Saturday, July 22, 2006


Britons see US as vulgar empire builder. Well, I don't blame them, judging by the stories that come to my attention.

Some are good, of course. Like this one: Finale the Americans are doing a really good deed: they are sending rice to the Middle East. At least: that's what I heard on the radio today.

One of the other stories I hear is that several people are staying in American prisons while being innocent and more than once evidence that can prove their innocence "disappears".

Speaking of innocencen: don't you just love the innocence of young children? Take mine for example. Today they joined me in a visit of my daycarecentre-nanny (if that't the word...). I hadn't seen her in over thirty years but it seemed less than a decade...;-)

Tomorrw is the introduction-day of this years summercamp for the volunteers and since I'll be one of them and I can't leave Eva en Ferdinandn home alone we'll spend best of the day in the dunes near Haarlem. Should be fun.