Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Climate change: a convenient truth

Taking your bike in stead of your car when you go out for a few groceries, does that help to fight climate change? Yes, it does. A bit. A tiny little bit.

But over 50% of all carbon emission is the responsibility of only 90 companies and government-run industries. Worldwide (click). Most of them coal-producers and cement factories. So if the governments are serious about tackling the problem of climate change (and yes, it is a problem. Denying people who are obese are fat does not make them weigh less.) 'But 3% of all scientific papers on the subject state climate change does not exist!' Well, those studies are flawed (click).

By the way: if 97 people tell you it's stupid to hug a crocodile but 3 tell you it's okay, who would you trust?)

What I find funny is people who say climate change is a hoax but believe two penguins and two kangaroos traveled for thousands of miles to board a boat being build by a man called Noah.

Perhaps Noah was a Timelord and the Arc his version of the Tardis?
And who killed more people: Hitler, Leopold II, Mao and Stalin combined
or Noah who deliberately only saved his own family 
and left every other person on the planet to drown to save ants, rats and snakes?


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