Friday, November 28, 2003

When we see people in rags by the thousands on TV we send them money(in a genuine effort to help/to sooth our consience). When we see one in front of our local supermarket we send him a dirty look. Why is that?

When Googling around the world I found this poem with my name...Terrebel. Aint that kewl?

A certain American president gave a bunch of soldiers the chance to see him in real life.
Personally I could think of greater gifts. More in the line of the presents my son got for his birthday: An electronics playset from his dad, a CD-player and tuner with build-in alarm from his gran, a telescope from his neighbour Johanna, his natural mom and her boyfriend; clay and a cookbook from neighbour Angélique; ironing-beads from neighbour Janine and her boyfriend Leon; glasspaint and an origami-book from neighbour Miriam and her daughters Eva and Dayna and so on and so on.

His actual birthday (number eight) was last tuesday and we celebrated that evening with his an my mom at a local restaurant. It's the fifth time I've been there in the past year and every single time with different women. See how long I can keep that up...
Today he celebrated with his mates and sister(s).

Thursday he was free from school and we decided he could come to work with me and we had a very nice day and all the kids from my afterschool-group liked him a lot and vice versa. It will certainly happen again in the future!

By the way: have I told you how I got to met a new neighbour?
Last sunday we performed the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the start of a night filled with political discussions. Although it was nog exactly our kind of crowd we did manage to enjoy ourselves as cast as you can judge for yourselves by looking at the pictures.

Afterwards a small group went to a Gothic-bar for a last drink before hitting the sack and there it was that we got to talk to this young lady. After some chit chat we found out we were neighbours ("Luckily this place is so close to my house that I can easily walk it.""That's funny! So can I!"). Her boyfriend is co-organizing this extremeley cool event called Black Xion. With some luck I can share in part of the fun...
(Should you NOT be into Latex, Rubber, Gothic, Fetish, Kinky, Medieval, Occult or Vampyre than please don't click the link!)

Friday, November 21, 2003

Gene Anthony Ray, aka Leroy Johnson of "Fame" is no more. He died at the young age of 41. However awful that is, it's nothing compared to what's happening in Istanbul.
Did you also notice that the bombings in Istanbul started the day Bush and Blair got together to find more excuses to continue their "war on terror? Call it coincidence but I find it hard to believe that Al-Qaida deliberately gives them an excuse to spend even more money on weaponry than on, for instance healthcare or education...

The other week I let you know I did this flick for Flemish Television on fairground "The Efteling". One of my colleagues there was this lovely young lady. (18+!)
Have I already told you what a lucky guy I am?
It looks like my contract is gonna be expanded: from three days a week I will be officially working five days a week, starting january. Ain't that something?
Since there's an other afterschool that badly wants me to work for them the one I'm working for now has offered me this opportunity. Who am I to turn them down?

Last night's Pencak Silat training left me with aching muscles. Muscles I never suspected the existence of. Maybe I should do my Pilates excercises again in stead of just thinking about pickin' it up again. Not the fake Winsor Pilates they now advertise through Telsell but the real stuff.
Preferably tohether with my neighbour Angélique...

Monday, November 17, 2003

Pictures of our Rocky Horror performance in Utrecht last Halloween or now on-line. Especially after having seen the video yesterday I think ordering one of those Winsor Pilates instruction videos won't do me any harm...

This coming sunday we will perform in Amsterdam. Let's wait to see if my week's training will pay off.

Here's the most populair search-strings in Google from the past month:
1. eminem;

2. orlando bloom;

3. christina aguilera;

4. ryanair;

5. spongebob;

6. shin chan;

7. jennifer lopez;

8. beyonce;

9. ajax;

10. 2pac;

I can understand them all being populair but ryanair and beyonce in the worldwide top ten of most populair searchrequests? That's like trying to understand people who think the Bush family is the best thing ever given to mankind!
Impossible to comprehend.

As some of you might have noticed: the Iraqi Bodycount is now part of this site. Although there seems to be some diffuculties with showing the whole of the banner.
The number of dead Iraqi civilians is going up as we breath for mr. George W. Bush and his business-partners have decided to bomb Tigrit, the birthplace of Sadam Hussein.
Tigrit is also the place the Americans had conquered on april 14th 2003.

That's fantastic! If the town is already in your hands and you bomb in anyway, who's gonna shoot back? Those few thousand civilians? I don't think so.
They should be grateful. Thanks to the US they can speak their mind. As long as they agree with the WhiteHouse policies that is. And thanks to the US of A they've got lots of spare time since the buildings they used to work in have all been blown to smithereens. And thanks to the fact that the waterpipelines are still not repaired (after the oilpipelines were fixed one day after the so called end of the war "they" had run out of money. Or so they claim) all kind of deceases that had been banned for decades are cutting down the number of children growing up with horror stories about some evil dictator who oppressed you by not letting you think freely.
Luckily the megalomanic idiot in control of weapons of mass destruction no longer rules the country. Or does he?

"We did the Iraqi people a great favor by removing him, and so I wouldn't be surprised that any kind of violence is promoted by him, but I don't know," Bush said in an interview with David Frost for PBS-BBC's "Breakfast with David Frost."

Friday, November 14, 2003

This coming weekend most Dutch kids of eight years old and younger will sense the excitement that comes with the coming of Sinterklaas.
Originally the guy was called Saint Nicholas and historically he was a bishop who did a lot of good expecially for sailors, merchants and children. Hence the Dutch fascination with the character. He served as a patron for the sailors in the "golden" 17th century and as protector of merchants in far away market-places. He also served as a boogyman for our kids. The Americans stole the idea, gave him a lot of extra weight, the eyes of a Mongol, the smile of a retard and a bottle of Coca Cola and renamed him Santa Claus. The b*st*rds!

Past week was again funfilled: my son's school held a bookmarket in favour of their library and I managed to get my hands on some of the masterpieces ever let loose on this world. Books on transfigurism, history, sex and a physical handicap and more beauties. Also I think I might have found a new employer next to the one that already has me on the payroll. It looks like I've been given the role of financial advisor for foundation "The Illuseum", an interactive museum near my home that also serves as a meeting place for local artists, a podium for performance artists and as gallery for photographers, painters, sculpters and the likes.
Should you ever be in the area...

A new problem has risen and thusfar no one has come up with a satisfiying solution.
What to do if Mom finds out about blog?

Thursday, November 06, 2003

Why did the Americans invade Iraq? Why have the repaired the oil-pipelines and do the people in Baghdad still don't have clean water? Why did Bush declare the war has ended on may first? Why didn't they move out then? Why does the Bush administration keep lying about the presence of weapons of mass destruction? Questions like these and some of the possible answers you'll find on "Aboutthewar" and Stratfor. Check it!

You must give him credit for his sense of humour:"Whatever it was, I didn't do it!" so Prince Charles proclaimed. The question now is: if he did not do it why does he feel the need to deny?

Sunday, November 02, 2003

Some people might consider me to be a very lucky guy: I get to do all these very neat things and get paid to do them!

Let me explain: Tuesday rehearsals for the Rocky Horror Picture Show went so smoothly that I got to be at the train station in time so I got to share a luxurious hotel-room with a very nice young woman whom I'd never seen before. The next morning we were standing in front of the camera's for the shooting of an edition of The Storyteller for Flemish television.

Fridaynight the CastRatedGood performed at a stage in Utrecht and reactions were overwhelming. The next day I was at home in time to have a bite to eat, shower and be on my way to Groningen for Fucques Les Balles, an outcry of extravaganza aka fetish-party organized by well-renowned photographer Erwin Olaf.
It was actually my job to go mudwrestling! So, for doing a 10 minute act I got to dance with zillions of very lovely people (including the most recent ex of my first ex), walk the catwalk in my undies and see and hear some very famous DJ's at work.

This morning I got home at nine and was expected at my mom's place at ten where I got after a quick shower and a tramride. She, my son, auntie and I went to visit my brother's family in their new home and had a very enjoyable afternoon.

In order to catch up on some sleep I decided to cancel my cardclub for tonight...

One would almost forget about some of the more rotten things going on in this world.
Like Donald Rumsfeld claiming that the killing of fifteen US-soldiers at once is just one of those things that just happens when you are at war. Hereby simply ignoring the fact that George W Bush declared the war against Iraq ended on may first.

Michael Moore has some other fun things to say in that line of humor in his latest book:
"Dude, where's my country?" Check it.