Saturday, April 22, 2006

At least for a while

The limelight, the boo-ing, applause, dressing-room situations, dancing on high heels...I'll miss being Brad Majors...
At least for a while. Need some time to spare since I've started to have meetings during dinner and even during breakfast. Making appointments not at five o'clock but "a quarter to" because I need to go somewhere else at "a quarter past"'s gettng a bit too much.

At least now I'm still in control but not for long if I don't watch it.
Hence the decision to quit playing in The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
At least for a while.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Jean Charles de Menezes, an electrician from Brasil, was brutally murdered by London Police officers and they got away with it, saying he was running away from them and was wearing a much to thick jacket for the time of the year. Witnesses say he was not running or would a man on the run stop to grab a newspaper? Another witness says Menenez sat calmly on the underground when he was grabbed by one officer and shot through the head by an other. The police officers and their bosses, including Tony Blair, get away with it.

Something's not right in this world

In the meanwhile my mother is recovering from a mild brain-hemorage. At times she feels a bit lonely at the ward. A card is much appreciated:

Mw. S. Weijnschenk
Verpleeghuis Amstelhof
1e Verdieping, kamer 3
Amstel 51
1018 EJ Amsterdam


Friday, April 07, 2006


The start of this week I stayed in Cannes, France because of a party I was asked to work at: Cirque Endemol.
Last night my mother was committed to a hospital but it looks like she will be okay gain in a couple of days.
Bercause she is in hospital my son will have to come to work with me. So it shall be.