Friday, June 23, 2006


The past couple of weeks had been hectic: with an average of 64 working hours a week I've been busy working for the local council, my son's school PTA, at The Amsterdam Dungeon and working as entertainer at nightclubs. At times I skipped sleeping and still finding the time to guide my American cousins Chris and Cynthia through the city of Amsterdam, going to a beads-shop with my daughter Eva and musea with my son Ferdinand. In the meantime looking up my mom in the nursery home (since about ten days she's in her own home again. Yes!)

In the meantime there's been a flood in Suriname and hundreds have lost their homes or their lives in floddings in Sulawesi. Internationale pressure is building up to withdraw troops from Iraq and the closing of the concentrationcamp Guantanamo Bay..

Still I feel useful and happy. At least I can say I've tried to improve the situation in the world while more than a few people have given up on it and have turned selfish. Nothing wrong with being selfish but next to being selfish you can still help others. I think we have the obligation to help others whenever and however we can. It's really easy. Have you tried it?