Wednesday, April 17, 2019


Your nationality defines who you are, right? People from your country have different (you want to say 'better' but your mother taught you to be polite to people who are less than you) habits and values than people from other countries, right?

And that's because you have developed a strong sense of identity which has been passed on from generation to generation for thousands of years because that's how long the borders of your beloved country have stood firm and unchanged. Right? Not really:

'Yeah, but that's Europe. I live in Northern America. It's completely different over here.' Yes, you're right. For instance: Canada is a sovereign nation since 1982.

Recent studies show people feel displaced by immigrants who take over the shops, daughters, jobs and social security checks of the indiginous people.

'Israelis may occupy land because they once lived there.' So Native Americans may occupy New York? And Ottawa?'

But hey, at least they don't slaughter them by the tens of thousands like the Europeans did when they created their new homeland. Maybe that's why White Nationalists are so afraid of people with a darker complexion: they fear they may do to them what their grandparents did to others.

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