Sunday, December 28, 2003

The death of over 20,000 people in Iran doesn't begin to compare to the loss of 3000 lives
in New York. Then why does the latter have so much more impact on how things in the world change? For example: a decade ago most people in the Netherlands opposed camera-surveillance, random body-searches and the likes. All of a sudden most people approve of these actions. In a year from now you will need to have you ID on you at all times. "Ausweis bitte!" is what I hear. To farfetched? I don't think so.
Come on, people: think! Does having his passport on him prevent a guy from strangling his ex or fly a plane into a building? Does it help to know the identity of the one who killed your child? It does not bring back your child now does it? But forcing people to identify themselves at any given time does help to control the masses: you and me!
Is that really what you want or do you still give a meaning to the word "freedom"?

Last night I stood on stage juggling, whilst some guy set me ablaze. Good fun!
The past week went by fast: internet-access at home is restored, we celebrated christmas and that's it, basically. How was your week?

Saturday, December 20, 2003

The capture of Saddam Hussein is a hot item as is the trial of Michael Jackson. Of course I don't wish to compare the two. It's just that it all seems so trivial compared to the loss of a child. Even if it's only in your dreams. Last night I dreamed I had to say goodbye forever to as well Ferdinand as his sister Eva. And it still flippin' hurts! There was a panicking crowd and a bunch of security-people dragging me along.
I managed to convince them I wouldn't go unless they would allow me to kiss my children goodbye and whisper personal messages into their ears which thy could pass along to their children, might they live through the coming ordeal. Somehow I knew my son would survive and my daughter would not. Awful! I don't recommend dreams like that.

Luckily, in "real" (what's "real" anyway but a state of mind?) life Superfer is sitting next to me in the internet-café since we still don't have internet-access at home. Am working on it, though. The ADSL-modem is working fine now and I could use some tips on how to reconfigure my system (WIN98, first edition) so I can actually check my e-mail from my desk. Ideas, anyone?

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Since my internet-connection at home is failing due to an error at the side of my provider and my monitor somewhat exploded I'm letting you know from my workplace that soon you can expect another piece from my hand
in which I shall tell you about what I think will happen the next presidential elections: Will Howard Dean become the next US president and what do Americans think of a guy, running for president who opposes war? One person who thinks Howard Dean stands a chance is Al Gore who most Americans wanted to be president in stead of the one reigning the USA now: Mr. George W. Bush.

Next to trying to comprehend what's going on in the world I've been busy with my life, my kids and my friendly female neighbours and have been on stage as part of Dr. Mad's Freakshow. Ain't that cool?


Friday, November 28, 2003

When we see people in rags by the thousands on TV we send them money(in a genuine effort to help/to sooth our consience). When we see one in front of our local supermarket we send him a dirty look. Why is that?

When Googling around the world I found this poem with my name...Terrebel. Aint that kewl?

A certain American president gave a bunch of soldiers the chance to see him in real life.
Personally I could think of greater gifts. More in the line of the presents my son got for his birthday: An electronics playset from his dad, a CD-player and tuner with build-in alarm from his gran, a telescope from his neighbour Johanna, his natural mom and her boyfriend; clay and a cookbook from neighbour Angélique; ironing-beads from neighbour Janine and her boyfriend Leon; glasspaint and an origami-book from neighbour Miriam and her daughters Eva and Dayna and so on and so on.

His actual birthday (number eight) was last tuesday and we celebrated that evening with his an my mom at a local restaurant. It's the fifth time I've been there in the past year and every single time with different women. See how long I can keep that up...
Today he celebrated with his mates and sister(s).

Thursday he was free from school and we decided he could come to work with me and we had a very nice day and all the kids from my afterschool-group liked him a lot and vice versa. It will certainly happen again in the future!

By the way: have I told you how I got to met a new neighbour?
Last sunday we performed the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the start of a night filled with political discussions. Although it was nog exactly our kind of crowd we did manage to enjoy ourselves as cast as you can judge for yourselves by looking at the pictures.

Afterwards a small group went to a Gothic-bar for a last drink before hitting the sack and there it was that we got to talk to this young lady. After some chit chat we found out we were neighbours ("Luckily this place is so close to my house that I can easily walk it.""That's funny! So can I!"). Her boyfriend is co-organizing this extremeley cool event called Black Xion. With some luck I can share in part of the fun...
(Should you NOT be into Latex, Rubber, Gothic, Fetish, Kinky, Medieval, Occult or Vampyre than please don't click the link!)

Friday, November 21, 2003

Gene Anthony Ray, aka Leroy Johnson of "Fame" is no more. He died at the young age of 41. However awful that is, it's nothing compared to what's happening in Istanbul.
Did you also notice that the bombings in Istanbul started the day Bush and Blair got together to find more excuses to continue their "war on terror? Call it coincidence but I find it hard to believe that Al-Qaida deliberately gives them an excuse to spend even more money on weaponry than on, for instance healthcare or education...

The other week I let you know I did this flick for Flemish Television on fairground "The Efteling". One of my colleagues there was this lovely young lady. (18+!)
Have I already told you what a lucky guy I am?
It looks like my contract is gonna be expanded: from three days a week I will be officially working five days a week, starting january. Ain't that something?
Since there's an other afterschool that badly wants me to work for them the one I'm working for now has offered me this opportunity. Who am I to turn them down?

Last night's Pencak Silat training left me with aching muscles. Muscles I never suspected the existence of. Maybe I should do my Pilates excercises again in stead of just thinking about pickin' it up again. Not the fake Winsor Pilates they now advertise through Telsell but the real stuff.
Preferably tohether with my neighbour Angélique...

Monday, November 17, 2003

Pictures of our Rocky Horror performance in Utrecht last Halloween or now on-line. Especially after having seen the video yesterday I think ordering one of those Winsor Pilates instruction videos won't do me any harm...

This coming sunday we will perform in Amsterdam. Let's wait to see if my week's training will pay off.

Here's the most populair search-strings in Google from the past month:
1. eminem;

2. orlando bloom;

3. christina aguilera;

4. ryanair;

5. spongebob;

6. shin chan;

7. jennifer lopez;

8. beyonce;

9. ajax;

10. 2pac;

I can understand them all being populair but ryanair and beyonce in the worldwide top ten of most populair searchrequests? That's like trying to understand people who think the Bush family is the best thing ever given to mankind!
Impossible to comprehend.

As some of you might have noticed: the Iraqi Bodycount is now part of this site. Although there seems to be some diffuculties with showing the whole of the banner.
The number of dead Iraqi civilians is going up as we breath for mr. George W. Bush and his business-partners have decided to bomb Tigrit, the birthplace of Sadam Hussein.
Tigrit is also the place the Americans had conquered on april 14th 2003.

That's fantastic! If the town is already in your hands and you bomb in anyway, who's gonna shoot back? Those few thousand civilians? I don't think so.
They should be grateful. Thanks to the US they can speak their mind. As long as they agree with the WhiteHouse policies that is. And thanks to the US of A they've got lots of spare time since the buildings they used to work in have all been blown to smithereens. And thanks to the fact that the waterpipelines are still not repaired (after the oilpipelines were fixed one day after the so called end of the war "they" had run out of money. Or so they claim) all kind of deceases that had been banned for decades are cutting down the number of children growing up with horror stories about some evil dictator who oppressed you by not letting you think freely.
Luckily the megalomanic idiot in control of weapons of mass destruction no longer rules the country. Or does he?

"We did the Iraqi people a great favor by removing him, and so I wouldn't be surprised that any kind of violence is promoted by him, but I don't know," Bush said in an interview with David Frost for PBS-BBC's "Breakfast with David Frost."

Friday, November 14, 2003

This coming weekend most Dutch kids of eight years old and younger will sense the excitement that comes with the coming of Sinterklaas.
Originally the guy was called Saint Nicholas and historically he was a bishop who did a lot of good expecially for sailors, merchants and children. Hence the Dutch fascination with the character. He served as a patron for the sailors in the "golden" 17th century and as protector of merchants in far away market-places. He also served as a boogyman for our kids. The Americans stole the idea, gave him a lot of extra weight, the eyes of a Mongol, the smile of a retard and a bottle of Coca Cola and renamed him Santa Claus. The b*st*rds!

Past week was again funfilled: my son's school held a bookmarket in favour of their library and I managed to get my hands on some of the masterpieces ever let loose on this world. Books on transfigurism, history, sex and a physical handicap and more beauties. Also I think I might have found a new employer next to the one that already has me on the payroll. It looks like I've been given the role of financial advisor for foundation "The Illuseum", an interactive museum near my home that also serves as a meeting place for local artists, a podium for performance artists and as gallery for photographers, painters, sculpters and the likes.
Should you ever be in the area...

A new problem has risen and thusfar no one has come up with a satisfiying solution.
What to do if Mom finds out about blog?

Thursday, November 06, 2003

Why did the Americans invade Iraq? Why have the repaired the oil-pipelines and do the people in Baghdad still don't have clean water? Why did Bush declare the war has ended on may first? Why didn't they move out then? Why does the Bush administration keep lying about the presence of weapons of mass destruction? Questions like these and some of the possible answers you'll find on "Aboutthewar" and Stratfor. Check it!

You must give him credit for his sense of humour:"Whatever it was, I didn't do it!" so Prince Charles proclaimed. The question now is: if he did not do it why does he feel the need to deny?

Sunday, November 02, 2003

Some people might consider me to be a very lucky guy: I get to do all these very neat things and get paid to do them!

Let me explain: Tuesday rehearsals for the Rocky Horror Picture Show went so smoothly that I got to be at the train station in time so I got to share a luxurious hotel-room with a very nice young woman whom I'd never seen before. The next morning we were standing in front of the camera's for the shooting of an edition of The Storyteller for Flemish television.

Fridaynight the CastRatedGood performed at a stage in Utrecht and reactions were overwhelming. The next day I was at home in time to have a bite to eat, shower and be on my way to Groningen for Fucques Les Balles, an outcry of extravaganza aka fetish-party organized by well-renowned photographer Erwin Olaf.
It was actually my job to go mudwrestling! So, for doing a 10 minute act I got to dance with zillions of very lovely people (including the most recent ex of my first ex), walk the catwalk in my undies and see and hear some very famous DJ's at work.

This morning I got home at nine and was expected at my mom's place at ten where I got after a quick shower and a tramride. She, my son, auntie and I went to visit my brother's family in their new home and had a very enjoyable afternoon.

In order to catch up on some sleep I decided to cancel my cardclub for tonight...

One would almost forget about some of the more rotten things going on in this world.
Like Donald Rumsfeld claiming that the killing of fifteen US-soldiers at once is just one of those things that just happens when you are at war. Hereby simply ignoring the fact that George W Bush declared the war against Iraq ended on may first.

Michael Moore has some other fun things to say in that line of humor in his latest book:
"Dude, where's my country?" Check it.

Friday, October 24, 2003

Do I look like a bank?

Don't think so. My monthly income hovers around 920 euro's. That's including child-benefit, single-parent tax return and the odd job. The total amount a month I pay for rent, electric, phone, insurances, healthplan, school, my kids' future studies and the likes comes down to 740 euro's a month. Should I on top of that all pay the 150 euro's a month for my daughter that would leave me with about 30 euro's a month for me and my son to live from. That's 1 euro (or 95 dollarcents or 67 pence) a day.

An other ex and neighbour asked me if I could lend her and her boyfriend 20 euro's for catfood.
Sure! When hell freezes over that is...

That's probably the same thing George W thinks when people talk about lifting the embargo on Cuba. Of course the fact that 800,000 of his voters want Castro out of Cuba has nothing to do with it. Nor the fact that his brother Jeb needs those votes to get re-elected as governor of Florida.
Sure. And the US president actually wants the world to become a nicer place.

She sees me as her protector. I'd love to hold her and keep away all the evils in the world. Can't do that. What I can do is teach her that with her sweetness she can make this world a better place.

I love working with kids.

This past week we've been practising very hard for our Halloween-performance.
It started as soon as I returned from out holiday. I barely had time to go passed my house to collect my heels! Monday we did some bed-scenes at my place and wednesday there was another genereal rehearsal. I also had to work, my son had his karate and I skipped Pencak Silat to save energy for this coming week.
Next to that I got asked by Erwin Olaf to mud-wrestle the night after we've done the Timewarp on an Utrecht-stage. In Groningen.

Monday, October 20, 2003

Strange innit? That at times you can love your kid so much that it actually physically hurts. That faint smile with trembling underlip when he said goodbye to his "uncle Vike" at he Grove Park cemetery. That undiluted fun he had when he discovered the guy selling us a souvenir
was German and spoke Dutch. That hand squeezing mine with excitement as we cued up for The London Eye. Playing Air Hockey with his dad in an arcade at the Mumbles Pier. Sitting on a park bench, sharing a bag of Hula Hoops. Nibbling roasted peanuts we bought from a lady straight out of a Dickens book. Playing catch with his newfound friend Daniel: taking turns in shooting and catching a crossbow-dart. Ferdinand talked to him in Dutch, Daniel answered in signs. Only on occasion the boy's mom and I where asked to translate a question. At what moment in our lifes do we loose the ability to communicate? When do we forget how to have fun?

Mother Teresa has been beatified. To me a sure sign that the Pope will soon follow his predesessors and leave my beloved planet in his current form.
Not sure if his decision is the correct one, though. Of course she did do a lot for the poor and the suffering. On the other hand: "Love thy neighbour as thy love thyself" she didn't put in practise: If you were not a catholic she would hardly speak to you. Let alone help you. How's that for an almost-saint? Don't get me wrong: it's great what she's done in her life but IMHO your're wrong if you ask something back for your help
even if it's just expecting others to pray to your favourite god.

On the other hand I know this lady who's raising 47 children all by herself.
Their biological parents are either junkies, dead or have otherwise deserted their children. She feeds them, clothes them, makes sure they go to school, teaches them to take care of themselves and eachother. She swears and drinks but is not abusive.
She gives them a chance. Should she go to hell because she's not a catholic?
Come on! Jesus drank and I'll bet a couple of curses left Moses' lips when he dropped one of the stone tables to leave the world with ten commandments in stead of fifteen...

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Am in London right now and (as you will have figured out for yourselves) haven't found/made the time to update this weblog.

So..sue me!

Will be going to Swansea for a few days, then back to England and back to Amsterdam.

Amongst other things neighbour Janine and I did a performance act in Medusa. She played the mythic namegiver and I was allowed to be her slave....

The night before Thura and I spent at Ruigoord, an artist freehaven just outside the great city of Amsterdam.
Tell you more later 'cause I'm late as it is for my appointment at a cemetery...

(Yes, with a dead person)

Friday, October 03, 2003

Mabel Wisse Smit, fiancee to Johan Friso, our crown prince's brother apparently had some kind of relationship with Klaas Bruinsma. He was the country's leading criminal.
Until his violent death in 1989 that is. Until recently she was in state of denial but Peter R. de Vries, host of a crime-investigation TV-show, found out she had stayed on Mr. Bruinsma's yacht on several occassions. He never allowed anyone on it who wasn't either a bodyguard, lover or close personal friend so she must have been one of those three.
Of course: everyone lies on occassion. Yes, my dear readers, even self-proclaimed saint and Christian George W. Bush. Who, by the way is gonna win the 2004 presidential elections according to this article.
In short: all four companies producing the ballot-machines being used are in the hands of his relatives or friends...

By the way: ever read "Into the Buzzsaw"?

Saturday the house got done. I cleaned the garden, vacuumed the bedroom, changed the sheets, mopped the kitchen...and all this while my son was having a good time at his friend Pjotr's birthday. He's the son of ex number three: Zanne. After I picked him up we went straight down to the opening of Erwin Olaf's latest exbibition called "Seperation". Thanks to Thura and Shirley, the photographer's personal assistent we got in. There we also met Sharon and her husband and I think I also fell in love on the spot. I can tell 'cause I didn't know what to say when I introduced myself to the lady in question: Michou. I gave her my card. See what happens...

Sunday neighbour Johanna came to see her son and Ferdinand joined me at the rehearsels. For the first time in years he saw his dad wearing high heals proclaiming:"I feel sexy". That evening only Bas showed up to play cards.
A few minutes after he had gone neighbour Angèlique came for tea and a chat.

Monday after an interesting dream I took my son to school. On my return neighbour A joined me for breakfast. She was followed
by neighbour Petra with whom I had a nice talk and a cup of tea. That evening I had time to read while my son had his weekly karate-lesson and started in Foucoult's Pendulum by Umberto Eco. Try it!

Tuesday I had a very nice day at work and the commercial of Verkade-cookies featuring yours truly was first aired. After a few years I renewed the contact with Magda from Magical Pictures.

Wednesday one of the children at work celebrated her tenth birthday with very nice cookies and I had put together a birthday-calender that needed to be finished by the kids themselves.

Thursday in the morning I'd done some work for my son's school's first annual bookmarket. Good fun to see all thos old books like catholic shoolgirls etiquete-books from the 1930's and a course in how to make Eskimo-wants...;-)
Friday luckily my colleague Jennifer let me go home half an hour earlier so my son and I were only an hour late for Noah's (Thura's son) birthday.
Good fun seeing a few familiar faces and on top of that I got a bit drunk.
*Just a bit drunk and just enough...)

Friday, September 26, 2003

This week Robert Palmer died. You know, the guy who got really famous
with the song "Addicted to Love" (or should I say the video carrying the same title featuring a few extremely tall women obviously firm believers of freedom for all breasts?)

27 Israeli reserve pilots proclaimed
to be against bombings that involve killing innocent civilians as a "side-affect" of exterminating Palestinian leaders. Way to go guys!

Amina Lawal's death sentence has been quashed by a Nigerian tribunal.

I guess Amnesty would call their petition a success.
Where do we sign petitions against child-abuse, hypocrasy, blackmail
and lying politicians?

Yousef Lee, an army chaplain got arrested because he was carrying lists of Guantanamo Bay detainees and a blueprint of the area. I wonder why the American government doesn't want the world to know who they're holding captive and what the camps look like. Why be so secretive about those facts?

Saturday in the afternoon 25,000 people, including yours truly marched against the governments new plans. Basically they will cut on everything except for their own wages and weaponry to fight an as yet unknown enemy. Hope we send them a signal and won't have to resolve to tougher means of protesting...

In the evening neighbour Angèlique and I set off to Groningen for the opening of an exposition of the world renowned photographer Erwin Olaf. We had champagne on the chartered touringcar and all! Got home around four that night...

Sunday after a mere few hours of sleep it was time to do the Timewarp again at the rehearsals that now take place weekly 'cause the time for our big performance is nearing.

Monday Thura and her son Noah paid me a surprise visit.
They can do so anytime! Ferdinand was doing great again at karate. He only needs to realize that it's not only about avoiding and blocking but you also need to attack occasionally...

Tuesday marked the start of my new place of work. I'm now officially an afterschool-teacher at a school in a range of five minutes walk from my former employer and from my attorney. So I can have lunch with either an ex-colleague or the guy who has his hands full with two of my exes! In the evening neighbour Johanna came to wish her son goodnight.

Wednesday one of "my" kids told me he recognized me from the recent summercamp. It's a small world...My colleague grew up in South-Africa and since a teacher of mine had studied there I picked up a few words of the language.
Check out this lovely phrase:"Ek is baie bly." 10 Points for your house if you know what it means!

Thursday my son went home after school with his best friend Maurits so again he didn't have to cross the street all by himself. I'm afraid there will be no escape for him next week. Since I work till afterschool is closed I won't be able to pick him up. Therefore we got him his own key and trust that he will be fine by himself for half an hour. For that sole purpose I got myself a second hand mobile (or cellphone or "handy" as they call the things in germ-an).
It became apparent that I needed to workout again so I went to my Pencak-class.
Another good reason for going was seeing a certain fellow classmate again.
No, I'm not referring to neighbour Angèlique who takes the same class...
The sweat hadn't completely dried up yet when I visited my neighbours Leon and

Friday my mom and I went downtown and she bought me some genuine Olaf Benz shorts. Isn't that nice? Just like last week nobody was there when I came to neighbour Miriam's place to pick up my daughter for the weekend.
Better luck next time. I guess...:-(

Friday, September 19, 2003

With all the commotion surrounding the death of Johnny Cash people seemed to have forgotten about John Ritter.
The story of his life, basically. He was never outstanding (as in: he never really stood out) but he was always there: reliable, funny, thrustworthy. May he get a nice leading part on the other side...

Saturday it was time for my annual birthday-bash. I'm 36 years of age now. I took it easy, inviting just a bit over a dozen friends.
Officially closing in on the big "four o"...

Sunday it was my birthday officially. My son, my best friend and me went for a swim to get the cobwebs out of our system and in the afternoon neighbour Miriam came to visit and brought along her daughters Eva and Dayna.
In the evening the weekly game of Magic: the gathering took place.

Monday I forgot to take my son to his karate-club. Guess after the school-holidays routine hasn't quite set in yet.

Tuesday neighbour A provided lunch as well as dinner. As I has to work till six my mom picked up my son from afterschool. Just before my son's bedtime neighbour J
came by to do the honors. You know: helping him with a computer-game, getting him to brush his teeth , reading him a bedtime story and tucking him in.
All and all a pleasurable day.

Wednesday my son and I went to a hospital in Utrecht to look up on Daniëlle, a friend
who just underwent major surgery. Luckily it all went well.

Thursday I decided to skip Pencak since I was still short of air due to a cold.

Friday my aunt Mary asked me to take our American relative Jane to the Albert Cuypmarket.
She bought me a cup of coffee and we had a really nice chat.

Coming weekend is going to to be full of interesting things to do.
I'll keep you posted!

Friday, September 12, 2003

A friend sent me this link.
Anyone know it's for real?

In reaction to a free download site that when you actually
start to download something, asks for money I wrote the following


Perhaps you have missed the point of freeware.
Freeware means that you don't have to pay for it:
In other words: it's free.

As you also state on your homepage:
(and I quote) 'everything for free!'

May I suggest you stop calling it free either really
make it possible for people to get the software for free.

People are not happy if you tell them lies.

Thank you.


Now let's see what happens...
Running with fever I had an interesting dream:

Let me know how you would analyze it...

Saturday it was time for the annual weblogmeeting. It felt a bit odd to go on a blind date with
92 people but I had fun nonetheless.

Sunday it was time again to rehearse with the others of the CastratedGood to do The Rocky Horror Picture Show this Halloween. After rehearsals I saw the band of a friend of mine play: Paxy Dragon. Thura was there as well and she was considering to hire them for a party in pop-temple Paradiso soon.

Monday I got asked to help set-up a circusfestival in Croatia coming summer and Ferdinand's karate-season had started.

Tuesday it was the first day in my new job as an afterschool-teacher. I actually managed to make a few kids look the way they wanted to look with the available paint. Even their parents recognized in them a pirate,
a butterfly, a tiger, a ladybug and an alien princess. I was ever so proud!

Wednesday my son and I had a nice afternoon with neighbour Johanna, his natural mom.
Strolling down the market, having lunch at McDonalds. You get the idea: normal family-stuff.
Later that afternoon Fer and I went over to Thura's housebout where we had pancakes.
Ferd watched Shrek with Thura's son Noah while she was giving me a healthy massage...

Thursday I spend most of the day with neighbour Angèlique: doing groceries, having tea, having coffee, taking her out to dinner. as a late birthday-prezzie. Later that evening when I answered the door-bell
I saw a face from long ago: Peter from a poetry-club I used to be involved in. Turns out his best mate (whom had come along) knows neighbour Petra. Hence they decided to have a cup of tea at my place. Talking 'bout good times
and Wendy...;-)

Friday my dear neighbour Angèlique brought my son to school 'cause she figured I needed
to sleep in since I had come down with the flu.
Thanks, love!

Friday, September 05, 2003

The whole week I had something extra to do: feeding neighbour Miriam's cats.
Hence my clogged-up nose and watery eyes since I had once developed
an allergy towards cats...

Of course they are absolutely (in their) right to do so
but personally I wouldn't go as far as at least these people did.

What's the issue here?
Well, Dell says you can't press a single key on their laptop before
you've agreed to their terms and conditions. On the initial screen it says
that as soon any of the software that comes with the package is nog longer
sealed they are not responsble anymore for anything that might go wrong.
The thing is: in order to find the license-agrement you need to unseal
all the stuff in the box to see if it's there and the screen also says
that by unsealing any piece of software you automatically agree
to the terms and conditions.

Does this make any sense? Just click the above link and read the whole
story. Unless you've got better things to do that is.

Here's a nice one for all the paranoid people out there:
"Oh, my God! They killed Kelly!"

Saturday my friend Thura came by to pick up her kid and thank me for babysiting.
I dragged my son along to a Rocky Horror Club board-meeting:
We get to play on Halloween! Full show, no compromises and we will receive full payment!
So if you happen to be in Utrecht on october 31st come and see us perform
in "Stairway to heaven".

Sunday most of my day was spend on location for the making of a TV-commercial that
will be aired from october first onwards.

Monday I woke up with a rhytmic poem in my head, once taught to us by my English
teacher:"I hold your hand in mine, dear"

by Tom Lehrer. Highly amusing.
September first is also my mom's birthday. Happy birthday mom! Love'ya!
My son and I had spend the night at her place so we could fix her breakfast the morning of her birthday.

Tuesday I got myself hired as an afterschool-teacher! Me very happy yes!
I will be working on call-up base as an substitute at any of the dozen or so branches they got.
My son spend the night at my mom's since there was a big party-meeting.
Soon it will be "Prinsjesdag": official opening of the new governmental season.
Since those in power are cutting down on everything except their own wages
and instruments of war, the Dutch Socialist Party has got some actions
planned so be warned!

Wednesday I felt to ill to go to the dentist so instead I spend the day
chatting with neighbour Petra, drinking coffee and doing Pilates-exercises
with neighbour Angèlique and doing some stuff that just needs to be done
occasionaly. You know, like ironing, hangin' up a new dishdrip-rack
and some necessary paperwork. E.i. paying some late bills.
I also got this link in my mail-box. Please don't click it if you like
George W. Bush!

In the news today: The asteroid that goes by the name of "2003 QQ47"
just might hit the earth in 2014. Well, to be a bit more accurate
there is a 99.99995500% chance the asteroid will miss the Earth.
But still...

Thursday marked the start of the new Pencak Silat season. Our trainers weren't too tough on us because of the recent
reces which was of course awfully nice of them. The next day, despite their efforts, I still woke up with aching muscles
in my thighs and shoulders. Guess it's all part of life to suffer a little pain every now and then.
In the afternoon my son's friend Maurits had come to play. A very nice young lad with a warm charming smile, just like his mom.

Friday most of my day I spend in the company of Daniëlle, a friend from Spijkenisse.
Mariann from Wimbledon let me know that my son and I can spend the night at her and her boyfriends house
at the start of our tour through Britain this october. Thanks, love!

After dinner I took my son over to his Aunt Mary's place to spend the weekend.
Next week I'll let you know how my weekend was. Hope you'll enjoy yours!

Saturday, August 30, 2003

According to The Gender Genie I'm a female writer.
Well, guess again...

You can of course spend your days by standing by the bike lane
in morning rush-hour and watch the buns go by or do something with your life
that makes you feel a bit more useful. Although option number one
is rather appealing, I've chosen to see what's behind door number two.

Saturday I got to work at Mysteryland, one of these major dance-events. Handing out chewing-gum
and basically just enjoying and behaving myself...

Sunday there was a Rocky Horror Cast rehearsal-meeting at a new hide-out. Turns out it's also the place where some red activists congregate, whom I just happen to know...

Monday it was time for an enjoyable morning with Thura and it was the day I broke through the magic barrier of 10.000 hits on my Dutch weblog!

Tuesday the people form the local unemployment-agency barely resisted to smile when I told them about an upcoming job-interview. It does look pretty serious now, so I'm a bit nervous.

Wednesday in the morning I was able to help my friend Pieter who was experiencing some difficulties with some software and tax-forms and the likes. In the evening I took my son and cast-member Marije (who plays Janet) out for dinner. I had to endure some winks and small "funny" remarks from the personel as it turned out to be my third visit to the same restaurant within a month. All three with a different lady.

Thursday my son and I were invited to have dinner at Zanne's place, an Amsterdam vj who happens to also be an ex of mine. Her son and mine are approximately the same age and get along real well. She also has a very nice boyfriend, Remco. Dinner was great and so was seeing them after quite some time.

Friday my daughter Eva decided to have her afternoon-nap at my place which gave her mother, neighbour Miriam, some time to pack for their holiday that starts tomorrow. This evening my son and I had chips and "kroket" at Pieter and Berend's place. Berend used to be in Fer's class and they are both easy in making friends.
When we got home Thura and her son Noah were already there.
Lucky me gets to babysit two and a half year old Noah for two nights in a row!
Naturally several neigbours had come by to make my life a little less misarable:
Neighbour Angèlique for tea and Pilates-exercises and neighbour Janine for Rosé and our performance in a Gothic underground nightclub, scheduled for november of this year.

I'm lucky! You're lucky! We're all lucky! Har har har har!

Friday, August 22, 2003

"In a two-part ballot, voters will be asked
whether Davis should be recalled and if so,
who should replace him as governor. Davis' name will not be listed
among the possible replacement candidates."

Are Americans really that stupid that above statement needs to be made?
For those who never heard of the term "Governator":
Above is an excerpt from an article about California's upcoming
elections concerning the question if and if so who should replace
mr. Davis as governor as this state, seven times larger than The Netherlands.
Surf to and wait till it's 11:52.
Don't be surprised to see me and my son holding up toilet-roles to tell you the time...
Both radical groups Jihad and Hamas claim to have slaughtered yet another
busload full of innocent people. As if it's something to be proud of...
Since we will be going to England in october my son is learning English.
Of course I teach him the occassional word but most he picks up
from watching "Fimbles" on CBBC before he goes to school.

Since part of our stay will be in Wales for a moment I thought
of learning (and eventually teaching a bit of) Welsh.
Until I saw the Fimbles-website in Welsh that is...

The Policy:

1. will not give out your name, residence address, or e-mail address to any third parties without your permission,
for any reason, at any time, ever.

NOT! A Dutch guy who got in trouble with the law got busted because the people from this company handed his data over to the FBI who were asked by the Dutch police to help them nail a guy who poisened Campina-deserts in order to get them to pay him 200,000 euro for stopping to do so. Rightfully so I may ad.
It's official now: Privacy-regulations only exist in a now extinct part of human history.

Saturday I went swimming with my friend Daniëlle, Deborah (a friend of hers from Spijkenisse), my son Ferdinand, his sister Eva and her sister Dayna and their mom, neighbour Miriam. At the poolside we were joined by my mate Erwin and we had a great time!
Sunday my guest and friend Daniëlle, my mate Erwin (who had stayed for the night), me, my son and his mom, neighbour Johanna went to Vondelpark to enjoy the last bits of summer.
Monday was the day it came apparant that at least a few American soldiers need (new) glasses since they weren't able to distinghuish a filmcamera from a rocketlauncher, thus killing a Reuter's cameraman.
I managed to get a hold of my lawyer to tell him the good news about Ferdinand getting his own passport.
Tuesday saw the birth of a new philosophy: Terrebelism. Terrebelism is a form of positivism
that uses extreme examples form everyday-situations to bring across the point that every single thing should
be regarded in the best positive way. I helped a friend with his computer and gave him some support in respect to the custody-battle he is involved in.
Neigbour Angèlique came by for a chat and later that night also Leon, neighbour Janine's boyfriend made an appearance and returned the mayonaise-botte he had borrowed the day before.
Wednesday I went shopping with my friend Thura. Marije, my new Janet (Brad's counterpart in The Rocky Horror Picture Show) came for dinner and stayed for our first rehearsal as a new team.
Soon there'll be another performance by the CastRatedGood, the official Dutch Rocky Horror shadow-cast.
Thursday I finished helping my friend with his computer and the Americans captured Ali Hassan al-Majid, aka Chemical Ali. It struck me as a bit odd since a couple of months ago he was killed by the Brits "with 99 percent certainty". Guess they were wrong. Or lying. Again.
Friday I got asked to play a part in the upcoming feature-film "Floris". It is based on the immensely populair seventies-series baring the same name. It then starred Rutger Hauer as this Dutch version of Ivanhoe (remember the very young Roger Moore?). Now the title-role is played by some populair soap-actor called Michiel Huisman.
His female counterpart will be played by Birgit Schuurman, sister of (former?) MTV-vj Katja Schuurman.
Since I've got all sorts of things planned for a hectic weekend I'm off for an early night.

Friday, August 15, 2003

Recently a relative of mine found out some more interesting details
about our families genealogy.
There's a distinct posibility that we descend from a Transylvanian family.
Explains a lot for me...
A close friend pointed out to me that I should stop looking for "The One"
and go for "second best".
I know he's right and only one can be the one and therefore all the others
are second best. But still.
Just read an article about Guantanamo Bay by Ted Conover. You wreckon
American citizens are told what's going on in this from Cuba rented piece
of land? A serious infringement on human rights. That's what's going on.
Fridaynight I went to the pub with my best friend.
Saturday my son and I went swimming with my cardclub-friend Bas and his wife Elsa.
Afterwards we had dinner at my moms where also my brother had come with his family.
Sunday there was a CastratedGood-meeting. Later that day I went to pick up my son
from his gran so I could take him to the little piece of paradise
occupied by my friend Carmen and her boy-friend.
Monday was my son's first schoolday after the summer holidays.
Whils most kids sat in the classroom a bit gloomfully Ferdinand seemed
happy and chatting away. I'm a lucky parent with a kid who doesn't mind school. Yet.
In stead of going to Schiphol-Airpot to pick up my friend Daniëlle, returning from her stay in
the States, I helped out a friend with his computer and some problems
he got involved in with his ex.
That evening neighbour Angèlique read to me almost the complete book
by Sándor Márai called Gloed while she gave me a Thai massage so I had
to explain to a friend I had on the phone why I was producing
such explicit sounds...;-)
Tuesday neighbour Johanna (my son's mom) came looking for the keys she thought she had left with me.
Aparrently they weren't at her boyfriend's, neighbour Dudo.
My friend Thura came for dinner and we on our search we found this jewel of a Italian
takeaway less than five minutes walk from my place! Excellent food and cheap too!
Before we could put on the rental "Die Blechtrommel" after a novel by Günter Grass, neighbour
Janine came for a little chat. She and Thura get along just fine and I get along
with both so that was rather nice.
Wednesday turned out to be a nice quiet day so I finally found time
to do some back-paperwork'n stuff.
Thursday my son made me breakfast and after taking him to school I finished
working on my friend Pieter's computer. When I got home I found
neighbour Angèlique behind my ironing-board. She was touching up her make-up with
some of my eyeliner and nailpolish when neighbour Petra came by
to thank me for some help I offered her the other day.
Later that night Erwin aka Axl came for coffee and neighbour Miriam
asked me to babysit her daughters. Later that night also neighbour
Angèlique came to visit and Erwin decided to stay for the night.

Friday was the day the news about "the Big Blackout" also hit our country faster
than you can say "It is not a terrorist attack."
The North-East region of the USA and a part of Canada is covered in darkness.
In New York, Detroit, Ottawa and several other cities there will
be a major baby-boom expected to arrive in april 2004. An unprecedented
power outage is causin' people to get really really bored.
And what do people do when it's dark and they cannot work, watch tv
or read a book?
I took my mom shopping for shoes and got myself some new underwear,
enyoing the seemingly everlasting sales.
Meanwhile waiting for my friend Daniëlle to arrive who will be staying
the weekend and might be joined by a friend of hers.
With some luck also my daughter Eva will be spending the weekend at her dad's.
Those of you who are a bit opposed above "telegram-style" of writing
and/or like to know more than just these basic facts can Learn Dutch
and read my Dutch Weblog.

Friday, August 08, 2003

Every now and then you can't help to frown by looking at the search-requests
by which people find your site. My Dutch blog is often found by people
who type the search-string "female neighbours voyeurism". Don't ask...
There is a site nowedays where you can post such unusual searches.
And how'about knowing how many countries have been bombed by the USA-government
since WWII?
Is there anybody interested why the IMF changed the description
for "bankruptcy" in order to prevent having to call America bankrupt?
Elections are coming up and Al Gore has thrown the first mudball.
He says he won't be running for the presidency but I'll have to see it
to believe it.
Well, my daughter did spend the weekend at my place, I'm pleased to inform you
and we had a ball! Fun and laughter all'round...
Monday I went down to Thura's houseboat to help her with her son and
household-thingies. She is suffering from a back-injury and can't do much
that involves bending and lifting. Which pretty much excludes anything
she can do. The poor lass.
She'll be fine though. She's tough.
Tuesday Ferdinand and I went to Ghent, Belgium, on invitation of Marjan
and her son Matthijs. Really great to be in a country where courtesy
is a virtue, not a curse...
We saw a few castles, ice-cream parlors and other neat things such
as an almost Kafka'esk display of a Dalmatian (one of those white dogs with black spots,
for those with less canine knowledge than my goldfish) running around loose, wearing
a black necktie.
Wednesday-evening we had returned home from my son's first trip abroad
since het got his own passport.
Thursday he went for a casting. It was for a commercial for a Dutch
cleaning-company. Let's wait to see if they pick him or not.
Should be fun, my son on telly.
I know he's looking forward to it.
And besides: the money is welcome too, since he's saving for a new bike.
Friday (today that is) I'll be helping a friend with his computer
and my favorite political party with unloading a new stack
of anti-government leaflets.
Like to know what else's on my mind? Check the dream-section of my regular website.
Enjoy yourselves!

Friday, August 01, 2003

That was fun! Started with doing my make-up at Thura's where I also saw her
son Noah, his father Jurre, the latter's sister Hinde as well as their friend
Marcus. Their houseboat is on the edge of the Amsterdam Red Light District
so with walking towards the tramstop, leaving the boat, I passed the working ladies as well as the boys'n girls being on their stag-night
and I also saw a few of the more...colourful people this great city has to offer.
At Medusa I soon got to meet Agnes, with whom I'd been in touch
over the performance due to be held at that particular venue.
Together with neighbours Janine and Miriam (who also happens to be my daughters mom)
we will bring a performance to the lovely audience in the gothic-club
situated in Amsterdam-East. So my visit wasn't totally for my personal enjoyment but also
to check the lair so to speak.
Agnes didn't seem at all surprised to see that the barlady, Lucia, and I were already
acquainted. Not entirely to my surprise I saw Yvet there.
A friend from the time I lived in that area of town.
I was young, she was even younger and Yvet and Vincent were a few of our regular guests.
Vincent, whom today I meet (like every sunday-evening) for our "Magic The Gathering" card-game, was also at Medusa
last saturday. So was Guillaume, who happens to be not only a friend of Vincent's but also
of Marian, who is a fellow board-member of the Dutch Rocky Horror Club.
We exchanged numbers for he will be making me a nice leather skirt one of these days.
To give you an idea of Medusa: it is a former lasertag-labyrinth, transformed ("trancended" might be a better description) into a club.
Quit dark, just as its monthly inhabitants. They play music with
titles like "I've never been so constipated in my life" and it can be
difficult to distinguish the guys from the girls 'cause they are both seen
wearing dresses. Mind you: I've seen some prime examples of the better
halve of the human species. Blimey!
Had a bit difficulty walking home in a straight line.
It might have had to do with the beer, the vodka and the absinth.
First taste of the stuff i've had since last halloween.
And where else would you find a club where total strangers help a guy up in his
wheelchair so he can have a rockin' good time too?
A very friendly environment to be in, if you ask me.
No matter the dark clothes and the matching make-up:
It's still the inside that counts...
Suppose the article about the 2002 elections is true,
what would that mean to the voters?
Sit back, relax, wait and see...
How many of you ever heard of the United Fruit Company (later Chiquita)
and its involvment in (amongst other things) the Cuba-situation?
Read, wheep and think. Please. And don't forget to check out Misleader...
The past week saw me at a meeting of the Dutch Socialist party, nice surprises in the form of a present from my neighbour Angèlique, an unexpected e-mail from a young lady who was once known as Wondrous and tours Britain as (assistent?) Company Manager, a card send to me from America by my friend Daniëlle and a visit from my friend Marjan and her son Matthijs.
One of my exes (and still friend) Zanne will be one of the VJ's at the closing-party of this weekend's Gay Pride event.
Don't know yet whether I'll be able to attend or not. We'll see...
It all depends a bit on the fact if my daughter, Eva will be spending the weekend at my place or not.

Friday, July 25, 2003

Learn Dutch!

Especially for those who like to keep track of my life but are unwilling (and/or) uncapable of learning Dutch, I decided
to keep you posted through a weekly weblog-entry.
Mere days ago I posted my first attempt at writing an entry in English. It was much appreciated.
Best news of the day was that the son of a Welsh friend of mine became the only deaf child in the history of education in Wales to complete his infant level schooling at a normal primary. Three cheers for Hotlips and Daniel!
Further news from the past week...My son's biological mom finally decided to put her signature under the piece of paper
that will allow me to take him abroad. Coming monday we will pick up his own passport! On the same day as she signed
my daughter came by my place and told her mom (another one of my neighbours, just as my son's mom is) she preferred staying with me for the day. For me that felt a bit like a victory since it had been two months since I last had her in my house...To cut this short: Once I'm Pasja of this great city of Amsterdam I will proclaim the 21st of july to be a national holiday...
Me and my son had a quiet week this week (except for the above that is). We went swimming, went to the park. Just being lazy in general, really. Of course our neighbour Angèlique came for tea several times and I got more acquainted
with new neighbour Vanessa. For now I'll settle down in front of the tube with the rental "Betty Blue" rather than attending the birthday-party of a summercamp colleague. Sleep in tommorow for my friend Thura will dress me up for my first real outing in months: An underground Gothic-party at this place called Medusa. Check'ya later!