Sunday, December 25, 2016

Seasons Greetings!

Everyone yaps about young people being 'different' nowedays. Forget it! Human nature doesn't change. What's happening in the world has been wildly changing, producing new sets of rules each time you blink your eye. It's the social climate, the environment that's been changing, not you'n me, Bunky!

Here's a f'rinstance: say you've got two homes - a lovely cabin in the country and a small city apartment. You play your stereo full blast in your cabin, but who cares? There's no one around to hear it, so you're not disturbing anyone. But play it just as loud in your small apartment with the paper-thin walls and your neighbors wanna clobber you. You haven't changed. You're the same yo-yo in both places. But the conditions are different!

Fact is, young people are the same as ever, the same noisy, scroungy, mangy, wonderful crazies they've always been - and adults are still the same grouchy, grunchy, goopy, hard-pressed and harassed heroes they've alsways been - and which you'll soon become.

Nothing changes but the labels. Which leads us to the main point I wanna make - None of us is all that different from each other. We all want essentially the same thing out of life - a measure of security, some fun, some romance, friendship and the respect of our contemporaries. That goes for everyone, Italians, Russians, Arabs, Asians, Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Blacks, Browns, Whites and green-skinned hulks. So why don't we all get with it and stop putting the 'other' guys down? Just look in the mirror, mister - that other guy is you!

Seasons Greetings!


Stan Lee

Oh, and something to think about for all Christians out there:
If you'd been the inn keeper, would you have send away Joseph and Mary?
(No, this last message is not from Stan 'the man' but from me, the author of this blog)

Merry Christmas!

The Nativity Scene without Jews, Muslims, Africans and refugees

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