Friday, March 26, 2004

Let's erect a "security-wall" around the Houses of Parliament!" After two activists climbed the fences and evaded security to eventually climb Big Ben and roll out a banner,
talk is now to raise a wall around the area of 4.6 meters high. This action should withold terrorists from blowing things up within the perimeter. Apparently when there's a wall, you can't apply for a job as cleaner at a local temp-agency and enter the gate with a legal security-pass. Nor will it be possible to hi-jack a Boing 747 and fly the thing into the bell-tower. Duh!
Let's build a wall around the planet to prevent terrorists from outer space from landing on it!

Last weekend our Queen mom died on the blessed age of 94. The past year she had no recollection of her loved ones whatsoever. She died in peace and what can you want more? She refused to be referred to as "majesty".

My son and I went to the fairground, in this part of the world known as "kermis".
They had a ferris-wheel, a ghosthouse, a rollercoaster and loads of other need rides and stuff. Great fun!

Friday was the last day for colleague Jennifer who has gone on pregnancy-leave
whilst Blair goes talking to Khadafi and Bush plans to talk to Sharon.
The local baker has molded a pie in the shape of the earth and now they will devide it. It has already been decided that Berlusconi gets Europe so he won't be there...

Friday, March 19, 2004

"does the bible disaprove of gay marriage?"
Is a question that brought someone to this livejournal. A good question indeed. Sofar nobody I know has been able to pinpoint the phrase in the christians holy book. Can someone help me out here?
In this message-board are a few ideas.

Seen this picture?
It shows George Junior rubbing the head of Alphonso Jackson, acting Secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.
This is how much respect he has for high ranking government officials who happen to have a dark skin colour...

David Blunkett, the Labour Home Secretary has found a nice method to cut on the costs of the British prison-politics: let the innocent pay for room and board! (Thanks to HfH)

Martin Hoogland, the ex-cop who was convicted for the murder on the Dutch Crimelord Klaas Bruinsma, yesterday got shot himself while on leave. The police suspet foul play...

The past weekend my son and I had our first lesson at this years circus-course. He decided to go ball-walking. His sister Eva and my mom went with us to see how we were doing. Eva and her grandmother get more and more attached. Always great to have my daughter be a part of my household for a few days...
Next to the fact I found this website from where you can download all these great programs dating from the time even the term "spyware" did not exist called my son learned that his best mate, Maurits, will be changing school shortly. It kinda depressed him so I decided to skip training-class and spent a bit more time with him. The poor lad...

Friday, March 12, 2004

A human body is not a car. Employees of UCLA apparently thought otherwise when they sold bodyparts for the sole purpose of making a quick buck.

The so called "Cheeseburger Bill" puts a stop to alll those people claiming to be somebody else's victim. Time for people to move on and take their own responsibility. It's not McDonalds fault you're overweighted: it's your own.
It's not Smith & Wesson's fault your son killed his teacher: it's you who gave him acces to your gun.

The American government has left 5 Britons out of the prisoncamp called Guantanamo Bay. Four have been arrested by the British police on arrival.
Number five, Jamal Udeen, plans to sue the US. I wish him luck...
At least now the four detainees are entitled to legal advice and a phonecall;
rights they've been deprived of in the two years they lived in American custody. Still over 500 people are being held at Guantanamo Bay without any
form of trial. For more than two years the US is challenging international rules concerning imprisonment. Election time is nearing: what will George Junior decide? I guess that depends on what the polls show most American voters want...

A nice quiet week at work with colleague Jennifer being ill and Marieke as subsitute ended with my son staying over at a friend's. Tomorrow the two of them will attend a birthday-party whilst I go shopping with my daughter: I need a costume to be used at some fetish venue next saturday...

Friday, March 05, 2004

4. 28 February 03:11 Executive Office Of The President, United States

8. 29 February 16:57 IP Planet Networks, Israel

I don't get many hits for this weblog but they do seem to come from interesting places..

For those who think the American constitution is a sacred thing, think again.
To George Junior it isn't. When electoral gain is eminent anything goes, even changing the constitution. Most Americans oppose gay marriage so of course so does George Junior. That's logical, isn't it?
So if mayor Jason West of New Paltz needs to be sacrificed in the process, so be it. Tough luck.

Sandra Tsing Loh said "Fuck" on the air during a radio-show and got sacked.
You see, in America it's illegal to say "Fuck" but not to kill thousands of innocent people worldwide and stigmatize millions more. Sex is a filthy thing and murder is not. Just ask George Junior who still believes killing people to show other people that killing is wrong is a good thing. Hopefully for him he's the only one who's stupid enough to reason thus...

The past week was an official week off for kids in my region of the country.
But not for me. For an afterschool-teacher these are the hardest working-days.
Check this: on monday we went to the Royal Tropical Institute . Among loads of other neat stuff we saw the gamelan instrumentarium that used to be used by the orchestra that filled my great grandfathers bedroom a long, long time ago. Pretty cool, huh? On tuesday my colleague took the lil'ones to see Brother Bear while I took the older ones to Neverneverland. Wednesday my son joined us in waterfun at one of the cities nicest public pools. Thursday there was an organised sporting-event where we played soccer/football (Am./Eng.), basketball, skippyball, badminton, etc. For friday we had a talenthunt for which tons of (grand)parents showed up to watch their (grand)children amuse themselves whilst singing, dancing, acting and telling jokes. All and all a wholly tiring week but also very fulfilling. Tomorrow I can sleep in since Ferdinand is in the safe hands of his gran...