Saturday, November 21, 2020

War on Drugs: what if rich (white) people were poor (black) people?

The only way for a person of colour in America to avoid being prosecuted for drug possession and/or abuse it to become rich and famous. Or white.

As recently - again - being proven by a member of the Brown family: Whitney Houston, her daughter Bobbi, her daughter's husband Gordon and recently Bobby Brown Jr. died from 'substance abuse'. Meaning they had too much cocaine, probably in combination with alcohol (the single most addictive kind of harddrug in the world. But legal. So that's okay.) and/or other 'substances' (American-English for drugs. Like 'bathroom' in American-English is not a place where you take a bath - as it is in the rest of the world) but where you shit. But in America nobody does that.)

So here's a question: if the 'war on drugs' isn't working (it obviously is not) to stop the producing, selling and using of drugs, why not make illegal drugs legal (as was done with alcohol, seddatives and antidepressants) and charge some taxes?

Another question: what if the police would see Charlie Sheen as a poor young black male in possession of five dollars worth of weed in stead of a rich older white dude 'who can't handle the pressure of being famous': would Charlie Sheen be alive today if he was black and poor?

Okay, one more question: Would people change their opinion if you'd swap the word 'drugs' for 'guns' in 'Guncontrol won't work. People will get their hands on them illegally anway.'?




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Thursday, November 19, 2020

The fish we eat swim in plastic soup

Plastics are polluting our beautiful planet. Bags, straws, packaging, discarded care tires...all bad. But the bigger worry is microbeads. Those tiny bits of plastic often come in producs like toothpaste, hair extensions and body scrubs. 

Retailers are now focusing on that nice glittery stuff often found in and on Christmas ornaments. 

Although it will help reducing the little pieces of plastic that turn up in the ocean (and therefore in the foodchain. So, yes, changes are you are digesting pure plastic when you have a nice piece of fish), it won't do as much good as banning synthetic clothing. Like the funny pinguin costume I like to wear on special occassions or that funny sweateryou got yourself for the Christmas party at work. 

Every time we wash those, little pieces of plastic they end up where they don't belong: in the environment

Yes, it helps to ban glitter but is makes more sense to stop buying funny costumes.

I started to ban plastic bags and buying 'care' products containing microbeads and this years Christmas ornaments will contain no glitter. How will you contribute to the reducing of plastic waste?

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Thursday, November 12, 2020

The Floor (a short story)

As soon as he saw her he knew he wanted to see more of her. 
Not much later he joined the poets' collective that she was a member of 
and during meetings he would make sure to be sitting opposite her for the best view.

Sitting next to her was rather sweet as well for then he could smell the scent of her hair. 

Of that of her sweat on the nights she had been to the gym 
and had not taken the time to shower first.

He did not need words to describe his feelings for her, others could do that.

Within a year he shared a Paris hotel room with her. Where he awoke on the floor.


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