Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Understanding Women

'You like to put on make-up, wear a tight dress and high heels because you want people to regard you as sexy, right?' -'Yes, that's right. I want to feel sexy and feel admired!'

'But when they whistle at you, you call them sexist pigs, right?' -'Yes, because they only see me as a sexy woman they think only wants to be admired but I want them to appreciate me for being me!' '

But when they don't turn their heads when you pass and don't whistle at you or make remarks about you looks?'

 -'I feel horrible because I want people to regard me as a sexy woman who only wants to be admired!'

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Dutch sayings

Every language sounds strange in the ears of foreigners. Dutch is no exception.
Here are a few examples:

Now comes the monkey out of the sleeve (The hidden agenda becomes visible)

Going to the hole (Going all the way)
That doesn't make one ball out (It does not matter at all)
He's a real hero on socks! (His mouth is bigger than his actions)
You touched a sensitive string (You touched a nerve)
Make that the cat wise (Stop telling me your lies)
As the inn keeper is, so he thinks his guests are (You project your views on the people you deal with)

Sitting on hot coals (Being extremely eager to get started or to get away)

The fence is off the Dam (people start to act as if there are no more bounderies)

To fall through the basket (Getting caught cheating)

Sticking a feather in his arse (Making him a huge compliment)

It's always the same song with you guys (I hate it when you constantly react to my statements in the same manner. Made famous by Dutch football coach Louis van Gaal)

There is a stitch loose with him (He is not completely sound of mind)

That was a shot for open goal (I could not help making that joke, that person made it really easy)

I will throw up a little ball (I will gently bring the matter to attention)

There's a whole community dedicated to 'Stonecoal English' aka the English as used by football coack Louis van Gaal: http://www.makethatthecatwise.nl/

If you liked those, here are some more: http://www.eddyechternach.nl/english.html

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

You are poor

Being poor is about not being able to buy what you want, right?
It's about having to buy homebrands in stead of top brands, right?
It's about not being able to pay a ticket to the sports stadium and having to watch the game on tv, right?
It's about not being able to buy a new car every other year, right?
It's about not being able to go on a holiday more than once a year, right?

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Islam is not an aggressive religion

Stating that Islam is an aggressive religion is a false statement. Just like christianity it has its peaceful and its hateful statements.
For example: God ordered the Isrealites to commit mass murder and kill all Canaan infants. Now does that sound like a loving God to you?

Some people like to say Islam is a terrible religion because it orders people to kill other people. Well, there is a Holy Book where it says that every living person, men or women, adult and child alike, who does not believe in the supreme being should be executed. Look it up: 2 Chronicles 15:13 in the thick collection of books called The Bible. http://buff.ly/1yIASlZ

Further in the Bible Jews are called 'Children of Satan' by John. If you or your friends have trouble believing christians also committed aggressive acts in the name of God and the Bible, read The Holy Book. These passages for example: http://www.religioustolerance.org/intol_bibl.htm

Did you know the populair King James Bible was written as late as around the year 1600 and ordered by the English Church at the time to reflect the ideas and morals of the time? It had nothing to do with the word of Jesus but was merely loosely based upon them!

Yes, there are stupid aggressive idiot muslims. Just as there are stupid, ignorant aggressive christians.

Just my two cents.

Friday, April 10, 2015

About racist cops

In America you get punished when you do something illegal. Except when you do it to stop other people from doing something illegal. Apparently. A police officer thought he could get away with killing a man in cold blood. Walter Scott was shot in the back eight times after police officer Michael T. Slager ('Slager' is 'Butcher' in Dutch...) tasered him after stopping him for a broken tail light. According to the policeman mister Scott took his taser and ran away. Unlucky for the cop a bystander filmed the whole thing.

The video shows the cop planting his taser next to the dead man. Two other officers were quickly at the scene. Not to perform CPR on the man with his face down in the grass but to back up the story of the killer who claimed his life was in danger so he had no choice but to shoot Mr. Scott in the back. Eight times. Even though the victim was mortally wounded the cop still put the cuffs on him. It makes you wonder: does the US police force have more murderers, cowards and agressive idiots on the payroll? And what do the politicians do about it?

Tap more civilian phonecalls to prevent 'terrorism' via what the NSA calls The Program? But in the United States civilians are 55 times more likely to get shot dead by a cop than they are likely to be killed by a terrorist. Making unknown police officers deadlier than Osama Bin Laden ever was. The police is supposed to be your best friend but with friends like these, who needs enemies?

Luckily the mayor of Noth Charleston is taking it serious: in the near future every single police officer in the district will be equipped with a body camera so they won't be allowed to simply kill because they feel like it. It will also mean the end of racism, making the job less appealing to Republicans racists like this one.

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Without greed there would be no more hunger.

It seems a lot of people blame Islam for the awful happenings in Paris, a couple of months ago. Workers at the office of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo were killed 'in name of Allah'. Utter nonsense of course. A couple of young men felt insulted and decided to act. As young men, full of testosteron, do: without thinking. Their actions provoked millions of people worldwide to take a stand against terror. Terrorists want people to be afraid. If people would show they are not afraid anymore, terror will stop being a means of getting what you want.

You can't blame 'Islam' for the actions of a handful troubled young men. Just as you can't blame 'Christianity' for what a couple of hundred catholic priests did to thousands of young boys.

If there's a single 'religion' to blame for most trouble in the world, it's capitalism. Without greed there would be no more hunger.