Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Yesterday I got elected Employee of the Month at The Amsterdam Dungeon and last week I got elected in the local council for the Socialist Party. Apparently I'm in the middle of "Elect Terrebel"-month.
So what's next: neighbour of the month? Single father, weekend-daddy?

Going for ambassador of the month is Roland Edmond Arnall, the biljonair who co-sponsored Bush Junior's election and as a gift received the post of Ambassador of the US in The Netherlands. He made his fortune with Ameriquest, most likeley in several illegal manners. At the same time, in England truth has come out about Tony Blair giving sponsors of his party's campaign high seats in the English government.

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Friday, March 03, 2006


It's now a fact that George Junior knew of the danger of Katrina and simply choose to ignore the threat. Maybe because he was to busy to ignore the American Constitution with tapping phonelines without permission and closing nuclear pacts. The deal with India is that the US gives them every shred of information about how to construct nuclear plants in order to make nuclear missiles. In exchange India will grant permission to inspect their nuclear sites. Except for the ones that serve a military purpose. Great! One bright point: less than half the American population thinks George Junior is a good president.

My son and I recently went on a skitrip. It was the first in our lives and we thorougly enjoyed our weeks stay in Nové Hamry, a small town in the Czech Republic, not far from the German border. Bit strange though to go on holiday, the day after the cremation of a close family member...