Saturday, December 31, 2016

A Name (a #ShortStory)

She lay on her back watching the stars and wondered where she had come from.

Once someone had given her a name but she had forgotten it long since.

She remembered she waited. But for what? In the mean time she enjoyed her dreams and her fantasies.

Vague memories disconcerted her but never for long.

Absent-mindedly she played with the small object she always kept within reach. It gave her solace.

Years came and went and it was increasingly difficult to get food but she was contented.

In her own small world she was everything.

When they found her bleached bones they wondered where she had come from and if she had ever been given a name.


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Thursday, December 29, 2016

If you think everyting in the Bible is the absolute truth

-'I'm against gay marriage because the Bible says being gay is bad!'

'You're against everything the Bible says is bad?'

-'Yes of course!'

'So you don't eat clawfish?'

-'Well, that's different because you shouldn't take everything that's in the Bible literally.'

'Here's a marker. Could you please mark those Bible passages that should be taken literally because now I'm confused; who gave you the power to decide which parts of the Bible are laws and which parts are nothing more than a written down fantasy of someone who died ages ago?'

-'Well...I still think gay marriage is wrong.'


-'Marriage should be about a man and a woman who join to have children.'

'So every couple who is about to marry should answer the question: 'Are you planning on having kids?' And if the answer is no they should be declined a wedding license? And if your grandmother decided to remarry after your grandfather's passing, you would forbid that because marriage should be about having children?'


Monday, December 26, 2016

My thoughts on #PizzaGate

One tiny thing to add on #Pizzagate: police have stated they will not take a look in the pizzeria's basement. Because of one simple - but often overlooked - fact: the place has no basement. Unless it's on some astral plane and ancient aliens have placed a portal behind the pizza oven that leads to the basement in an other dimension. John Podesta is obviously the gatekeeper of that portal. The fact he is nowhere to be seen proves this. ;-)
('Yeah, but other buildings in the area have basements so they are lying!')

Furthermore: one of the 'friends of Comet Pizza Ping Pong' is a guy who draws sexually explicit pictures and he even posted a picture of a young boy putting a toy plane in his mouth! That surely proves John Podesta is a pedophile! Er...wait..

I have friends who strongly believe in the Ancient Aliens theory. That's absolutely fine of course, since everyone is entitled to believe what they want. But why should it mean I do? 'Yeah, but you are friends with someone who does so you must too!' So, if you're a man and a male friend of yours is sexually attracted to other men, that means that you are gay? Interesting!

John Podesta supposedly owns a painting of a young boy. Apparently that says his sexual orientation is that he fancies young boys. So what does this 'evidence' say about the sexual orientation of people who own little bronze statues of naked unicorns they keep on the side table next to their bed?

The same people who are gullible enough to believe this is actually a proven fact also claim Obama's birth certificate is fake and that's because...(hold on to your seats) Sheriff Joe Arpaio (click) hired Mike Zullo to investigate. Mr. Zullo went on to present as evidence the testimony of 'an unknown 94 years old woman from Hawaii who supposedly told a fake newsreporter the stamps on President Obama's birth certificate don't fully match up.' Both the names of the woman and the man calling himself reporter were undisclosed and the press concerence ended with the announcement 'we don't take questions'. More on this here and here.

And what if Obama really wasn't born in America? In that case he is not the only US president not being born on American soil. Here's a list:

George Washington
John Adams
Thomas Jefferson
James Madison
James Monroe
John Quincy Adams
Andrew Jackson

One more thing: if immigrants really are hurting the United States of America - which Donald Trump repeatedly stated - and the definition of immigrant is 'at least one parent or grandparent born in an other country', would Donald Trump allow a guy to run for president whose mother was born in a foreign country, who's grandfather was born in a foreign country and whose wife was a foreigner? In other words: would Donald Trump allow Donald Trump to become president of the United States of America?

Now, let's focus on important things, shall we?
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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Seasons Greetings!

Everyone yaps about young people being 'different' nowedays. Forget it! Human nature doesn't change. What's happening in the world has been wildly changing, producing new sets of rules each time you blink your eye. It's the social climate, the environment that's been changing, not you'n me, Bunky!

Here's a f'rinstance: say you've got two homes - a lovely cabin in the country and a small city apartment. You play your stereo full blast in your cabin, but who cares? There's no one around to hear it, so you're not disturbing anyone. But play it just as loud in your small apartment with the paper-thin walls and your neighbors wanna clobber you. You haven't changed. You're the same yo-yo in both places. But the conditions are different!

Fact is, young people are the same as ever, the same noisy, scroungy, mangy, wonderful crazies they've always been - and adults are still the same grouchy, grunchy, goopy, hard-pressed and harassed heroes they've alsways been - and which you'll soon become.

Nothing changes but the labels. Which leads us to the main point I wanna make - None of us is all that different from each other. We all want essentially the same thing out of life - a measure of security, some fun, some romance, friendship and the respect of our contemporaries. That goes for everyone, Italians, Russians, Arabs, Asians, Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Blacks, Browns, Whites and green-skinned hulks. So why don't we all get with it and stop putting the 'other' guys down? Just look in the mirror, mister - that other guy is you!

Seasons Greetings!


Stan Lee

Oh, and something to think about for all Christians out there:
If you'd been the inn keeper, would you have send away Joseph and Mary?
(No, this last message is not from Stan 'the man' but from me, the author of this blog)

Merry Christmas!

The Nativity Scene without Jews, Muslims, Africans and refugees

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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Merry capitalism and happy new debt

Two friends meet and talk. Can you spot something special in this video?

Now, thére's a Christmas gift!
And if you can't afford it, just borrow from the bank and make the bank owner really, really happy!

A trillion is a million times a million. So 1,000,000 time 1,000.000. 1,2 Trillion dollars is the total amount of American student debt. Or so it was two years ago. So probably a bit more now. When a student is no longer a student and goes out into the world, he or she is in debt for about 30,000 dollars.

Suppose straight after studying he or she gets a well paid job, does not smoke or drink and refuses to go on holidays and only buys one pair of new clothes every season of the year, it will take about 15 years to pay of the debt. Since the average graduate student is 33 years old, he or she will be 48 before being able to take on a job he or she likes in stead of taking the job with the highest available income.

Suppose you want to retire at 65. That means you've got 17 years to save up some money for your pension. If you manage to save $2000 a year (don't smoke or drink, don't go out much, don't eat out, never take holidays, only buy one set of new clothes every season...) you will have $34,000 dollars on top of your company's pensionplan (if any). Not $34,000 a year but just $34,000 to spent for the rest of your life.

So basically, all you do is work in a job you don't like, to pay off a debt you got for enrolling in a study you had to take on in order to provide enough means for yourself to pay off the debt you took on for enrolling in a study you...

(Appropriate lolcat found on the world wide web)

In a few weeks time Donald Trump will be president of the USA. Will he help students lower their debts? So far he has done no promises in this area. Perhaps he does not care? Perhaps he's really working hard to help the average American? Anyhow: sofar he has broken more than a few promises. And he isn't even president yet.

Monday, December 19, 2016

How to spend spare time

I don't watch a lot of television. When I do, I like watching a few TV-series. Mainly Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead, really. I'd rather spend time with my loved ones, books, comics and magazines. And on online research because I try very hard to find support for the opposite of my own opinion in my (English and Dutch (click)) blogs.

Occasionally I let myself be entertained by really bad movies. If only because it's nice to fall asleep with a smile. Here are a few examples:

So, what do you do in your spare time? Let me know in the comments!

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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Dinner (A #ShortStory) #AmWriting

On arriving home he found a note in which he was invited to come over to her place.

He was just about to ring the bell when the door opened. His heart pounding he pushed the door open wider and entered.

The living room was lit by no more than candles that were placed in a circle on the floor. In the middle sat a girl in her early 30s. Dressed in a grinlike smile and a new négligé.

The garment concealed little and he was flooded by warm feelings. As he walked slowly toward her she kept looking at him with a sweet smile.

They didn't exchange any words. None were needed.

They didn't make time for dinner.


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Thursday, December 15, 2016

The news is always right!

What's on the news is always true! Right? No, of course not. Unfortunately we live in a world in which money decides what counts as news. Media have every reason to 'tamper with the truth' (when you do it, it's called 'lying'). And all those reasons have to do with money. Most people don't want to hear everyting is fine. They tune in in the hope to know of someone who's worse of than they are. Yes, we crave bad news. So bad news sells advertisements.

Donald Trump knows that. So he pumps bad news into people's homes and brains. His followers don't seem to realize. And that's funny:

I don't think Trump supporters know Fox News is owned by two foreigners: a Scotsman and a Saudi prince.

Women at French beaches are not allowed to cover themselves 'because they're not upholding French views and traditions. Women in France are also not allowed to show too much skin when they enter a catholic church 'because they're not upholding French views and traditions.' I would seriously not like being a woman in France now!

There's also a beach where women HAVE to cover themselves 'to uphold local views and traditions.' But that's in Tel Aviv so that's okay.

Supposedly Republicans hate muslims 'because they disrespect women.'
So what do you call people who sell, buy and wear shirts like these?

'Yeah, but look at how many people believe in Trump and would do everything he tells them to do! Millions of people can't be wrong, can they?'

There are times the cheering crowd is just not right:

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

About equal rights

In a civilised nation men and women are treated equally. Yes? So how is it that in America when a woman gets a top position in a company or the government it is still being regarded as a victory?

If Islam is 'retarded' because it does not treat women as equal to men, what does that make catholic church?

In our modern 'enlightened' day: how many women have ever been Pope, priest or President of the United States of America? Indonesia, the largest Muslim country in the world has had a female president. Has your country?

Since people these days often 'don't have time' to read more than a few lines, I created an extra lolcat to make my point:

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Monday, December 12, 2016

How to stop a liar

'America is the greatest country in the world!'

-'What makes you say that?'

'Well er...I don't know really. I just think it is.'

-'What makes you think it is?'

'Well, we've got freedom.'

-'So do ants and people in almost 200 other countries. What else?'

'Well, it's always an American team that wins the Worldseries.'

-'That's cheating. There are no foreign teams competing.'

'Wel, er...we're er...we're number one'


So, if you think America is the greatest country in the world:
1. If you don't want others in, why do you keep telling them it's so great?

2. What makes you say the USA is the best? The best in what exactly?

'Sure, but what can you do about people who are constantly lying, like our new president? You can't get to him by pointing out facts and telling him he's not right. So what can you do? Well, perhaps Trevor Noah holds the answer:

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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Said (a #SortStory) #AmWriting

The only sound he heard did little else than emphasise the silence that followed his unspoken question.

The slowly waking sun dressed the landscape gliding by in the magnificent display of colours you normally only see in artistically intended Science Fiction movies. The mood in the car was expressed in a delicate balance between serene peace and unspoken tensions.

She sat on the passenger seat and he on the back seat. That night they had worked together amicably and without noticing he had developed a slight crush on her.

He leaned forward and put a hand on her shoulder. As if to say something. Outwardly unperturbed she let him for a little while.

Then she touched his hand with hers. First it was just her fingers, then she applied some pressure, radiating from her palm. The meaning was clear: his hand could and should not stay there.

Withdrawing his hand he also swallowed his unspoken words. They were no longer needed as everything had been said.


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Thursday, December 08, 2016

'If they don't speak like we do, they're not welcome here!'

'If they don't speak like we do, they're not welcome here!'

Interesting you should say so...

The country of The Netherlands is filled with foreigners who speak the local language with a 'funny' accent. Mainly in the weeks before 'Sinterklaas', the birthday of the guy the beloved American 'Santa Claus' is based on. His helpers are not elves but 'Black Pete'. In the early days one single scary (what's more scary than someone with a skin colour you've never seen? Hence the African rituals in which people paint their faces white.). Somewhere in the fifties the 'centuries old' tradition arised that Sinterklaas was aided by more than one helper.

By the end of the Middle Ages Sinterklaas went door to door to spank the lady of the house on the bare bottom with his rod (yeah, I know) as a fertility ritual , often accompanied by a devilish scary figure. By the 1850's the scary figure was replaced by 'those scary black people' that helped the Dutch (and English and French...) economy to blossom. For free! The earrings - I'm guessing know - probably point towards pirates. Who were scary people too. Just like in large parts of Africa scary demon-like figures are usually painted white. Because to people who have never seen a white person, a white person is really, really scary.

In my childhood (A long time ago, don't remind me please) Sinterklaas was a wise smart white catholic guy who loved to pull small children onto his lap (these days that's considered criminal. Especially when a catholic priest or bishop does it) and have his clumsy weird (he's a 'foreigner' and 'foreigners' speak a different language!) helpers do funny things while handing out candy. Naughty kids apparently had disappeared all together. The collar worn bij Zwarte Piet has absolutely nothing to do with slavery but was simply the fashion at the Spanish court around the 16th century and Jan Schenkman (the Amsterdam teacher who was the first to write a book about 'Sinterklaas and his aid' thought of the story of Sinterklaas coming from Spain. As that country was not yet a populair holiday destination but just symbolic 'a kingdom far, far away'. Even William of Orange wore one!

These days Sinterklaas is an old fool who has lost his cross (look at the pictures: there is no more cross on his 'mijter' because it offended non-christians. He needs his smart caretakers to even help him find his glasses and often his Big Book with all the details of all kids in it. An item Anonymous is eager to get their hands on! So yes, of course having people with dark skin running around helping a white dude who gives them orders can remind people of slavery. But not many people oppose the game of basketball.

Bottomline: traditionally traditions change over time. So will this one.

Monday, December 05, 2016

Could Donald Trump be a good president?

President elect Donald Trump made a few promises during his campaign. Millions voted for him because he would end Obamacare. He won't. Millions voted for him because he would 'Lock her up!'. He won't. Millions voted for him because he would 'Build a Great Wall!' He won't. Millions voted for him because he would 'Make lots of jobs!'. He won't. Millions voted for him because he would 'send back all immigrants!' He won't. It would mean he would have to send his First Lady back to Slovenia. And he won't.

However, it appears he started negotiating with Apple's Tim Cook about shifting production of the iPhone from China to America. Of course that would mean people would have to pay a few hundred dollars more for their iPhone but of course Trump supporters are willing to pay more if that would mean more jobs in America. Right?

'The Donald' also wants to put an end to trade deals like TTIP. Unless his own companies could profit from it of course. Unless some other powerfull people Donald Trump is not afraid to admit he's in it for the money.

For him and his family, moving into the Whitehouse is taking a step back in their luxury lifestyle. So, is he really doing all this 'for the people'? My guess is that Donald Trump is doing it for Donald Trump. 

What do you think?

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Saturday, December 03, 2016

Life breathes (a #shortstory) #AmWriting

It is early in the morning. Even the sun has only just come up.

A man sits on the quay. To his left there is a cup of yoghurt, his breakfast.

To his right there is a bottle of water. A really big one. Behind him lies a green backpack.

A pipe dangles in the left corner of his mouth. The smoke makes circles over his head.

The Traveller (for that's who he is) clearly enjoys the fact that he is alive. That life breathes.


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Thursday, December 01, 2016

Positive vibes

Because there is enough seriousness in the world I thought to share a story with you. The story of William the Worm:

Luckily there's more positivity than negativity in the world. Here's another prime example: two lovers decide to get married

In nature too, good things happen. Just look at these turtles:

The good thing is that you don't have to look far for something positive to see: look around you, look at yourself...enjoy!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Even though Donald Trump is lying, people still cheer him on.

Even though Donald Trump is lying, people still cheer him on. As a matter of fact: his fans are more than happy to spread the lies he comes up with. Just like his Dutch counterpart, Geert Wilders (the son of a women from Indonesia, the largest Muslim nation in the world who dyed his dark brown hair blonde to create a distance with his heritage, running for Prime Minister in march 2017) he loves to make false claims, supported by false arguments like: 'I know it for a fact because I said so.' and 'That you can't prove otherwise, proves my statement is true.'

Both narcissist racists ignore the millions of Muslims being hurt by and protesting against the likes of ISIS, al-Qaida and Boko Haram.

Trump, Wilders and other 'alt-right' advocates (just a few years ago - when we had freedom of speech for EVERYONE and not just for people who agree with the USA's president-elect and some other liars - I would have been allowed to call them neo-nazi's with the only difference of them targeting Muslims in stead of Jews as their great examples did) love to claim 'the mainstraim media' collaborates with 'left' (who 'left' is, is yet to be determined. Apparently everyone who's not a racist.) to 'ignore the voices of the silent majority.

I have one more question for those willing to do everything Trump or Wilders asks from them, put in a 'lolcat':

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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Her ex (a short #story) #AmWriting

He read but as the words glided past they didn't stick with him. Mechanically he turned a page every now and then. It was the manuscript of a customer and he had promised to help her find a publisher because her story deserved to be told.

Although he knew the importance his thoughts were far away...

He had had a delicious meal on her houseboat and the wine had been so good that he had drunk more than he should have without noticing. The last tram had already departed but he didn't care.

In stead he said goodbye and paid his hostess yet another compliment.

'I think you have made me at least 20,000 compliments', she said smiling. -'What!? So little!? A woman like you deserves so many more than that!', he answered back.

She smiled, gave him a heartfelt kiss and went back to her ex.


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Thursday, November 24, 2016

'Let's send them back!' #Refugees

Should you ever consider to shout out the line in the subject, watch these short clips first. If you still want refugees to go back to Syria...congratulations! You now know for certain you are not a christian AND a very indecent human being.

But is there really nothing we can do? Yes, there is:

Oh, and before you go, here is a simple fact. When things were tough in Europe because of World War II and people fled from the Nazi's, thousands of refugees were welcomed in Aleppo, Syria.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

A Name (A short #story) #AmWriting

She lay on her back watching the stars and wondered where she had come from.

Once someone had given her a name but she had forgotten it long since.

She remembered she waited. But for what? In the mean time she enjoyed her dreams and her fantasies.

Vague memories disconcerted her but never for long.

Absent-mindedly she played with the small object she always kept within reach. It gave her solace.

Years came and went and it was increasingly difficult to get food but she was contented.

In her own small world she was everything.

When they found her bleached bones they wondered where she had come from and if she had ever been given a name.


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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Are we civilised?

Yes, often we can cure cancer. Yes, we can take care of the elderly. Yes, handicapped need not just die anymore. Yes, there is plenty of food for everyone (it's just not properly distributed) and yes, we've been to the moon. And back.

And yes, dead bodies of children are being used in political games of blaming, power, shouting, money and pointing fingers. So I ask you this:

are we really that civilised?

Furthermore: people love games. People love to win.
But winning at the expense of little that civilised?

Is it civilised to force married women to cover their hair? These extremely religious men (click) seem to think so.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

She did (A #ShortStory) #AmWriting

He came in, put his bag on the table and pulled something out. A rabbit. A white one. Plush.

He waited.

She entered, put her bag on the table and pulled something out. A diary. A red one. Leather.

The rabbit caught her eye and she looked at him with wonder and a smile.

'Is that yours?' she asked.

'It was, but it's yours now. If you want it, that is.'

She did.


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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Why prisoners come out more angry

When someone does something that's against the law, he or she should be punished. Right? So if someone uses illegal drugs (more people die from using legal drugs, but that's not the point. Apparantly that's not an issue.) that person goes to jail. Unless that person is Charlie Sheen. Or the son of a politician. Or works in Wall Street.

Right. So, people are send to jail because after they are punished they will have learned how to behave in a better manner. Right?


American prisons are mostly private companies. And what do private companies love the most? Making money. So how do private prisons make money? By collecting as many inmates as possible. How do you get as many inmates as possible? By giving law makers money to produce as many laws as possible and come up with 'solutions' as the 'three strikes, you're out!'-rule. Of course that rule does not apply to bankers who steal millions from civilians but it does apply to civilians who steal from bankers. As we all know: stealing a ten dollar bill three times in one year makes someone a greater crook than stealing 132 million dollars in one go.

They do it different in Norway:

After you've read the above and watched the clips, please answer this question:
Do you want prisoners to come out of prison as really, really angry people or as people who can function well in society?

Saturday, November 05, 2016

Heart (a #ShortStory) #AmWriting

She didn't walk, she floated.
When she moved past him he felt the warmth of her body.

He smelled the scent of her shower cream, that early morning, and felt liberated.

She gave him a cup of coffee and a smile.
He gave her his heart.


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Thursday, November 03, 2016

When facts and figures are not backed by research

More guns, less crime.
Guns are used more in self-defense than in criminal acts.
The vast majority of mass shootings occur in gun-free zones.
Good guys with guns stop mass shootings.
Guns make women safer.

(They claim there've been more mass shootings in The Netherlands than in the US. Not true. I know. I live in The Netherlands. They also claim 'It's different in small countries like Australia.' Australia is NOT a small country. Really, it's not.)

You've heard and read these statements before. On numerous occasions, I bet. What you probably don't know is that these assumptions are all based on the results of the studies of one man: Dr. John R. Lott.

Unfortunately, when asked to show his studies, mr. Lott said he had lost all his research due to a crash on his computer hard drive. Oh, no! 'But surely you have the results on paper too!' -'Unfortunaly not. I lost all my paperwork when I moved into my new home.' Oh, how unfortunate! Poor mr. Lott! 'But surely the students who helped you compiling all this terrific data, supporting all those NRA claims have copies on their computers?' -'Of course they do! But unfortunately I forgot each and every single name of all those students and fellow doctors who helped me collect and study the data.' Oh, poor Dr. Lott!

'Did you know true military weapons are designed not to kill but to just wound people? Their bullets are designed not to kill but to go straight through the body.' -'Well, no. Just because they are not.'

But is there really no way his statements can be backed? Yes, there is! His former student Mary Rosh placed a review on Amazon, regarding Mr. Lott's book 'More guns, less crime', stating 'He was the best teacher I ever had!' It's just very unfortunate Mary Rosh does not exist. Well, she does. But only as a figment of imagination of...Dr. R. Lott.

'Yes, but his studies and conclusions are backed by a real life research institute!' Unfortunately this institute is sponsored by the National Rifle Association. Their 'research' consistently points to the research of one man: Dr. R. Lott.

I know you proably don't have the time but if you're serious about looking at facts and figures before you make up your mind, based on newspaper headlines, please read this:

More fun facts ALSO come from a Republican: presidential candidate Donald Trump stated President Obama was directly responsible for the death of a soldier named Khan, back in 2004. People with their braincells turned to 'On' know Mr. Obama took office in 2009. A spokeswoman for Mr. Trump backtracked: 'President Obama probably may not have been responsible for Mr. Khan's death.'

Monday, October 31, 2016

The week in words (Or: Can a few represent the many? #column)

'In the past few years 200 muslims committed terrorist attacks, worldwide!'

-'Yes, and every single day 25,000 people die of starvation. What's your point?'

'That every muslim actually is a terrorist because those 200 muslims represent all muslims!'

-'But 300 muslims prayed for the souls of the people killed by Omar Mateen in front of that nightclub were he emptied his rifle.'

'That may be, but 300 muslims do not represent all muslims!'

On a lighter note: Hillary Clinton is unable to recover 32,000 of her private emails, said to contain 'private' information. Republicans however, did much, much better: the Bush-Cheney administration lost 22 million emails. But, of course - that's totally different.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Senses (A #ShortStory) #AmWriting

On his way to the bar his eyes met hers.

If she were a ray of light shining casually across the book case, she would have rested at Murakami.

Her vague smile must have had a magnetic attraction because suddenly he found himself standing next to her.

Before long their hips moved in the same rhythm and their bliss dripped from their faces in the form of sweat.

For minutes they were alone for hours and only when the Cuban musicians played their last chord they slowly came to their senses.


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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Racists are people too!

People say I should be careful with my words: 'Don't angry racists! Especially when they're related or friends!' Yes, I do have racist family members and racist friends. And that's okay. Every single person is entitled (or should be) to his/her or it opinion. So yes, of course racists are entitled to their own opinion. Or to the opinion of a populist, in most cases.

Racists are people too! Just like Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Nickelback fans, gay bikers on acid, politicians, redheads, et cetera. See: we are all one race. The human race. So when I notice any wrongdoing I feel obliged to step in. Not because it could happen to me but because it could happen to you. When someone places a racist remark, I counter. When someone blames an entire people of whatever is allegedly wrong, I counter. When someone blames a religion for the mistakes of a handful of politicians and businesspeople, I speak out. And tell them they're stupid.

Because that's what I think a person is, who thinks a religion can be an entity. When the police comes to take my neighbours because they are Jews, homosexuals, Muslims or Nickelback fans, I don't think I will close the curtains and pretend I didn't see so one day I could say 'Ich habe es nicht gewusst.' In stead I will do everything in my power (ie write, argue, discuss, go to court) to prevent the day my neighbours will be put on involuntary transport to some 're-education camp' from coming.

I try to live by my motto: 'Someone has to do something about it. And you can be someone.' Even if that means I would have to live the rest of my life next to Nickelback fans.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Last week in words

Still in the news: Donald Trump and Brexit

-'Why do you dislike Muslims?'
'Well, they disrespect women! You know, like they groped women by the genitals in Germany on New Years Eve and they say horrible things about women's sexuality 'n stuff.'

-'What does it say on your t-shirt?'
'Hillary sucks, but not as good as Monica.'

-'And that means you respect women?'

-'You want men who grope women in the crotch to leave your contry immediately?'
'Yes, of course!'

-'So you want them to leave America and go back to the country where there ancestors come from?'

'Yes, of course! Right now! In this country there is no place for men like that!'

-'Do you want Trump to move back to Scotland, where his mother was born, or back to Germany, where his grandfather is from?'

The search for intelligent life in England also continues...

-'So you voted for Britain to leave the EU because of all those rules and regulations?'
'Yes! I hate those regulations!'
-'Name one.'

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Out loud (a short story) #AmWriting

5. Out loud

Nobody knew what had made her do it but everyone knew about the pain in her heart.

Her untainted soul had cast a shadow on everyone who had ever looked into her eyes.

Anyone who knew her at all knew that her exuberance was no more than a disguise for her despair.

Only few were surprised at her deed and although nobody wanted it to have happened many wondered why it had taken so long.

Some even wondered out loud.


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Thursday, October 20, 2016

13 and buying a lottery ticket? No way? Buying a gun? No problem!

This young man loves to aim a gun and shoot at passing cars. For no apparent reason:

Trained police officers, experienced hunters and soldiers can handle guns. Most other people can not:

Luckily guns are not freely available! Right? I mean: teenagers can't get lottery tickets, beer or cigarettes so let alone guns. Right? Wrong. Or let me rephrase that: very wrong.

Here are some facts (warning for pro-gunners: the article contains actual statistics, not some made up figures by a TV anchorman)

This video can't be embedded so please click on the link:

Monday, October 17, 2016

Last week in words

Presidential candidate Donald Trump claims the New York Times is biased 'because the newspaper is owned by a Mexcian: Carlos Slim.' Probably Mr. Trump is unaware of the fact that Fox News' owners are a man from Scotland and a Saudi prince.

President Duterte of the Philipines argues that the children dying on his harsh war on drugs are 'collateral damage': 'You see, my men shoot with automatic guns and they go 'BRRRRRR!'.'

'Mr. Duterte, why are you running this war on drugs?'
-'I don't want innocent children to die.'

I guess Mr. Duterte is missing the point.
Too bad his men are not missing the children.

Protesting against government decisions is - apparently - a crime these days. And so is reporting about it. The US government had journalist Amy Goodman arrested for covering a protest about the construction of a massive oil pipeline in Dakota.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

It's all their fault!

They are unfamiliar with our culture, don't speak our language. They form a huge strain on our society's resources. Without them we would have much more space and freedom. When they first arrive all they do is sh*t themselves and cry.

It takes them a full generation of time before they finally start contributing to our way of life and when they do, they take over our jobs! Who dares to speak out against them gets told of, especially on social media.

Of course I'm taking about immigrants, right? Wrong.
I'm talking about babies.

On a more serious not: Donald Trump blames most problems in America on immigrants. Yet, a lot of immigrants (only indians can claim they are true Americans) are willing to make this man their next president. Why?

Thursday, October 06, 2016

Are all conspiracies just theories?

Some stories are so far fetched, we tend to think they are made up. Of course lots of stories are not entirely true. Sometimes on purpose but usually by accident. Play 'the Chinese whisper game' to test this: come up with a line to say, whisper it into they ear of the person next to you, ask that person to repeat that to the next person and have it repeated a few times. Now imagine there are thousands of people betwoon person number one and the last person and there's a difference of 2000 years between the first and the last whisper. Do you still think everything in the Bible is exactly as it was stated 2000 years ago?

As for me, I don't believe in conspiracie theories. I do however, believe in conspiracies.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Omar Mateen and Anders Breivik: a comparison

When someone does something bad it's always somebody else's fault. Right? So, when slightly coloured Muslim Omar Mareen killed 50 people in a gayclub in Orlando and the media discovered he was a fan of ISIL, of course his actions were the fault of the all to known Muslim organisation. Right?

When the white Christian Norwegian Anders Breivik killed 70 people at gatherings of socialists and the media found out he was a big fan of Dutch right wing politician Geert Wilders, they immediately assumed the killings were solely the fault of...Anders Breivik.

Is it me or does this way of thinking not make any sense at all?

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Not yet (A short story on Saturday)

Would everyone see the stars as she saw them?

Would others experience the joy that she experienced
differently than she did?

She caressed the creature lying beside her
and tried to be aware of her happiness.

She knew it wouldn't last
but what meaning does time have
for one who is happy?

And so she dreamt on...

In his dreams he had saved the world with her,
survived a war and a nuclear disaster
and at one point he stood with her
at the cradle of a new beginning for mankind.

He knew that one day he would meet her
in the real world and so it was.

In his dreams she was blond
and here he was sitting next to a brunette.
And yet is was her.

They exchanged looks and words
but never more than that.

Not yet.


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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Most people are good

Although it may not always seem that way, there's a lot of good going on in the world: people helping other people, regardless of their background, the colour of their skin, or the title of their favourite Holy Book. For most people it does not matter one bit if other people believe in Jahweh, Buddha, Gaia, Apple, Allah, Bieber or God. For most people it does not matter if other people have more or less money/donkeys/shells/women/cars than they do.

Most people are good.

And some of those good people create art, so other people can say:

'Wow, that's really, really good!'

Zheng Chunhui Longest continuous wooden sculpture in the world

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Here (A short story)

He needed shelter. And a drink. On this street everything appeared closed but when he saw a well-known sign he walked on a little faster. It was not his favourite brand of beer but sometimes it is better not to complain.

On opening the bar door he felt slightly disappointed. It took him a while to realise why: he had not heard the cheerful 'Ting-a-ling-a-ling!' of a welcoming chime.

It was very quiet here in every respect. Not even music. Only now did he realise that all conversation had come to a halt and all faces were turned towards him. He straightened his back, walked to the bar and ordered his favourite drink.

The barman just looked at him with a question in his eyes. So he repeated his order. The barman heaved a deep sigh, shoulders drooped. He ordered a beer, was made to pay straight away and emptied his glass fairly quickly.

Outside awaited the pouring rain but still he would rather be there than here.


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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Why the gap between rich and poor gets bigger

Your government tells banks it's okay to produce money (in the form of notes, loans, coins or computer digits out of thin air. Banks give out that money at an interest. The first ones to lend money (governments and large corporations) profit the most. Next to the banks themselves of course.

The further down the pyramid, the less the money is worth because there is an always increasing amount of the stuff. Soon the ones at the bottom of the pyramid (you and me and actual poor people) can't afford what they used to be able to buy. And will have to borrow more money. From the banks. Who will create that money, charge interest. And so on.

Occasionally someone manages to climb a step on the pyramid. But not very often. That's how it works. That's why the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer. But one day there will be no more people at the bottom of the pyramid because they will have died of starvation. People who are dead are incapable of borrowing money. And the banks will go bankrupt. End of system.

So perhaps the system should be changed into a system that works for EVERYONE and not just the 'happy few'?

Your thoughts on this are appreciated.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

I am (Short Story on Saturday)

He stood on the deck of the boat as the steel grey clouds tried to cover the blue skies. They failed miserably.

The wind and the water joined forces to unsettle his sense of balance but they too failed because he had never felt more balanced than now.

He looked at his fellow-passengers without seeing them and a hint of a smile touched his lips.

He suspected that he saw more than the lady his eyes had now found and thought back to the one-line poem he once wrote for his muse:

'Had I only the strength to open your eyes, only then would you see how truly weak I am.'

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Thursday, September 08, 2016

Disliking someone based on their birthplace?

They came to the United States of America with 350,000 and are with over 8 million now. They did not speak English, held on to their own traditions and their leaders tried to abolish dancing and theatre!

Who are these immigrants? These foreigners?

They are the Dutch.

Yes, Christina Aguilera, Lenny Dykstra, Dan Aykroyd, Gloria Vanderbilt, Herman Melville, Humpfrey Bogart, George Bush, Johnny Depp, Tiger Woods, Marlon Brando, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Benjamin Spock,... All 'real Americans' of Dutch descent. They - or their ancestors - are...FOREIGNERS!

But you don't dislike foreigners, do you? Hating someone because of were their ancestors were born is something from the past, right? Civilized people don't judge people by their birthplace, do they? That was yesterday.

Saturday, September 03, 2016

Each other (A short story on Saturday)

It must have been a magnificent sight.
Hundreds of torches, held by as many young people who filled the evening air with expectations.

He marched along. So did she.

A sense of togetherness travelled through the masses and touched everyone.

The torches were extinguished.

Their light kept shining on their paths.
Their flames kept burning in their hearts.
Their warmth tangible in each other.

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Thursday, September 01, 2016

Nursery home versus cruise ship: which is cheaper?

There's this trend that has been going on for the pas decennia: we get less for more money. 'Best' example is healthcare. Especially when you're old.

Although it is getting rediculous, some say it's cheaper to live on a cruise ship than it is to live in a nursery home. But is that true? At least you get better service:

Thursday, August 25, 2016

We know everyting!

We live in an age in which there's almost nothing left to discover. Everything that can be discovered, has been discovered. Everything than can be invented has been invented and we know how everything works and why. Nature has no secrets for us and we know all about the human mind and ancient history.


That's only what most of us think and it differs not from what people thought who lived 2000 years ago. And there's nothing wrong about that. It's just hard to think of the unthinkable.

Here some ancient objects which source or meaning dilutes us to this day:

Thursday, August 18, 2016

The truth about your bloodline

You know who you are and where you are from and that determines you. Right? Because you know who your ancestors are you are who you are today and you are proud of your heritage! Right? But what if your bloodline is not what you thought it was?

Thursday, August 11, 2016

A question about guns

Lawn darts are illegal in America 'because they can hurt children.' But guns are okay. That sounds absurd, doesn't it? And it is:

(Click to enlarge)

'If people can't get their hands on guns, they will just kill with knives.' I have searched but have been unable to find an actual scientific report backing up this claim by the NRA. I have however found statistics that proof without a doubt that it's much easier to survive a knife attack than an attack with a gun. On the same day as the Sandy Hook school shooting, a man in China stabbed 23 children and an elderly woman at a primary school.
Nobody died. Just saying.

'But if guns are no longer easy to get, criminals will just get them on the black market!' One: before stuff appears on the black market, it has to cross the regular market first so if it's never on the regular market (because it's not produced for instance) it can't be bought on the black market. Yes, it's that simple. But why would a criminal buy a gun on the black market if he can just get a rifle for free with simply opening a bank account?

When the NRA has its way, every single person (including teenagers!) will be carrying loaded guns 'to protect themselves and others from people with guns because the only guy to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun!' So, let's start with handing a gun to every single passenger on every single airplane!

What do you think: will there be less hijacking and terrorism in the sky if everyone out there has a gun?

Tens of thousands of Americans (not exaggerated!) die every year from (mostly gun related and a lot of suicides) gun violence. More toddlers than terrorists shoot down people, yet the US government spends a trillion (that's a huge amount of money) on fighting terrorism and zilch on telling parents not to leave a loaded gun lying around.

Luckily some people seem to be coming to their senses: California has just passed some laws that recquire background checks for anyone who wants to buy a gun:

But seriously: responsible gun owners keep their gun - unloaded! - in a safe. Right? So how do they use it to protect themselves and their family against murderous burglars?
A pro gun man responded and declared
a gun is not useful against terrorist attacks
and useless against people who want to rob 
or kill you. He just likes having a gun for
the sole reason of having a gun. 
When a burglar enters his home,
he will fumble for the key, the locked drawer,
his gun and the safety.
In the dark.
While the burglar patiently waits to get shot.

Okay, so maybe gun ownership should be restricted to anyone who has never undertaken a criminal activity. In other words: only law abiding citizens should (perhaps) be allowed to own a gun. So no gun for anyone who has ever had to much to drink but still drove a car, anyone who has ever stolen something, anyone who has ever hit someone or any men who ever went out with a married woman who was not his wife. Like Frank Sinatra. Gun ownership should also be restricted to people who ever thought of criminal acts like stated above. After all: everyone who ever thought of blowing up a building or killing people is a terrorist so everyone who ever thought of kissing the neighbour's partner, stealing the boss's car or speak evil of God should get the same treatment.

With using valid arguments: what are your thoughts about gun ownership? Who should be allowed to carry, who shouldn't and why?

Thursday, August 04, 2016

The REAL problems in the world

What are the real problems in the world?

The economy
Global Warming
Lack of drinking water
Nucleair disaster
Availibility of energy
Maltreatment of people
Maltreatment of animals
Lack of resources
Spreading of resources

Leave your personal top three in the comments.
Preferably with reasons why.
(You may add ONE problem not mentioned above)
I will write a follow up with the results

Thursday, July 28, 2016

What's the No 1 problem in the world today?

What's the number 1 problem in the world today? TERRORISM! TERRORISM! TERRORISM! Wrong. Although of course it's terrible that there are people out there willing to kill and die for their believes, terrorist attacks 'only' kill about 7,000 people a year. That's the same number of people who die every year from eating peanuts. How much does your government spent on banning peanuts from bars and airplanes? Share on Twitter

What's terrorism? Most people agree it's threatening with or using violence to force others into adopting your way of life. By that definition Israel and the USA are terrorist organisations. Share on Twitter

Why do people use violence? Usually because they feel threatened. So if they wouldn't feel threatened anymore they would cease to be terrorists. Easy solution: stop threatening people! Share on Twitter

Other people fight because they lack basic needs like food, shelter and education. So give them food, shelter and education! Share on Twitter

Others use violence because someone has done them wrong. Easy solution: stop the wrong doing! Share on Twitter

Some use violence because they're sick or simply idiots.

More reasons why there is so much violence in the world? Let me know in the comments!

(More later on the REAL problems in the world)

Thursday, July 21, 2016

What was Jesus' skincolour?

Just wondering: if Jesus would show up today, how would people react to Him? I guess it depends on the location. Over the centuries our idea of His appearance has changed. Most likely his skin was of an olive/bronze complexion, as was fairly common in the Middle East some 2000 years ago. No, there are no biblical references to His looks.

Why most of His followers think He was white?
Because most of His followers are.

Yes, Jesus was 'a foreigner'.
That's why it's so strange so many people call themselves 
'followers of Christ.'

So, what are your argumented ideas on the subject?

Thursday, July 14, 2016

What if Hitler was never born?

Hitler was responsible for millions of deaths. But not all by himself. In his days a lot of people hated Jews. That was common. So what if not Hitler but someone else had risen to power in Germany in the 1930's?

Stephen Fry wrote a book about that thought experiment.

What do you think? How would the world look like today if Hitler had never been born?

Thursday, July 07, 2016

Dumb people should not be allowed to own guns

'If a war starts in your country, would you stay and fight or pick up your children and run?'

-'I would stay and fight!'

'So if a unmanned drone is about to drop a bomb on your house you would fight it? If a tank wants to run down your home you would wave a pistol at it?'

-'I'm just this regular guy so they have no reason to attack me personally.'

'So you own a gun to protect yourself from people who don't want to attack you?'

NRA: 'Only law-abiding people should be allowed access to guns!' Hands please from everyone who NEVER broke a law.

Some 30,000 people die from a bullet fired from a gun, in America alone. Two thirds are suicided. Most others are accidents, residential fights, muggings and a few of those deaths are considered self defense. Oh, and mass shootings take up just a minute minority of all that gun violence. Yet, the US government spends a trillion dollar every year on fighting terrorism. And not a penny on preventing children from shooting eachother with daddy's gun.

Hey, but what are facts when you got Fox News and your guts, right?

'Yeah, but millions of people thank their lives because they succesfully used a gun in self defense!' That is absolutely not true.

According to this dumb man, dumb people should not be allowed to own guns:

In conclusion: everyone who does not need a gun for work (ie a police officer or a soldier) is dumb and should be disarmed.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Americans are getting dumber

Unfortunately it's a fact that Americans are getting dumber by the day. Children are hardly able to spell correctly, need a calculator to add up simple figures, don't know the capital of their own state, have no clue when the Second World War happened, et cetera.

So how come the USA has some of the brightest scientists in the world? HB1. In other words: most 'American' scientists are not from America but 'imported' thanks to HB1, the special visa for bright minds. The problem? They are starting to return to their home countries, leaving the United States of America.

Yes, science proves it: people ARE getting dumber:

Thursday, June 23, 2016

When your child hurts you...

Words from a friend:

When your child hurts you, don't take revenge. Don't be snide, don't be sarcastic, don't put them down. Don't be cruel. 
The hurt will last a lifetime.

You are not their equal in all respects. There is no "an eye for an eye" in parenting. You are the one they look up to. We are supposed to teach them, support them, and correct them, and most of all, love them. 

Not crush them or beat them into submission, nor fight bitter feuds with them.
We are the ones that set the example. We are the ones who have the power to de-escalate whilst still teaching valuable lessons.

We are also the ones who have the power to kill the spark of joy and innocence that keeps them going.

I know a child can say things or act in ways that can stab through the deepest core of your soul. We do not retalliate. We find a way to teach them that their behaviour was wrong and hurtful.

Every child makes mistakes and every parent makes mistakes. We all lose our cool sometimes, too. We are all learning.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Who owns Fox News?

74% Of Americans say they trust Fox News 'because the media outlet represents the real American values'. Appart from the questions 'What are those real American Values?' it's interesting to know who actually pulls the strings of anchors like Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity. Take a moment to guess who owns this 'Real American Company' before you scroll down for the answer.

Mayor at the time, Rudy Guiliani, turned down 10 million dollars from Alwaleed Bin Talal to help rebuld 'Ground Zero' at New York, after the 9/11 attacks 'because an Arab can never be a true American patriot'. Well, he IS the second owner of your most trusted TV-channel.

Thursday, June 09, 2016

Politics and elections

A lot of people just seem to talk without thinking. Politicians are no exception to this 'trend'. Especially when there are elections coming up, politicians are ready to say whatever they think the potential voters want them to say. When confronted with reality (like the question: 'So, how are you going to pay for that plan?') you get interviews like this one:

Also: politicians love to contradict themselves so they're always on both sides of the issue at hand. Take sustainability. UKIP (Britisch right wing party) wants to get rid of windmilss ánd invest more in sustainable energy:

Thursday, June 02, 2016

What's privacy?

'What's privacy?', our (grand)children will ask us. And we won't know the answer. What can we tell them? The people sworn to protect our private data did so by collection our private data and used it for personal gain. Yeah. Nobody controls the people who are in control. So they can do as they please. And what do people do when they know they can do as they please without suffering consequences? They do as they please.

As they did in England:

The (government) services themselves admit that in most cases they had absolutely no reason whatsoever to tap someone's phone, check their e-mails, ask for medical records, find out where people go on holiday, et cetera.

As a matter of fact: often the officials used their power to check on an ex-partner, send a birthday card to a highshool sweetheart they could only find by checking the secret government database, find out if a potential partner has a history of STD's...and so on.

And let me ask you: if you really care about your privacy, why do you publicly post all this data about yourself on Facebook?

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Together living

In Dutch 'society' translates to 'Samenleving'. Literally: 'Together living'. And that sums it all up. We're on this planet together and should do our best to respect others. If only because we have no choice. Imagine a world were everyone is racist? Imagine a world where everyone is egoistic?

Imagine a world in which this is normal:

Imagine a world in which everyone respects everybody else and in which everyone is willing to share?

Enjoy this short film about above subject:

In reality some people actually hate other people although most of them don't know why.

So here is someone trying to answer the question: 'Why do people hate Jews?'

And why do people hate Muslims?

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Homosexuality is not the norm

Homosexuality is not the norm but it it is normal. Some people are attracted to women, while other are attracted to men. Nothing wrong with that, is there? So why are there still people who condemn men for loving men and women for loving women? 'It's not natural!' they claim. Nonsense ('Yeah, but assault rifles are designed by God and very natural artifacts. Right?'). There have been homosexual people since probably the dawn of mankind (I wasn't there so can't be sure) and even in the animal kingdom it is not uncommon for two animals of the same sex to conduct in sexual acts. Nothing abnormal with that. Sex is simply a natural urge. Just like eating, sleeping and peeing. Everybody does it! Or wants to...

'Yes, but the Bible states homosexuality is bad!' True. But the Bible states many things. Women should not be allowed to not cover their head in church and they should keep their mouths shut, especially in church! For instance. And the eating of crayfish is 'an abomination'.

(Quote by unknown)
(Quote by Jesus. Click to enlarge.)
(Quote by Ricky Gervais)

Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Constitution protects minorities

The US Constitution was mainly installed to protect minorities from the force of majorities. That was the whole point. The past few years however, people seem to believe everybody should always follow the majority 'because the majority is always right!'. First of all: the majority is NOT always right and second: minorities need protection.

People who believe the majority should always 'win' suddenly change their opinion when somehow they belong to a minority. Turning them instantly into hypocrites. And what do you think? Do you think minorities should always listen to the majority? In other words: are you like the people at Fox 'News'?

Interesting detail: these two people (yes, members of minorities) are the owners of Fox News:

Still think the news Fox brings is unbiased?

Thursday, May 05, 2016

'I'm not racist but...'

'I'm not racist but...'

Normally when someone says that I have to restrain myself from punching that person in the face because they are about to make a racist remark. These days most folks have common sense and it's fashionable to be politically correct. So the most powerful man in the world - the president of the United States of America - is a 'coloured' man. Johhny Storm, the movie character also known as The Human Torch is portrayed by a black actor

and so is James 'Jimmy' Olsen, Superman's ole' pal at the Daily Planet in the upcoming flick 'Supergirl'.

Of course an actor (or a politician for that matter) should be judged by his acting and not chosen on basis of political correctness, sex, background or colour. But can you really imagine a movie about legend Muhammad Ali in which the famous fighter is portrayed by a white guy?

In my opinion not only white people can be racist.

What do you think?

Here's Muhammad Ali on interracial marriage: