Thursday, May 26, 2016

Together living

In Dutch 'society' translates to 'Samenleving'. Literally: 'Together living'. And that sums it all up. We're on this planet together and should do our best to respect others. If only because we have no choice. Imagine a world were everyone is racist? Imagine a world where everyone is egoistic?

Imagine a world in which this is normal:

Imagine a world in which everyone respects everybody else and in which everyone is willing to share?

Enjoy this short film about above subject:

In reality some people actually hate other people although most of them don't know why.

So here is someone trying to answer the question: 'Why do people hate Jews?'

And why do people hate Muslims?

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Homosexuality is not the norm

Homosexuality is not the norm but it it is normal. Some people are attracted to women, while other are attracted to men. Nothing wrong with that, is there? So why are there still people who condemn men for loving men and women for loving women? 'It's not natural!' they claim. Nonsense ('Yeah, but assault rifles are designed by God and very natural artifacts. Right?'). There have been homosexual people since probably the dawn of mankind (I wasn't there so can't be sure) and even in the animal kingdom it is not uncommon for two animals of the same sex to conduct in sexual acts. Nothing abnormal with that. Sex is simply a natural urge. Just like eating, sleeping and peeing. Everybody does it! Or wants to...

'Yes, but the Bible states homosexuality is bad!' True. But the Bible states many things. Women should not be allowed to not cover their head in church and they should keep their mouths shut, especially in church! For instance. And the eating of crayfish is 'an abomination'.

(Quote by unknown)
(Quote by Jesus. Click to enlarge.)
(Quote by Ricky Gervais)

Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Constitution protects minorities

The US Constitution was mainly installed to protect minorities from the force of majorities. That was the whole point. The past few years however, people seem to believe everybody should always follow the majority 'because the majority is always right!'. First of all: the majority is NOT always right and second: minorities need protection.

People who believe the majority should always 'win' suddenly change their opinion when somehow they belong to a minority. Turning them instantly into hypocrites. And what do you think? Do you think minorities should always listen to the majority? In other words: are you like the people at Fox 'News'?

Interesting detail: these two people (yes, members of minorities) are the owners of Fox News:

Still think the news Fox brings is unbiased?

Thursday, May 05, 2016

'I'm not racist but...'

'I'm not racist but...'

Normally when someone says that I have to restrain myself from punching that person in the face because they are about to make a racist remark. These days most folks have common sense and it's fashionable to be politically correct. So the most powerful man in the world - the president of the United States of America - is a 'coloured' man. Johhny Storm, the movie character also known as The Human Torch is portrayed by a black actor

and so is James 'Jimmy' Olsen, Superman's ole' pal at the Daily Planet in the upcoming flick 'Supergirl'.

Of course an actor (or a politician for that matter) should be judged by his acting and not chosen on basis of political correctness, sex, background or colour. But can you really imagine a movie about legend Muhammad Ali in which the famous fighter is portrayed by a white guy?

In my opinion not only white people can be racist.

What do you think?

Here's Muhammad Ali on interracial marriage: