Wednesday, March 29, 2017

What do you believe?

'How do you know?' -'Well, I read it in a book by this scientist called Dan Brown.' -'Dan Brown is an author of fiction who happens to have some scientific knowledge.' 'Yes, I know. But I still know it's true because i read it myself!'

We believe what we want to believe. That's normal. Human beings find it almost impossible to believe something they never believed before. For example: once people are convinced the pyramids were build by aliens, it's really hard to present them evidence of the opposite.

Politicians and other marketeers have had this knowledge for a long, long time. And yes, even scientists and journalists are humans. So they develop a theory and then search for evidence to support their claims. If you look hard enough 'evidence' is not hard to find. Too bad people 'don't have the time' (what they mean is 'it does not have priority) to have others check their evidence. Nor do they have the time (what they really mean is: 'I don't want to.') to look for evidence of the opposite. And that's a real shame. It would mean the public would get actual facts. But it would also mean their research would not longer be funded by parties who don't want civilians to be knowledgeable

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Monday, March 27, 2017

We are all special

'Everyone is special but some are more special than others', to paraphrase George Orwell's 'Animal Farm'. So there's a special day for women, called 'International Woman's Day'. And there's Mothers Day and Father's Day and apparently black people are even more important because recently a whole month was dedicated to Black History Month.

I think it's great that even companies do their best to respect everyone's wishes. For example: by designing sportswear, especially for strict religious Muslim women as shown here:

But I don't get it. Sure, people deserve respect. For one: why is there not attention for why people don't respect others and only talk of consequenses and not reasons?

And two: why not an 'International Clown Day' to show our respect for people who have to wear make up, wigs and weird clothes, just to let other people make fun of them, even though they themselves may have a terrible day?

In other words: why not simply respect ALL people, EVERY day?

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Saturday, March 25, 2017

The best way to combat #ISIS?

The United States and the rest of the coalition is working very hard to defeat ISIS in the Middle East: Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan are warzones. Only arms dealers get a smile on their faces when they look at the images.

The forces fighting ISIS have found a method to prevent ISIS from killing innocent civilians. Since the start of the conflict more civilians have been killed by their liberators than by their opressors, so maybe the coalition should reconsider it's tactics?

 ISIS is known for beheading people.
And that's barbaric.
But so does ally Saudi Arabia.
But that's 'an internal affair'.

 What if army helicopters
were called Kurd, Syrian or Iraqi?
It's about time. Really.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A world without money

Money does nothing, people do everything.

If you remove money, will everyone suddenly stop doing anything?

If you can find the time (and you can if you don't watch television for one single night), listen to this guy. Not everything he says may make sense to you but he does hold a few valid points.

(If you're the CEO of a large corporation, an influencial politician, a lobbyist or a banker, you may not like what you hear. Sorry 'bout that.)

It's called The Ubuntu Society

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Monday, March 20, 2017

Deportation is not a new thing

Most people seem to act as if Donald Trump's plan to deport hundreds of thousands of people, simply based on their heritage, is a new thing. Well, it's not. No, I'm not referring to Hitler deporting Jews 'to make Germany great again!'. No, I'm referring to J. Edgar Hoover (click) who - in a futile attempt to 'save American jobs!' deported Mexican families, just prior to The Great Depression. Did it work? Of course not! We know that now. Did we learn from it? Of course not. If there's one thing we learned from history, it's that we never learn from history.

Just imagine you're five years old. Angry men in similar boots knock at your door and forcefully take you away from your save world, your friends and your thoughts about 'being free'. The next day you wake up at a place you don't know, surrounded by people you don't know, speaking a language you're not familiar with.

Sounds unthinkable? Yet, that's exactly what the president of the Land of the Free wants.

You may think it all will not be that bad. Just consider this: many believed Hitler would not excecute his plan to eradicate Jews from the planet. Now take a speech from your 'favourite' populist and replace 'Mexicans' or 'Muslims' with 'Jews'. Now, does the speech sound familiar?

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Should drugs be forbidden?

'Big Pharma' is responsible for tens of thousands of deaths a year. In America alone. Yes, that's right: legal drugs kill more people than illegal drugs. And Donald Trump will NOT take action to get that number down. Nor will Hillary Clinton, nor did the Bush' family and nor did Barack Obama.

And I've always wondered: if the US government is so adamant about removing drugs from society and hates drug abusers so much they spend billions of dollars on the 'war on drugs', why has there never ever been a raid of the house of Charlie Sheen? Why is the DEA not active in Hollywood? Or on Wallstreet?

So, what do you think: should all drugs be forbidden or just the ones that cost thousands of people to die?


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Monday, March 13, 2017

Becoming a Russian provence. With love.

In January I asked (click) if nude women would reappear in Playboy now that misogynist Trump was president. In February mymy friend's wish was granted (click). Do I have the power of prediction?

If my predictions come true, I hereby predict Donald Trump will soon hold the record for fastest impeachment ever: before the year 2017 is over, he will have to hand over his crown.

Thanks to the people he's surrounded himself with. Like Michael Flynn from the National Security Counsil who had to admit he was in talks with Russia on the day Russia was sanctioned for Putin's illegal invading of Crimea. I don't know what's worse: that he 'accidentally' went behind the president's back to negotiate deals with a sworn enemy or that the man in charge of National Security - and over 20 years of experience on matters of security! - simply did not know that every phonecall with the Russian Embassy is recorded.

And does Trump really think the nobody knows about his close ties with one of the most notorious dictators in the world, Vladimir Putin? Here's acting First Lady Ivanka, lovingly posing with Putin's girlfriend:

And think about this: what will it mean for America's future when the people in charge of the Department of Education can't even spell the names right of historical figures?
Yes, that''s right: the people in charge of the education of millions of children don't freakin' know how to put in a few letters in the search box at Wikipedia. It's really simple:

Think it couldn't get worse? They apologized. Here's how:

'Our deepest apologizes'? Oh, c'mon!

And no, it's not Photoshop at work. It's true. Sad.

It is common knowledge that 'the new guy' hates to be laughed at but thinks it's okay to laugh at others. That's why he refuses to attend the White House Correspondents' Dinner. I have an other theory: suppose The Donald knows his SNL impersanator Alex Baldwin will go in his stead. Suppose a suicide bomber ends the lives of the top people from CNN, The New York Times ánd Alec Baldwin.

With most of his 'enemies' out of the way, Trump will make a statement, putting on his saddest face (even sadder than when he found out in America it's illegal to marry your own daughter) and state: 'Luckily God told me not to be there because He knew something bad would happen. Although my Secret Service guys.... very tough guys. The absolute best. I handpicked them myself!...found close to nothing left from the body of the suicide bomber, they did find his passport intact at the scene after only two days of investigating and a rented car in his own name at the parking lot with in the glove compartment the manual to 'Blowing yourself up in the sight of cameras made easy.' And don't listen to science guys who tell you a man's skin can't turn white because of a bomb blast. Yes, the dead man's body was white but before he did BOOM he was still brown. And I know it because it's true.

So, now we know the guy was a Muslim we also know that every Muslim is a potential suicide bomber and should all be put away in intern camps. Starting now. So if you know of a Muslim or know where one is hiding: Call 1-800-TRUMP at only $1,20 a call. A free 'Make America Great Again cap for everyone who turns in three or more Muslims.'

Let's all hope that doesn't happen.


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Saturday, March 11, 2017

To Share (a #ShortStory) #AmWriting

The room was filled with loners who felt connected by a common understanding. The music was loud and easy to dance to and although nobody actually danced, the dance floor was fairly crowded.

A few people reclined along the walls and in sometimes newly-formed couples enjoyed what they no longer would be able to enjoy in freedom twenty years later.

He danced next to her, although dancing was not the right word, and in his mind he danced with her.

When it was time to sleep and there was only one more sleeping bag to be had they decided - without words - to share.


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Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Why men like Trump just don't get it

Cartoonists from all over the world have their own thoughts about the Trump presidency. Here are a few examples of their images (click).

I understand men like Donald Trump. I don't like them but I understand them. There's a difference. I worked for men like him. As an entertainer. 'I know we agreed on €150 euro's for three hours of work but if you don't work four hours tonight, I won't pay you at all.' I left after three hours, send him an invoice for €150 and added: 'If you don't pay within two weeks I will tell your business friends how you deal with people.' He paid the full amount.

Another one:
'I know I hired you as a doorman but now I want you to dance for me.'
-'And I want world peace and my ex to be nice to me.'
He refused to pay me, I send him a message threatening with a law suit and he paid. See, the agreement was put in en e-mail and he couldn't back out from it.

In both cases the men were extremely rich. Thanks to daddy. Without having done a single days of actual hard work to earn what they had.

Same goes for Donald Trump: he's just a spoiled brat who's accustomed to get everything (and everyone) his tiny heart desires. And slips into a fit of rage when he doesn't get it.

And that's the whole point: men like the three examples mentioned above just don't get it.

Just like some of the people who voted for him. They wanted to get rid of  'all those darn foreigners! Except for Carlos (click) because he is nice.' Well, just too bad. Because they voted for Trump Carlos gets deported.

The grandfather of a famous person also got deported. His name? Friedrich Trump. Here's the full story (click).

Many people who voted for him now regret their decision. Here's a list of them:

There are also a lot of question surrounding #45's cabinet picks. Like Jeff Sessions (click). As Attorney General he would get paid to look into mr. Trump's alleged contacts with Russia. When confronted with direct questions about his own talks with Russian diplomats he denied - under oath! - ever having had them. Soon after it became known he did speak with them.

It's not just The Donald who just shouts without being bothered by any back up in the form of actual evidence. Here's how one of his advisers, Roger Stone, responds when kindly asked to provide evidence to support his ranting: Calling someone who simply asks you a question 'you stupid ugly f*cking b*tch!' may be his preferred way to show his respect towards women but do you really want your children to use this powerful man as their rolemodel?

And could someone please tell these 'Angry White Men' that deleting your tweets when caught does not really help as these days any 8 year old can make a screenshot? Oh, and it's against the law to delete any piece of communication when you hold a high ranking in the presidential office. So I'm sure mr. Trump will have mr. Stone prosecuted. That is, should he ever come to his senses and start respecting the law.

In the course of the last few weeks we learned that The Donald does not search for information but simply takes for granted what's stated on Alt-right websites and TV-shows like Fox and Friends (click). It's true.

Oh, and in case you believe his immigration ban is a terrific idea, please think again and consider this: illegal immigrants make up around five percent of the USA's workforce. If those five percent get rounded up, who will clean your pool, wash the dishes at your favourite restaurants and harvest your vegetables? And imagine five percent less people to buy stuff. What would that mean for the USA's economy? 

In farming around 25% of jobs are taken by illegal immigrants (click). Farmers will have to hire actually paid personnel at less (because you work hours and thus the price of crops will rise significantly.

Should Donald Trump call Angela Merkel for advice?

So, who will do your dirty work for you?

What's the REAL purpose of the Trump Wall?

And why did his fans at #CPAC17 wave Russian flags?

Trump loves to jump to conclusions
But not always

Did you know Ivanka Trump's brand clothes
are not made in the USA?
So her dad forbids you to buy them:
'Only buy and hire American!'

 'What happened last night in Sweden'
was a documentary on Fox Entertainment
claiming the crime rate had gone up because of immigrants.
(False claims by the way)
There was NO muslim terror attack whatsoever.

 Perhaps The Donald could be persuaded
to spend the American taxpayer's money 
not on building a wall but a spaceship?
(As always with pictures: to click is to enlarge)

I'm all for fighting hate with humour. And so it seems, is Tom Hanks:

And, it's probably just an amazing coincidence, but just minutes after a claim is made on Fox & Friends the man who calls himself President publishes a tweet containing the exact same words! Now, isn't that an amazing coincidence (click)?

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Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Speak out!

Why are you afraid to speak out? Are you scared others might call you out and point you at inconsistencies in your words? In other words: are you afraid to be wrong?

Don't worry, please! Yes, you may be wrong. And you may be right. But that's not the point. Point is we ALL should be allowed to express our opinions. Without the fear of getting arrested, beat up or killed.

Do you agree?
If not, why not?


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