Thursday, July 21, 2016

What was Jesus' skincolour?

Just wondering: if Jesus would show up today, how would people react to Him? I guess it depends on the location. Over the centuries our idea of His appearance has changed. Most likely his skin was of an olive/bronze complexion, as was fairly common in the Middle East some 2000 years ago. No, there are no biblical references to His looks.

Why most of His followers think He was white?
Because most of His followers are.

Yes, Jesus was 'a foreigner'.
That's why it's so strange so many people call themselves 
'followers of Christ.'

So, what are your argumented ideas on the subject?

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Americans are getting dumber

Unfortunately it's a fact that Americans are getting dumber by the day. Children are hardly able to spell correctly, need a calculator to add up simple figures, don't know the capital of their own state, have no clue when the Second World War happened, et cetera.

So how come the USA has some of the brightest scientists in the world? HB1. In other words: most 'American' scientists are not from America but 'imported' thanks to HB1, the special visa for bright minds. The problem? They are starting to return to their home country, leaving the United States of America.

Yes, science proves it: people ARE getting dumber:

Thursday, June 23, 2016

When your child hurts you...

Words from a friend:

When your child hurts you, don't take revenge. Don't be snide, don't be sarcastic, don't put them down. Don't be cruel. 
The hurt will last a lifetime.

You are not their equal in all respects. There is no "an eye for an eye" in parenting. You are the one they look up to. We are supposed to teach them, support them, and correct them, and most of all, love them. 

Not crush them or beat them into submission, nor fight bitter feuds with them.
We are the ones that set the example. We are the ones who have the power to de-escalate whilst still teaching valuable lessons.

We are also the ones who have the power to kill the spark of joy and innocence that keeps them going.

I know a child can say things or act in ways that can stab through the deepest core of your soul. We do not retalliate. We find a way to teach them that their behaviour was wrong and hurtful.

Every child makes mistakes and every parent makes mistakes. We all lose our cool sometimes, too. We are all learning.
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