Tuesday, January 17, 2017

On racism

Racism is something from the old days! Right? Not really. It's still an everyday reality that people are treated different from others, just because they look different. Silly, really, because the colour of one's skin or the size of a nose says nothing about a person, just about his or her looks. So discriminating on those qualities is just plain stupid. Just like wishing people 'to go back where they come from!' If that wish'd come true, Africa would get very crowded:

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(In Facebook you can't see all the pictures and moving clips. So I suggest you click the original link: htttp://terrebelius.blogspot.com)

By the way:  With Trump as president, will we have nude women appear in Playboy again? Asking for a friend.

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Saturday, January 14, 2017

About God (a #ShortStory)

Proudly her mother and grandmother watched as she undressed. He had given them a seat with a good view so that they may admire their progeny.

She was passionately doing what she had waited for years to be able to do. Now that she had finally turned 18 her dream came true: she could strip!

When he saw her again it was at another party and she looked stunning. A white fur draped around her fragile shoulders and a hairdo with matching make-up that reminded one of Marilyn Monroe in her best days. Without the mole.

In passing he sniffed her scent and nearly became intoxicated. His thoughts drifted away on the music in his head which was different from what the DJ was playing.

This evening she danced for pleasure and not on stage. From his seat near the window he had a good view of her movements. They were hazy and in slow motion.

Time stopped for him and for a second he imagined himself in a time 80 years past. Times were full of hope and expectation back then. The music played on but never quite reached him for his attention was on the game he was playing.

She felt his stare and answered it with a non-fake smile. Then she returned her attention to her conversation partner.

Later that night he talked with her boyfriend about God.


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Thursday, January 12, 2017

US Cops lack target practice. But not bullets.

Police officers are always nice people who think before they shoot and their main objective is to help civilians and catch crooks, preferably without using violence. So, why are so many civilians being shot to death by cops?

'The man did not react to my orders, so I shot him.'
-'The man was deaf. And unarmed.'

A man - according to police officers - held a shotgun and possibly refused to let it go. He was shot by over half a dozen cops. 200 Times. Dozens of bullets were fired after the subject was dead. It remains to be seen if the man was guilty of anything.


So, let me guess. Police departments spend so much money on guns and bullets they have nothing more left to pay teachers to teach cops how to disarm a subject or - in the event brute force is required - to aim before they shoot so one single shot is sufficient to disable someone without killing that person.

What's your theory?