Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Mass shootings: who or what's to blame?

A ban on guns won't work because criminals will get their hands on guns anyway! But a ban on drugs will work because it will be harder for criminals to get drugs. And a ban on Muslims will work because less Muslims will commit crimes in the USA and a ban on homosexuality will make Elton John and Ellen Degeneres less gay and that's good because homosexuals are evil because of reasons yet unknown to mankind.

Above statement is also known as 'GOP-logic': the preferred kind of logic of American conservatives who think arming teachers is going to prevent kids from being shot.

But the answer to the next question is left unanswered: if arming more people wil prevent more people from getting shot, why are guns not allowed at the NRA-meeting were Vice President Pence spoke (click) or at Trump rallies?

By the way, when 'open carry' laws allowed members from the Black Panther movement to walk around with guns, Republicans under Reagan were very quick with implementing the Mulford Act for stricter gun control. Furthermore: gun control was very normal in the old wild west:

But hey, please don't let facts get in the way of the fears people accept as facts.

Apparently all recent mass shooters were   angry white men inspired by violent video games. So playing games inspires people do do in real life what they do in the game. A few questions if that's true: most video games are played per head of the population of South Korea. How many mass shootings are there in South Korea? Just about none.

And if playing a video game really inspires people to do in real life as they do in the game, how come - with millions of people playing FIFA 97 - there are relatively few professional football players in the world? I have played Civilisation for hundreds of hours but never once in the real world tried to build my own genocidal empire.

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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Why not keep our promise to help Africans?

Remember Live Aid 1985? 'Let's send lots of money to Africa because those people are really really poor and live in terrible circumstances and we really really love Bob Geldof and Bono!' We told those poor Africans we can easily afford to help them because we are extremely wealthy and 'too bad you don't live in Europe because in our countries people actually get money for doing absolutely nothing and call it 'unemployment benefit.'

So, if the harvest fails time and time again, you see your kids starve and other countries start bombing your homes to 'help' you fight the regime you're under and you remember there are countries where you don't have to do anything to get food and shelter? Unless you're a liar you would say you want to go there.

Of course we welcomed the people from all those different African countries with open arms because we helped them once and promised them we would do so again and always. At least we did when Bob Geldof and Bono where within hearing range.

In stead we suddenly claimed our countries are 'full' and there's no space for new people from abroad. Except of course when they are from 'decent' (i.e. 'white') countries like Norway and Canada. We also claim we are not as wealthy as we once told them we are and there is absolutely no money to keep our promises. We need all the money we can get to fight 'terrorism'. You know, putting up camera's so people who want to blow themselves up to make a point
will think twice before they pull the cord of their bombvest. What if a camera spots a suicide bomber and thanks to the images of the explosion he could get the death penalty?

It's true that there have been no suicide bombings at London Liverpoolstreet Station and Amsterdam Central Station since millions have been spent on camera's. Neither have their been suicide bombings there when there were only a few camera's.

So putting up camera's to fight suicide bombings is just as useful as putting a banana in your ear to prevent alligators from walking around at Sesame Street.

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Wednesday, September 11, 2019


'If it's God's will my child dies, He will call my child.' This is the main reason for religious people not to have their children vaccinated against common diseases as smallpocks and measles. 'Besides, I heard vaccinating can cause autism and it makes sense because almost everyone who has autism was vaccinated as a child.'

Besides from chosing between a dead child and one with autism (I know what kind of child I'd prefer to raise) I usually ask questions like: 'If you drive your kid to school, do you make him or her wear seatbelts?' The surprising answer is: 'Yes of course because I don't want my child to get hurt!'

So far no one has been able to explain this double standard to me: 'Yes, we want to protect our children and no, we leave their lives in the hands of God.' Except for the usual response I get when I talk about this subject: 'Those religious people are stupid, crazy or both'.

In words: what poses a greater risk for children: not having them vaccinated with a great chance it will die from a easily preventable disease of have them vaccinated with a tiny chance the child will later on suffer from autism?

What's your  take on this?

By the way: the 'fact' that vaccinating causes autism? That myth is debunked (click). By a study paid for by...the anti-vaxxer movement.

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Wednesday, September 04, 2019

What does an illegal alien look like?

Some 600,000 illegal immigrants living in the USA (usually on overstayed visas) have absolutely zero chance of being rounded up and detained by the Sturmabwehr organisation known as ICE. The reason is simple: they have pure aryan looks don't 'look' like illegal aliens. But how does ICE know who to arrest and who not? Hitler's elite troops in their famous brown shirts Trump's men randomly pick up someone who doesn't have a light coloured skin and put them in a holding cell.

Even if they have ID to show they are American citizens. But hey, the ID could be forged, right?  And they really don't discriminate against people. So no matter if you have a job or are unemployed, if you have a handicap or not, are an elderly person or are just a long you have a skin that is not 'white', you have a chance of being 'chosen' by ICE to be a potential illegal alien. Isn't that nice?

Not really, of course. But it's reality.

Quick question: which other dictatorship government used to put people in detention centers, purely on their physical appearance or the birthplace of their parents?

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