Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Ted Talks

We used to be able to listen to our inner voice, telling us what to do. Or don't do. Once we relied upon intuition, experience, our teachers and parents. We were in control. Nowedays we listen to the radio, watch television and read messages on twitter. It's hard to believe everything that we are told is true. And of course it can't be. But how do we tell the truth from a lie? Is everyting a teacher tells us true? Is everything your grandma told you always true? Are all the facts correct, presented to us by Fox News? Of course not. I bet even your beloved grandmother told you a lie or two. Maybe about the Tooth Fairy or maybe even about who your real dad was...

Can we rely on Wikipedia? I don't think so because all the entries are put there by people like you and I. Raise your hand now if you never told a single lie to anyone. But were to get true information about anything?

One method is to just listen to Ted Talks. There are thousands and thousands of brilliant and inspirational talks, organised throughout the world. In my humble opinion this young man holds one of the best. Ever. Check it out!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

War on drugs but not if celebrities take them

Why is a rich person who OD's 'a celebrity who couldn't handle the pressure' and a poor person 'a junkie who deserves to die'?

Remember when Amy Winehouse died of an overdose in the bathtub of a luxury hotelroom? She was a poor misunderstood wonderful and beautiful white female artist who had difficulties handling the pressure of being famous. Right? 

Remember the poor black guy who died of an overdose in an alley in Washington DC? Of course not. He was not a poor misunderstood wonderful and beautiful white female artist who had difficulties handling the pressure of being famous. He was just a junkie who deserved to die because he was stupid doing drugs, knowing they can get you killed.

The American government is very clear: drugs are evil and should be banned. Everone using them should be locked up! That's why - under the 'War on Drugs' 40,000 Americans are in jail today for smoking marihuana. None of them are celebrities and most of them are black. If the US government is really serious about taking on drug use, why don't they raid Hollywood and arrest celebrities?

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

All life is sacred! Right?

When then president of the United States George Bush, invaded Iraq, he told the president of France he did that 'because God told him to do it'. Click this link for the full story on that.

Of course all white world leaders are decent christians. Apparently it's wrong to kill other people, following the logic: 'Me religion requires me to do so.' At least, that's what those same world leaders claim when they bash islam and blame the religion (a religion is not a person, stupid! And therefore can't be blamed. It's the people who practice it who are often idiots) for just about everything that is wrong in the world, including the killing of innocent human beings.

But killing people from the base of christianity seems to be not a problem at all. de 'God is on our side so if innocent civilians die because we toss bombs at people we think might become terrorists one day, that's not our fault but part of God's plan.'

Why is that? And who decides which life is sacred and which is not? Is the life of a Panda bear sacred? Your dog? The mice under your floorboard?

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