Monday, May 24, 2004

According to this story

the iraqy people have good reason to be mad at the people occupying their land. According to the American military all eyewitnesses are lying and the video-footage of the party is fake.
Tell that to the 25 dead women and children that got killed at the weddingparty.
Why are they being so thickheaded?
Do they honestly believe themselves if no one else is?
Yankees go home!
Just don't vote for the Bush-family anymore and perhaps things will change for the better...Okay?

Because I was ordered to stay home I did a few things in and around the house. You know: put up a few shelves'n stuff.
Ferdinand has been a great help and so has my mom. My daughter Eva
came to see me on regular intervals and lots of friendly female neighbours helped me out with the odd shopping and other things that keep a household going.

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