Sunday, December 28, 2003

The death of over 20,000 people in Iran doesn't begin to compare to the loss of 3000 lives
in New York. Then why does the latter have so much more impact on how things in the world change? For example: a decade ago most people in the Netherlands opposed camera-surveillance, random body-searches and the likes. All of a sudden most people approve of these actions. In a year from now you will need to have you ID on you at all times. "Ausweis bitte!" is what I hear. To farfetched? I don't think so.
Come on, people: think! Does having his passport on him prevent a guy from strangling his ex or fly a plane into a building? Does it help to know the identity of the one who killed your child? It does not bring back your child now does it? But forcing people to identify themselves at any given time does help to control the masses: you and me!
Is that really what you want or do you still give a meaning to the word "freedom"?

Last night I stood on stage juggling, whilst some guy set me ablaze. Good fun!
The past week went by fast: internet-access at home is restored, we celebrated christmas and that's it, basically. How was your week?

Saturday, December 20, 2003

The capture of Saddam Hussein is a hot item as is the trial of Michael Jackson. Of course I don't wish to compare the two. It's just that it all seems so trivial compared to the loss of a child. Even if it's only in your dreams. Last night I dreamed I had to say goodbye forever to as well Ferdinand as his sister Eva. And it still flippin' hurts! There was a panicking crowd and a bunch of security-people dragging me along.
I managed to convince them I wouldn't go unless they would allow me to kiss my children goodbye and whisper personal messages into their ears which thy could pass along to their children, might they live through the coming ordeal. Somehow I knew my son would survive and my daughter would not. Awful! I don't recommend dreams like that.

Luckily, in "real" (what's "real" anyway but a state of mind?) life Superfer is sitting next to me in the internet-café since we still don't have internet-access at home. Am working on it, though. The ADSL-modem is working fine now and I could use some tips on how to reconfigure my system (WIN98, first edition) so I can actually check my e-mail from my desk. Ideas, anyone?

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Since my internet-connection at home is failing due to an error at the side of my provider and my monitor somewhat exploded I'm letting you know from my workplace that soon you can expect another piece from my hand
in which I shall tell you about what I think will happen the next presidential elections: Will Howard Dean become the next US president and what do Americans think of a guy, running for president who opposes war? One person who thinks Howard Dean stands a chance is Al Gore who most Americans wanted to be president in stead of the one reigning the USA now: Mr. George W. Bush.

Next to trying to comprehend what's going on in the world I've been busy with my life, my kids and my friendly female neighbours and have been on stage as part of Dr. Mad's Freakshow. Ain't that cool?