be urban legends, a cautionary tale or simply a made up story. Take the 'true' story of Lady Godiva. The story about how she helped the locals by riding through town naked in exchange for lower taxes implemented by her husband, was written down some 200 years after the events supposedly took place.

Of course details of the story got mixed up and changed in translation and by passing on the story orally. Everyone who has ever played 'Chinese whispers' knows what I mean.


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Am I drawing parallels with The Bible? Of course. It's not that the old stories don't hold any wisdom and every single detail is made up but we have to remind ourselves they are stories. Just stories. If you follow the Bible/Torah literally, the Israelites started out as a family of 70 people. Just a few generations later there were at least 2 million Israelites.

Apparently Abraham/Ibrahim had a few thousand children with his half sister Sarah. Very potent couple. If you take the stories literal.

Was that some kind of miracle or simply a made up story, an exaggeration? Made up by the people who wrote the stories to give themselves some extra credit, a 'Raison d'être'?

The Exodus is the founding myth of the Israelites.[1][a] The scholarly consensus is that the Exodus, as described in the Torah, is not historical, even though there may be a historical core behind the Biblical narrative.

"Yeah, but there is some archealogical evidence that some of the people and places in the Bible/Torah existed to the stories must be true!"

Sorry to tell you but that's a rather stupid argument. Unless you believe Spiderman is real.