Friday, July 30, 2004

The US-military is holding 50.000 prisoners overseas.
It is a proven fact that "only" 94 of them have been tortured
by American soldiers and a mere 20 have died as a consequence.
So why the alligations?

I tell you why: suppose I walk into a town of 50,000 inhabitants with a

loaded automatic gun
and hurt 94 people of which 20 die is that okay because
there's still more people I didn't kill?
Of course not!
So why is it okay for American soldiers to do so and aren't they


Your turn to tell me why.

And do you dare to unlabel? Than here's the website for you:
Unlabeled. The people behind it collect the labels from designer-clothing.
You can join too, proving you don't care about the name but about the quality;
that you want to wear it because you want to wear it and not because some magazine
tells you it's the "Hip" thing to do.

Just an anecdote from work:
The little girl feels sorry for animals but loves to eat sausages
and ham-sandwiches. Until I told her about the ingredients that is...

Today was the last day before my three week summer-leave.
I will start it with sleeping in, tomorrow.
My son, who has just returned from five days at the beach with a mate of his,
is staying at my moms for the night. Tomorrow I will collect him and take him to the movies.
Will he enjoy Fahrenheit 9/11? Or is taking him to see Shrek 2 a better plan?

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