Friday, September 03, 2004

The past week Penack Silat-classes started again, so my painfull muscles tell me..

Just came back from a visit. Neighbour Miriam, her boyfriend and her daughters will spend the coming week at a very nice camping-site. The weather-forcast looks good so I bet they'll have fun.

I will most likely have fun at a bachelor party tonight where I'm asked to play a little joke on the owner of ID&T,
an events-organizer of some of the biggest parties in this country.

I also received an invitation to a company-party organized for employees of the foundation I work for
but I don't get payed for that one so I made the obvious choice....;-)

Free Bobby!

Bobby Fischer got arrested for a crime he committed in 1992.
Did he rob a bank? Did he kill someone?
Nope. He played a game of chess.
He what? He played a game of chess.
Because he and his opponent, Boris Spassky, happened to be in (former) Yugoslavia

at the time of their encounter
mr. Fisher broke the law.
Playing chess in Yugoslavia is against the law?
Well, it was in 1992.
As was anything an American citizen would do that involved contact with Yugoslavia.

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