Tuesday, July 11, 2017

I don't believe in conspiracy theories

Personally I don't believe in most conspiracy theories. However I dó believe there are conspiracies. And lots of them too. Where ever there are groups of people, people bond to form a block agains other (groups of) people. It's simply the nature of things.

Here's one I made up that could explain a lot:
What if big oil companies and people in high places in governments conspire to pollute the air and water we live from? If everything is polluted, the only way to get our hands on clean air and water is to pay for it. With labor, sex, money.

And what if real estate people, builders and people in high places in governments conspire to rage wars? Destructive wars. So whole cities need to be rebuild? Guess who will get the contracts?

Too far fetched? Remember Larry Silverstein? He made plans for a totally new WTC-7, just about a year before the building (which he owned) collapsed. Coincidence? Why would anyone design a rebuild when the 'old' building is still standing and in perfect condition? And why did mr. Silverstein have his terror insurance pay out DOUBLED just weeks before the World Trade Center Towers (which he had purchased just months before) collapsed on 9/11. And isn't it an amazing coincidence Mr. Silverstein (click) had just gotten the rights to build new towers on the spot of the old ones 'in case they would come down due to a terrorist attack'?

It's what he actually said: 'Let's pull the building.' In other words:
the building (WTC-7) was brought down on purpose (that's what 'to pull' means). So it did NOT collapse because it caught fire after it got hit by a piece of flying debris. Did you ever see a skyscraper come down because it got hit by a burning piece of debris? You never could have because that's physically impossible.

Mr. Silverstein got 'a bit of profit' out of the 9/11 terror attack: $4.55 Billion. That really is a lot of money. You would think he would have given some of that money to the families of those who died in the attack. But has he?

On the other hand: here are people doing their utmost to debunk above claims. And they really are doing a great job! Judge for yourselves (click)!

And isn't it a coincidence that mayor Guilliani was warned to go away further from the towers 'because they will come down soon' but he and the unknown inidividual who warned him 'forgot' to tell the civilians and firefighters who were still in the building? And isn't it a coincidence both Mr. Silverstein and Mr. Guiliani are close friends with the current President of the United States? Who - coincidentally of course - happens to be 'into construction and ownership of large buildings in New York'?

Yes, of course you can call all of the above 'a coincidence' but I think most things happen for a reason. What do you think?

Let me know in the comments.

Perhaps there's a conspiracy going on, making us believe in conspiracy-theories in stead of conspiracies.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A world without money

Money does nothing, people do everything.

If you remove money, will everyone suddenly stop doing anything?

If you can find the time (and you can if you don't watch television for one single night), listen to this guy. Not everything he says may make sense to you but he does hold a few valid points.

(If you're the CEO of a large corporation, an influencial politician, a lobbyist or a banker, you may not like what you hear. Sorry 'bout that.)

It's called The Ubuntu Society

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Monday, March 20, 2017

Deportation is not a new thing

Most people seem to act as if Donald Trump's plan to deport hundreds of thousands of people, simply based on their heritage, is a new thing. Well, it's not. No, I'm not referring to Hitler deporting Jews 'to make Germany great again!'. No, I'm referring to J. Edgar Hoover (click) who - in a futile attempt to 'save American jobs!' deported Mexican families, just prior to The Great Depression. Did it work? Of course not! We know that now. Did we learn from it? Of course not. If there's one thing we learned from history, it's that we never learn from history.

Just imagine you're five years old. Angry men in similar boots knock at your door and forcefully take you away from your save world, your friends and your thoughts about 'being free'. The next day you wake up at a place you don't know, surrounded by people you don't know, speaking a language you're not familiar with.

Sounds unthinkable? Yet, that's exactly what the president of the Land of the Free wants.

You may think it all will not be that bad. Just consider this: many believed Hitler would not excecute his plan to eradicate Jews from the planet. Now take a speech from your 'favourite' populist and replace 'Mexicans' or 'Muslims' with 'Jews'. Now, does the speech sound familiar?

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