Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Boys and girls

You can see the difference in men and women, judging their brain scans. Right? While men tend to be angry more often than women, women are more easily scared. Right? Turns out it's mostly our expectations that determine why we sometimes perceive a facial expression as 'angry' or as 'scared' looking. In a study from 1976 (click), published by Condry and Condry a group of people was shown a video of a baby that responded to something that happened. Half the group was told the baby was a girl, the other half was told they saw a boy. They all saw the same video and there was only one baby with one response. People who saw a 'boy', said he looked angry. People who saw a 'girl' said she looked scared.

What does that say about us and our brains? That we are all basically the same, have the same prejudices and are all easily fooled.

Just try to remember that others can't define who you are. Only you can.

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