Wednesday, August 05, 2020

I'ts not nice to call a racist a racist!

Freedom of speech is for everyone! Except for people who call racists racists 'because that's not nice'.

Somehow that doesn't make sense to me. It's like in 'All Lives Matter!' by which people usually don't mean all lives. But it stays unclear what they do mean. In thise case you can say everything what you want. Except that 'everything' does not mean 'everything'. But what it does mean stays unclear.

To me it's still unclear why - of all people - this one single individual is responsible for everyting 'realists' (you can't call racists racists, remember?) finds wrong in the world. What is it about George Soros that makes him 'alt-right' (you can't call racists racists, remember?) 's enemy no. 1?

This article (click) tries to explain. But I still don't get it: if every member of 'Antifa' (apparently it's a very bad thing to be anti-fascism. Okay.) is being paid by the old millionair and Jewish Holocaust survivor George Soros, just like every university (where leftist teachers indoctrinate our children and why you can only trust people to be knowledgeable about a subject when they have not studied it) single outlet of mainstream media ('MSM' for people who find it extremely difficult to read or write words that consist of more than two syllables), George Soros should have more money than Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Bernard Arnault, Bill Gates and Waren Buffett combined.  I find that improbable, highly unlikely, impossible to believe, not very logical.

But the question's still there: why are racists (Oops! I accidentally wrote the 'r'-word. If you feel insulted: it was a joke. If you don't get it, you have no sense of humour. There. Solved it for you.) usually so very angry? By far most of them are white (yes, racists come in all shapes and colours but 'white' is dominant (...) in this group of people), meaning in general they have little to complain about. Only about 'foreigners' (people from dominantly 'white' countries are not considered foreigners but 'Norwegian brothers' or 'expats'.) who steal their jobs and are too lazy to work.

They have in common that whatever bad happens to them, they themselves are never to blame for. So when someone says it's all the fault of [insert minority of choice] they are more than willing to believe so. Is it really that simple? Yes it is. 

Bombard them with fake news (you know, through local 'news' stations owned by the Sinclair Corporation) or via Fox Entertainment Channel and soon they will believe anything that's being told to them. Even when the information that's shoved into them is contradicting. Like: 'Don't listen to everything the government tells you and Antifa should always follow the rule of law but you should never!' and 'Raise your hand if you don't want to be seen as sheeple blindly raising their hands when someone tells them to!'

The Nazi's (you know, those famous fascists who looked like the angry young white males in kaki's with the tiki torches in Charlottesville) learned that young men who don't masturbate are extremely easy to manipulate. The same trick is used by alt-right leaders who tell their new members not-masturbating makes you more manly and attractive to young women. Although the very opposite is true. But hey, who cares about facts when you have Facebook, right?

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Saturday, August 01, 2020

To be together (a poem)

While you flutter in the wind
I enjoy the smell of your hair
blowing my way

Also I'd like to be the clothspin
keeping you from being carried away,
far from me, from 'us,
to never return.

Sometimes I picture us as birds,
ínvolved in a mating ritual,
mockingly circling
and flying off swiftly,
knowing to be chased.

Playing in ever shrinking circles
occassionaly slightly bigger ones.

To eventually
land simultanously
in the same open nest,
to be together. 

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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

You're fired!

Occupations come and go. When was the last time you've seen a bumboat trader, a switchboard operator or a bowling alley pinsetter? Other professions that we consider part of every day life will go too. It's prophesied that in a few decades computer software will be so sophisticated that no more bookkeepers are required. Around the same time you will have trouble finding someone who states 'assembly line' as workplace. It's only natural that jobs come and go. In thirty years people will be working in jobs you and I could not have imagined. Do you think your grandparents would have figured that by today millions would find employment as 'Data-analist' or 'App developer'?

With that said: in the past two months (...) 36 million Americans filled out forms in the hope of receiving unemployment benefits. On top of those already enemployed. People have been fired from bars, clubs, restaurants and retail jobs. (Movie)Theatres have been shut and self-employed entertainers (musicians, magicians, ballet dancers, you name it) are out of work. And thus out of income.

Even though the first coronavirus-wave is far from over and a second one could do even more damage because there are signs the virus is evolving, employees are urged to go back to work, placing them for the dilemma: 'Stay home, get fired and die from hunger or go back to work for less than I would get from social security and risk dying from COVID-19?'

The virus is affecting the workforce worldwide and some governments start to realise people who don't have money can't help the economy to stay afloat.

Perhaps it's time to look into an old idea: (Universal) Basic Income. Before you shout: 'But that's a cummunist idea! It's much too expensive!' 'It will make people lazy!', watch this video:

Here's a quote I found on the interwebs:

If quantum physicists are right and this is in fact a simulation, then a basic income makes sense. Even "The Sims" starts every player out with a modest home, simple furniture and a few simoleons in the bank.

Same with monopoly: everyone starts off with $1500 plus $200 whenever you pass go. The game would be a lot less fun if one player started out with negative -$500 and another player started out with a small loan of a million dollars from their father...

UBI is neither 'left' or 'right' but simply realistic.

Tell me: what would you do if you wouldn't have to work for money to survive?

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