Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Deep fake

Jim Carrey doing a perfect imitation of a scene by Jack Nicholson:

Isn't he an amazing actor? Yes, but that's besides the point. Point is: the video is fake. Deep fake.

In 2015 Snapchat acquired a company called Looksery. Now faces on video could be altered. Even in realtime! Interesting knowledge for people who - let's say - want to spread fake video's of political opponents in the race towards the US presidential elections in 2016.

Deep fake technology is not all bad and scary. For example: people could 'interact' with Holocaust survivors for a deeper understanding of what they went through:

So, what are your thoughts on Deep Fake technology?

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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Drugs kill people!

'The government should ban everything that kills!' Right? People can decide for themselves when something is dangerous and when it's not, wright? Because people are often very stupid the government should ban stuff. Right?

Everything that's so bad for you it actually kills you should be banned! Right?

Of course with the exception of tabacco and alcohol. And guns. Doh!

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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

The truth about memes

You may have seen this meme about refugees:
Perhaps even because I posted it on social media. It was posted by a trusted friend so I shared it. Without thinking too much about it really. Until an other friend challenged me to find the actual study this meme ('Refugees bring in more money than they cost!') refers to. I found information about the study here, on Snopes:

Seems the study left out an important fact: the fiscal benefits of admitting refugees. Basically the revenue is even higher than at first stated. 'See, the study is false!', people started shouting.

Yes, because refugees bring in much more money than the study first claimed.

The friend than send me this link from a Extreme right wing biased website that claims to prove the study is a total falsehood. Based on a combination of reading the report, a 'gut feeling', some fabricated 'facts' and a bit of 'hearsay' the author arguments that the revenue outweighs their costs 'only after a few years'. Basically stating refugees perform a whole lot better than native born citizens who only become productive after some 25 years when they finally start bringing in more money than they cost.

In an effort to disgrace researchers by proving them wrong Steven A. Camarota accidentally established the fact refugees actually bring in a lot more money than they cost.

Mister Camarota is attached to the Center for Immigration Studies, an anti-immigration think thank, co-founded by a white nationalist who thinks the form of someone's skull says something about his or her mental abilities.

So, who do you believe: a bunch of actual journalists or someone who is convinced he is better than other people simply because his skin has a lighter tone?

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Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Food stamp programs are useless and expensive

'Food stamp programs are useless and expensive! No more free government handouts for people and companies that can't take care of themselves! If you can't support yourself you should just work harder!'


-You got fired because you got drunk and beat a coworker and are now on welfare.

-You are unemployed because foreigners are too lazy to work and stole your job.

-You werd send to a war for a cause you could not understand and are now on disability pay.

-You think military industries are entitled to billions to create machines of destruction that often fail to protect your country and if they do work are only used to attack people unable to defend themselves.

-You cheated millions out of millions with phony mortgages, did not have to go to jail for stealing and cheating and got the government to bail you out after your bank had to pay a steep fine.

-You were a travel agent who thought the management needed more money and less money could be spent on the actual travels you sold and now think the government should give you lots of money for free so you can continue this practise.

In other words: isn't it funny that capitalists always rely on socialist ideas to help them whenever capitalism fails?

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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Climate change: a convenient truth

Taking your bike in stead of your car when you go out for a few groceries, does that help to fight climate change? Yes, it does. A bit. A tiny little bit.

But over 50% of all carbon emission is the responsibility of only 90 companies and government-run industries. Worldwide (click). Most of them coal-producers and cement factories. So if the governments are serious about tackling the problem of climate change (and yes, it is a problem. Denying people who are obese are fat does not make them weigh less.) 'But 3% of all scientific papers on the subject state climate change does not exist!' Well, those studies are flawed (click).

By the way: if 97 people tell you it's stupid to hug a crocodile but 3 tell you it's okay, who would you trust?)

What I find funny is people who say climate change is a hoax but believe two penguins and two kangaroos traveled for thousands of miles to board a boat being build by a man called Noah.

Perhaps Noah was a Timelord and the Arc his version of the Tardis?
And who killed more people: Hitler, Leopold II, Mao and Stalin combined
or Noah who deliberately only saved his own family 
and left every other person on the planet to drown to save ants, rats and snakes?


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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Traditional marriage

When I hear people say they want a traditional marriage, I wonder if they know how many traditions exist around the concept of marriage. Do people realize 'Man marries woman, she wears white at the wedding in church, throws a bouquet and her uncle gets drunk at the reception' is by far not the only tradition? By the way: I couldn't find the passage in the Bible that states the above is the one and only true and traditional way to start a marriage. Can you?

However: these are the marriage traditions according to the Bible. Keep that in mind if you say you are in favour of 'The tradtitional Biblical marriage'. Are you sure you would want your daughter to marry her rapist? Deuteronomy 22:28-29 states she has to.

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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

A New Hope

For those who think the world will be destroyed because of the attitude of 'those kids of today!', here are the responses to a child watching Star Wars for the first time, without advance knowledge on the Star Wars Universe:

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Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Do you control you?

Of course you don't want to live in a dictatorship. Right? You will never ever be controlled by an unelected elite but prefer to live in a democracy like the USA (where the majority of people voted for Hillary Clinton but her opponent Donald Trump became president) or Great Britain (where less than 1 percent of the population voted for PM Boris Johnson). Right?

So, if you won't be controlled by an unelected elite, why do you believe what the mainstream media is telling you to believe?

So, why did (and do!) people in Britain want to leave the EU?

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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Amazing people

People are amazing! Not always of course but fact is that that are some truly amazing people out there. They are here to help us understand the world around as a little better or help others to live with their disabilities.

For instance: the Glassouse helps people to use a computer. Even if they have no hands!

Millions of people hold the strong believe the 'original' Europeans have been 'pure' and 'white' since the days of unrecorded history. This idea is based on nothing even remotely scientific but only expresses fear of anything that and anyone who is 'different'. Here's the full story on that:

Yes, it's true: even your ancestors were immigrants!
Isn't that good to know? Since basically everyone is (a descendant from an) immigrant we don't have to fear immigrants anymore! It would mean we are afraid of ourselves!

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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

A great deal on windmills

Windmills are great! You never seen more beautiful windmills! They are amazing and cheap. Cheaper than coal! And less dirty! You never seen anything this clean! And they're cheap too. And easy to use. And don't cause cancer! Isn't that amazing! Have I mentioned they are cheap? Also, they are not expensive. As a matter of fact: they're cheap. Really, really cheap. And they don't cost a lot of money. And they are mills. And work on wind. That's why I deciededed to calling them 'windmills'. Because they are surrounded by wind and look like mills. They look like mills because they are. Mills. You never witnessed anything more brilliantly than these so called 'windmills'. And they make energy! Lots of energy for the little men inside to keep turning the blades. Of the windmills. And new ones even make water. The best water. The wettest water you ever tasted! And cheap too!

Luckily the USA has a Commander in Chief who knows a lot about wind:

And then there's the story of William Kamkwamba, a story 'the mainstream media refuses to spread!'.

The young man build a windmill from scratch, a very impressive feat, considering his (lack of) resources and education. But wait a minute...if 'the mainstream media' refuses to spread his story, how come millions of people have heard about it? Maybe because for over a decade his story has been all over Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and he has held Ted Talks, appeared on populair late night shows, major newspapers wrote stories about him and Netflix turned the tale into a movie?

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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Obamacare and Universal Health Care

There are quite a few misconceptions on 'Obamacare'. But what is it?

It is designed to save people's money as well as their lives. Basically it affects most of president Trump's base. So why are they against it? Because they are ill informed:

A newsitem that went viral (click) is about a man who was ecstatic when he heard Obamacare was repealed and shared his happiness on Facebook. Until people pointed out to him he was happy to lose money on his healthcare because Obamacare is the nickname for the Affordable Healthcare Act.

What I really don't understand is: why would anyone with working brains want their healthcare to be unaffordable? How can people believe Jesus told us to help the poor and don't want the poor to be healthy? By the way: Jesus healed people for free. How much do you pay for help when you're sick?

The ACA is not Universal Health Care ('Medicare for All' as it is known in America) but maybe a first step towards it. Universal healthcare actually works in every civilised country. So far I haven't heard of a single good reason of why it wouldn't work in the USA. Or are people admitting the USA is not a civilised country?

Here's an article (click) on how the economy actually thrives under Universal Healthare in different countries where it is implemented. If you don't want to read, here's a picture:

'Yes, but we pay high taxes to pay for stuff!' Here's a counter argument. Again, for your convenience, in a single picture so you can even read it if you're wearing a MAGA hat:

Under Obamacare people would pay a lot less out of pocket. Here are the prices of a vial of insulin in other countries in comparison to the USA:

Yes, people in the USA pay far, far more for medication. Perhaps because that's 'the will of the Free Market'?

So, finally, tell me: where would you rather be ill: in 'capitalist' USA of in 'socialist' Denmark?

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Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Fighting off evil people: even a kid can do it!

With all the negativity around in the world one might think there aren't any positive things anymore. But that's not true. There's plenty! For instance: here's a kid fighting off an entire empire of bad people.

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Wednesday, October 02, 2019

Why and when do we show our emotions?

With all this stuff on social media and in main stream media it has become hard to tell if someone is merely acting or shows a display of real emotions.

On Instagram a nice young lady can show tears, stating her dog just died and her thousands of followers wish her well. Accept the story isn't real and the young lady is a model who was hired for a weekend in which hundreds of pictures with her were taken. In those pictures you see her with her favourite cereals, her new shampoo or a shiny new handbag. All product placement and part of a marketing campaign to boost the sales of those products. So you can't really trust social media.

In my opinion here are two examples of people sincerely touching the hearts of others.

Here's an interview of Stephen Colbert and Anderson Cooper where they question eachother on grief and acceptance:

And here's a man who uses his own emotions to stir up emotions in others:

When do you show emotions and do you share them with everyone?

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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Mass shootings: who or what's to blame?

A ban on guns won't work because criminals will get their hands on guns anyway! But a ban on drugs will work because it will be harder for criminals to get drugs. And a ban on Muslims will work because less Muslims will commit crimes in the USA and a ban on homosexuality will make Elton John and Ellen Degeneres less gay and that's good because homosexuals are evil because of reasons yet unknown to mankind.

Above statement is also known as 'GOP-logic': the preferred kind of logic of American conservatives who think arming teachers is going to prevent kids from being shot.

But the answer to the next question is left unanswered: if arming more people wil prevent more people from getting shot, why are guns not allowed at the NRA-meeting were Vice President Pence spoke (click) or at Trump rallies?

By the way, when 'open carry' laws allowed members from the Black Panther movement to walk around with guns, Republicans under Reagan were very quick with implementing the Mulford Act for stricter gun control. Furthermore: gun control was very normal in the old wild west:

But hey, please don't let facts get in the way of the fears people accept as facts.

Apparently all recent mass shooters were   angry white men inspired by violent video games. So playing games inspires people do do in real life what they do in the game. A few questions if that's true: most video games are played per head of the population of South Korea. How many mass shootings are there in South Korea? Just about none.

And if playing a video game really inspires people to do in real life as they do in the game, how come - with millions of people playing FIFA 97 - there are relatively few professional football players in the world? I have played Civilisation for hundreds of hours but never once in the real world tried to build my own genocidal empire.

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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Why not keep our promise to help Africans?

Remember Live Aid 1985? 'Let's send lots of money to Africa because those people are really really poor and live in terrible circumstances and we really really love Bob Geldof and Bono!' We told those poor Africans we can easily afford to help them because we are extremely wealthy and 'too bad you don't live in Europe because in our countries people actually get money for doing absolutely nothing and call it 'unemployment benefit.'

So, if the harvest fails time and time again, you see your kids starve and other countries start bombing your homes to 'help' you fight the regime you're under and you remember there are countries where you don't have to do anything to get food and shelter? Unless you're a liar you would say you want to go there.

Of course we welcomed the people from all those different African countries with open arms because we helped them once and promised them we would do so again and always. At least we did when Bob Geldof and Bono where within hearing range.

In stead we suddenly claimed our countries are 'full' and there's no space for new people from abroad. Except of course when they are from 'decent' (i.e. 'white') countries like Norway and Canada. We also claim we are not as wealthy as we once told them we are and there is absolutely no money to keep our promises. We need all the money we can get to fight 'terrorism'. You know, putting up camera's so people who want to blow themselves up to make a point
will think twice before they pull the cord of their bombvest. What if a camera spots a suicide bomber and thanks to the images of the explosion he could get the death penalty?

It's true that there have been no suicide bombings at London Liverpoolstreet Station and Amsterdam Central Station since millions have been spent on camera's. Neither have their been suicide bombings there when there were only a few camera's.

So putting up camera's to fight suicide bombings is just as useful as putting a banana in your ear to prevent alligators from walking around at Sesame Street.

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Wednesday, September 11, 2019


'If it's God's will my child dies, He will call my child.' This is the main reason for religious people not to have their children vaccinated against common diseases as smallpocks and measles. 'Besides, I heard vaccinating can cause autism and it makes sense because almost everyone who has autism was vaccinated as a child.'

Besides from chosing between a dead child and one with autism (I know what kind of child I'd prefer to raise) I usually ask questions like: 'If you drive your kid to school, do you make him or her wear seatbelts?' The surprising answer is: 'Yes of course because I don't want my child to get hurt!'

So far no one has been able to explain this double standard to me: 'Yes, we want to protect our children and no, we leave their lives in the hands of God.' Except for the usual response I get when I talk about this subject: 'Those religious people are stupid, crazy or both'.

In words: what poses a greater risk for children: not having them vaccinated with a great chance it will die from a easily preventable disease of have them vaccinated with a tiny chance the child will later on suffer from autism?

What's your  take on this?

By the way: the 'fact' that vaccinating causes autism? That myth is debunked (click). By a study paid for by...the anti-vaxxer movement.

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Wednesday, September 04, 2019

What does an illegal alien look like?

Some 600,000 illegal immigrants living in the USA (usually on overstayed visas) have absolutely zero chance of being rounded up and detained by the Sturmabwehr organisation known as ICE. The reason is simple: they have pure aryan looks don't 'look' like illegal aliens. But how does ICE know who to arrest and who not? Hitler's elite troops in their famous brown shirts Trump's men randomly pick up someone who doesn't have a light coloured skin and put them in a holding cell.

Even if they have ID to show they are American citizens. But hey, the ID could be forged, right?  And they really don't discriminate against people. So no matter if you have a job or are unemployed, if you have a handicap or not, are an elderly person or are just a long you have a skin that is not 'white', you have a chance of being 'chosen' by ICE to be a potential illegal alien. Isn't that nice?

Not really, of course. But it's reality.

Quick question: which other dictatorship government used to put people in detention centers, purely on their physical appearance or the birthplace of their parents?

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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

All illegal aliens should leave the planet!

When people say they don't want people to enter the USA illegally, do they really don't know that the only way to actually enter and apply for citizenship is to physically cross the border and fill out the required paperwork?

For people from countries like Norway and Canada immigration seems a whole lot easier than for people who are from Honduras or Mexico. I wonder why that is.

And why do some think building a wall across the Mexican border prevent Mexicans to take a plane flight to Canada and simply cross the border there?

And who will pluck the American tomatoes if all underpaid Mexicans have returned to mexico?

What if the native Americans had strict immigration laws? Would the country now be run by Chief Sitting Bull VII? And would people complain about the government being so harsh on those poor white Europeans who simply want to have a better life for themselves across the ocean after their harvest failed in Ireland, there was a big flood in The Netherlands or they are Jews trying to get away from Hitler?

All who entered America before 1875 were welcome and could simply enter without much hassle. After that, immigration laws where put into place. Because those who got there first wanted to keep everything they stole from the natives to themselves and their families.

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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

How are opinions formed?

In the old days people simply believed what their parents believed. They were always right and you had no reason to doubt them. Then people started going to school and got confronted with teachers who told them that what their parents knew to be true wasn't true at all. Some started to think for themselves, read a lot, asked different people for different opinions in order to form their own. But most just stumbled through life feeling really confused.

Then newspapers appeared and thousands of opinions on thousands of subjects were printed. Hooray! Now you could close your eyes, open a paper with headlines that sounded nice, point you index finger at an article and claim that was your opinion too. With arguments and all! If someone asked how you formed your opinion you could simply tell them they were stupid for not having read the same article. No need to explain yourself.

And then someone invented the internet. Suddenly you could pick an opinion from social media and claim it as your own! Without anyone wondering how all of a sudden thousands of people at the exact same point in time thought 'for themselves' there was a pizza place in America with a basement from where a public figure ran a pedophile ring.

So, how do you form your opinions?

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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Go back!

When people complained about how things were in the country they were living in, their rulers told them: 'If you don't like it, just go back to where you came from!' If they had complied, there would not be a United States of America. Had they not told King George they didn't like the way he ruled the country, the USA would today have a queen in stead of a president. It would be a monarchy and not a democracy. But maybe that's what the Donald wants? To be King in stead of President?

But it is what Donald Trump said: 'If you don't like it here, go back to where you came from!' That could prove to be a bit difficult as his own ancestors are from Germany and Scotland. If he is serious about the fact that people who don't like America should leave, where will he go?

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Wednesday, August 07, 2019

Does the Bible state gay people should be punished?

According to hateful Christians (no, of course not all Christians are hateful people!) God destroyed Sodom because a lot of the inhabitants were 'sodomites'. I.e. gay people. Men and women sexually attracted to people of the same sex. Apperently a sin. But that's actually not what the Bible (look it up. It's in Ezekiel) states. Ironically Sodom was destroyed because the people had turned their backs on the weak and needy. So there. More here (click) if you don't believe me.

And here's a statement on gay people made by 'God' himself

Not everyone who calls themselves a Christian (calling yourself a Christian and going to church does not automatically make you a Christian. Just like calling yourself a Volvo and standing in a garage does not make you a car.) follows the teachings of Jesus. For those who find it hard to read sentences that contain more than three words, here's Jesus Himself explaining His teachings in a single picture:

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Wednesday, July 31, 2019


According to 'Brexiteers' they are against the European Union 'because the EU is not democratic but England is (click).' Just to be clear on how democratic exactly: when were the elections that made Elisabeth Head of State?

Another argument: 'We are better off by ourselves!' Is that why 'leave' voters ask Scotland and Ireland to please stay in the UK 'because we are stronger together'? I find this confusing.

What percentage of England's citizens chose Boris Johnson to be their next Prime Minister? How many British people voted for Boris Johnson's brother to become a minister in his government?

Fot those why find it difficiult to read a lot of text, here's a breakdown on democracy in the EU versus democracy in the UK:

In the present situation the UK has deals with all EU countries. Because they work as one body on things like border security and trade. Under leadership of Boris Johnson the UK has a few months to negotiate all those different deals again with all inidvidual EU membership states. A long, complicated and costly process. Or leave without a deal, meaning people from outside the UK will need visas in order to stay for more than three months. Prices of imported products and services will go through the roof because there will be no fixed price arrangements. Et cetera.

I know of people who voted Brexit but now regret they have been mislead by Rupert Murdoch, Nigel Farage and the likes. How about you? Do you think will work out and my friends in the UK will be better of than before they were part of the UK?

One tiny example: a company in Barcelona offers free delivery for every amount over a few kilos of their delicious Spanish ham 'to every address in the EU.' UK-citizent will - from november 1st onwards - pay substantially more fot this ham than people in The Netherlands. Do you find that fair? Will the British Prime minister pay the difference out of his own pocket? I don't think so. Do you?

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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Fight socialism! No taxes for benefits!

When asked what they dislike about socialism Americans often say they don't like the idea of a part of their income going to people who need stuff they themselves don't need. Like foodstamps.

That's hypocrite. Because they don't mind if somebody else pays a part of their income for the maintenance of roads, even though they are not car owners. Tax payers money also goes to the funding of public schools. People pay for that, even if they don't have children. Even if your house never burns down, if you're an American part of your tax money goes to the local fire department.

But hey, let's use a system where everybody pays for their individual needs and the government is not involved in distributing tax money. Your house is on fire? Run out, buy a firetruck and end the fire. Or rent a fire truck and pay for firemen to save your house. Want your kid to go to school? Pay the full tuition. Want to use the road? Pay toll on every single crossing and exit.

That's what people want, right, a system where only the user pays? If you don't want to pay the hospital bill, simply don't become sick. It's really that simple, right?

You know, because you don't like socialism. 'Because socialism takes money from the poor and gives it to the rich.' So tell me how come that's describing today's system of capitalims under rule of the Republican Party, led by president Trump?

Or do you only like benefits when they benefit you personally and you simply just don't care about others?

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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

The rich really are getting richer

The rich really are getting richer. But some still believe in a 'trickle down' economy: when you give more money to the rich it will 'trickle down' on those with less money.

Sounds nice but simply isn't true. Globally ten percent of all people (click) get over half of all the available money.

And that number is increasing. At some point the ten percent will have all of it and the rest will be either dead or starving. But without people to exploit, what will the ten percent do?

When large corporations actually paid normal percentages in income tax (in the seventies), the capitalist system actually worked. For most people anyway. So why not go back to those days?

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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

It's all natural

You care for your health and the planet so you only want to eat fruit and vegetables in their natural form, before the food is genetically modified by men.

No, you don't.

First you'll have to understand why 'genetically modified' does not always stand for 'bad'. Did you know carrots use to come in multiple colours? In their natural state there colour ranges from white to dark purple. Here's the story (click) why you mostly see orange carrots these days. Basically: it was a marketing stunt for the Dutch nobility, the 'House of Orange'.

Here's how some of the fruits and vegetables you find so 'natural' actually looked like before they were subject to human modification:

Still crave for a nice juicy slice of actual natural watermelon?

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Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Is being hypocrite the norm?

Austria's far-right party leader and vice chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache (click) quits in shame after video catches him seeking Russian campaign help in betrayal of his nation.

'If you first buy an Austrian newspaper, fire a few people I don't like, hire a few I do like, start a campaign that gets me elected and start a construction company, I will make sure you will get all the government contracts.'

Strangely enought mister Strache said: 'I shouldn't have said that but the only ones who did something illegal were the ones who published that tape.'

Sounds like narcist behaviour to me.

Promising a foreign agency government contracts once elected in exchange for their illegal help with your election campaign seems very normal as wel as easy and makes you think if this man is the only one in the world who does business in this way.

Which other politicians asked 'the Russians' for help getting them elected?

Saying you are 'against all foreign influence' is only for fans and followers apparently. Making asking a foreign entity for help getting elected rather hypocrite behaviour. I'm guessing his followers won't mind.

Just like there are still people who believe Nigel Farage when he claims to be 'against the elite' although recently surfaced evidence proves he accepted tons of money (literally) from a banker who will benefit from the Brexit mister Farage claims he wants 'to help the English people'.

And just like there are still people who believe politicians like Newt Gingrich who claim to be 'defenders of Christian values':

And here's anti-abortion politician Tim Murphy (click) who just got caught asking his pregnant mistress to get an abortion.

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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Are you a socialist or a capitalist? And can you explain why?

'Just because 'salad' is in the name,
doesn't mean fruit salad, potatoe salad and caesar salad are the same thing.'

Capitalism means companies own everything. Right?

Socialism means the government owns everything. Right?

It's not that simple.

This clip tries to explain socialism:

This clip tries to explain capitalims:

What confuses me are people who want cheap healthcare for all call themselves 'capitalists' but politicians who want cheap healthcare for all 'socialists'. They say everybody should have the same rights and opportunities but oppose politicians who say they want the same rights and opportunities for everyone.

So, are you in in favour of equal rights and opportunities? If yes, does that make you a socialist? If not, please explain why you don't want the same rights and opportunities as everybody else.

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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Fox Entertainment

People still refer to the Fox Entertainment channel as a source of 'news' but there's a reason they are called 'entertainment' channel. In that case you are allowed to exaggerate and even lie because that's 'funny' and if you don't like to be insulted 'you have no sense of humour'. Fox viewers often think that freedom of speech is the same as lying to and insulting people. Except when they themselves are lied to or insulted of course.

But what if Fox treated Trump the way they treated Obama?

Why do Fox viewers find it a problem when a president goes on a golftrip but don't find it a problem when a president goes on a golftrip?

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Wednesday, June 12, 2019


If you live in England, New Zealand or Pakistan, chances are you know a thing or two about the game of cricket.

But this is how watching a game feels for the rest of the world:

If I may suggest: please read the comments on this Youtube clip.

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Wednesday, June 05, 2019

The River Gulu

Recently an explorer made a great discovery. A thus far unknown river! He named it 'River Gulu'. Although the natives have been calling it by a different name for centuries the explorer claims he is the one who made the discovery. Sounds absurd because the explorer is from Nigeria and the river he discovered is known as the River Thames?

But why is it considered normal for rivers and mountains to be 'discovered' in Africa by European explorers although the locals have known that river of mountain for centuries?

Read the story here:

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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Practice what you preach

How can people claim to be pro-life and at the same time have no objections when children die in detention camps in the USA? 'Their parents shouldn't have come here illegaly!' is the most heard argument. As if they don't know seeking asylum is anything but illegal and think seperating young children from their parents is a very common practise. It is not. 'Yeah, but Obama started it!' So? That makes it less worse? Fact is: even is Obama did start it, the current President could end it if he wanted. But he won't.

But luckily there are still preachers out there who literally practise what they preach:

And how can people claim to be against government intervention as well as in favour of a government telling women what to do with their bodies?

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Scamming the scammers

As long as people are gullible, scammers will continue their foul play. Here's a way to get back at them:

Let's all do this and see when the scammers give up!
'Nigerian Prince needs my help? I'm sending the money now!'
'You work for Windows?
Tell me again what version I'm using.'

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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

About the Dutch

Jon Fereira answered a simple question on Quora: 'How are the Dutch people for real?'

Here's his answer:

I lived in the Netherlands for a year, and found the Dutch to be a very
unique and singular culture. Obviously, it's not good to generalize, and
no one people are exactly alike, but I did find some very striking
similarities amongst them. Here are a few:

Nearly every Dutch person owns a bike, and many use it as their primary
means of transportation

The Dutch permissiveness when it comes to sex and drugs has nothing to
do with fun or abuse, but rather removing the stigma as a practical
means of moderation or abstention. They believe in exposing their
children to the darker elements of culture as a means of desensitizing
them to the issue, and by making it no longer a forbidden tantalizing
fruit, children are less tempted to pursue these things and abuse them
in a "sinful" and "defiant" way. The Dutch have much lower levels of
substance abuse and sexually transmitted diseases than other developed

The Dutch are a very pragmatic people, and make practical decisions
which may not always be the sexy and passionate ones, but serve a
greater purpose.

Many of the Dutch have large picture windows in the front of their
homes. Many of the Dutch families I spent time with described why the
Dutch often had no curtains, and these large picture windows. The Dutch
have an attitude that they have nothing to hide from each other, and
that is why they have very tolerant ideas about privacy and allowing
others to watch their families in their homes.

I found the Dutch to be very creative and good at riddles and problem

The average Dutch person speaks an average of 2 - 3 different languages.
Since Dutch is spoken by very few people on earth, and because the Dutch
have been merchants and done business in every corner of the world, most
people from the Netherlands learned to speak multiple languages. I found
most people spoke Dutch, English, German, French, and often Spanish or
another language. I met a few Dutch people who spoke 3 to 5 languages!

Like many of the socialized countries in Europe, the Netherlands values
using taxes to pay for socialized medicine and higher education, among
other things. Even the average blue collar worker believes in the
preservation and upkeep of their historical national treasures, like
Castles and canals, and even support their hard-earned tax euros going
to the arts. Unlike many in the United States, the average Dutch person
seems to place more value on education, the arts, the sciences,
historical preservation, healthcare, and generally preserving and
maintaining Dutch culture for each citizen.

Like many of their Scandinavian neighbors, the Netherlands is full of
poor and wealthy individuals, but the gap is less obvious and egregious
than it is in the United States, for instance. There is a general
modesty amongst Dutch people, and a tendency not to show off or showcase
their wealth and accomplishments. There seems to be less ostentatious
shows of wealth, and I found that many of the homes tended to look the
same, and there was more emphasis and pressure to conform and not stand
out, rather than flash money and bling.

The country is VERY flat and most of it is below sea level, so there is
a tendency towards flooding. The Dutch are a very industrious and hardy
people, and they handle adversity with little complaint, and with a
stiff upper lip. The Dutch are very masterful when it comes to water,
and manipulating water. They are master ship builders, as well as
creators of ingenious irrigation methods, dykes, dams, canals, etc. Like
the Portuguese, the Dutch are very clever when it comes to their mastery
of the sea and freshwater.

Despite being very permissive about sex and drugs, I found the average
Dutch person to be more shy, modest, and not exceedingly sexually
adventurous. Those who abuse drugs and engage in more liberal sexual
practices tend to be tourists who visit Holland.

The Dutch often say they are from The Netherlands, but also enjoy the
name Holland. They also seem to be quite proud (but not boastful) about
being Dutch.

I found the Dutch to be generally a little cold. Not unfriendly, but a
bit detached, aloof, and standoffish. They always seem to be analyzing
and judging situations -- not in mean or cruel ways though. I didn't
find them to be overly demonstrative. Like many of their Scandanavian
neighbors, I found them to touch each other less than other cultures
(particularly Southern Europe -- Spain, Italy, Portugal, etc.) I saw
very little public displays of affection or demonstrative displays of
love. There is even less touching and affection with strangers or people
outside of their family. As a people, the Dutch are not known for being

I saw someone else here answer that the Dutch were loud in public, but I
didn't find this at all. I found them to be generally restrained, calm,
calculating, pragmatic, soft-spoken, or at least not loud and
boisterous. I found the Dutch to be a very even-keeled type people, who
were not prone to loud outbursts, violence, raising their voices, or any
other loud and disruptive behavior. I found them to be ashamed of such
outward shows of emotion, and were particularly concerned with not being
rude or obnoxious. I would say that the average Dutch person is raised
with manners and their default always seemed to be politeness and

There is very little violence amongst the Dutch, and almost no gun
violence. Most murder and other crimes are committed by people from
other countries. The Dutch seemed to most often solve their internal
disputes through reasoned discussion and practical dialogue. I saw very
little to no violence while I was there. I would conclude that the
measured and deliberate nature of most Dutch also makes them generally
risk-adverse and able to avoid most conflicts -- particularly violent

I found that many Dutch students were studious, and education seemed to
be important in the Netherlands.

***Naturally, with ALL of these, I am making broad generalizations and a
lot of assumptions. I am simply providing my first hand experience with
the Dutch, and drawing conclusions based on the fact that most seemed to
have these general traits in common and shared several common

So, what are your (if any) experiences with the Dutch?

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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Are we living in The Matrix?

We've all had a déjà vu on occassion: 'I know this happened before although it couldn't have'. Some say it's a glitch; a miscommunication between our chort- and longterm memory. That could be the explanation. But what if it's something else? Something more similar to the explanation as thought up by Andy Weir:

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Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Brexit and tax avoidence

How and why a mythical EU-dragon was conjured up:

And here's a funny coincidence: in 2019 the EU anti tax avoidence directive comes into force. Meaning it will become very hard for very rich people to avoid taxes. When they live in the EU. By chance a couple of very, very rich and powerful people funded and supported a Brexit. Coincidence. Of course.

Here are the myths (you can call them 'lies' if you want to.) they wilfully spread:
(click to enlarge)

Financially supported by these people:

More to ponder: if Brexiteers don't agree with the EU's argument that 'we're stronger together!', why are they urging Scotland, Ireland and Wales not to leave the UK, stating 'we're stronger together!'?

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Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Boys and girls

You can see the difference in men and women, judging their brain scans. Right? While men tend to be angry more often than women, women are more easily scared. Right? Turns out it's mostly our expectations that determine why we sometimes perceive a facial expression as 'angry' or as 'scared' looking. In a study from 1976 (click), published by Condry and Condry a group of people was shown a video of a baby that responded to something that happened. Half the group was told the baby was a girl, the other half was told they saw a boy. They all saw the same video and there was only one baby with one response. People who saw a 'boy', said he looked angry. People who saw a 'girl' said she looked scared.

What does that say about us and our brains? That we are all basically the same, have the same prejudices and are all easily fooled.

Just try to remember that others can't define who you are. Only you can.

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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Yeah, more free time!

More free time is what we all want. Right? Because we have a demanding job that takes up a lot of time not just because of the working hours but also because we are often so tired that we can't bring ourselves to go out and have a beer with a friend. We would also like to travel more, eat out more often in nice restaurants, spend more time with our families and pursue our hobbies.

So how come when we get fired and suddenly have all the time in the world we are not happy? It appears we prefer work over spare time after all.

Too bad it won't take long before we all are unemployed. Meet your new sushi chef:

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Wednesday, April 17, 2019


Your nationality defines who you are, right? People from your country have different (you want to say 'better' but your mother taught you to be polite to people who are less than you) habits and values than people from other countries, right?

And that's because you have developed a strong sense of identity which has been passed on from generation to generation for thousands of years because that's how long the borders of your beloved country have stood firm and unchanged. Right? Not really:

'Yeah, but that's Europe. I live in Northern America. It's completely different over here.' Yes, you're right. For instance: Canada is a sovereign nation since 1982.

Recent studies show people feel displaced by immigrants who take over the shops, daughters, jobs and social security checks of the indiginous people.

'Israelis may occupy land because they once lived there.' So Native Americans may occupy New York? And Ottawa?'

But hey, at least they don't slaughter them by the tens of thousands like the Europeans did when they created their new homeland. Maybe that's why White Nationalists are so afraid of people with a darker complexion: they fear they may do to them what their grandparents did to others.

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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

What you have, others don't: clear water

We use it every day. Usually without thinking about it. Water. Clear water. We brush our teeth with it, clean our dishes with it, spray our garden with it, wash our cars with it and even use it to flush away last night's dinner. And we even drink it! To us, that's normal.

To millions of other people it's not. Luckily for those people there are people who actually do something about the fact that thousands and thousands of people every year die from lack of access to clear water. The organisation Charity Water for example:

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Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Why didn't I think of it?

Every once in a while you come across an idea and go: 'How come nobody ever thought of it before?' Here's such an idea: a water turbine installed in a ...drinking water pipe.

How about you? When was the last time you had a 'Why didn't I think of that?' moment and what was it?

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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Positive people

It does not matter what your personal situation is or what's happening in the world. You can always connect with other people through the magic that is music. Just look at the fun these two are having!

And there's more hope for the world: all over the world young people are inspired by one young lady (click) who has enough of governments doing little more than 'promising to do something about it' and demands action. Demanding action worked when governments finally started listening to scientists and worried civilians and took measures to do something about acid rain and closing the gap in the ozon layer. If it's not too late, taking action (i.e. doing more than saying: 'We will discuss the issue in a future meeting.') will help save the planet!

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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Fire (a short story)

He forced himself awake from a disturbing dream.
Although there was no need, he decided to have a pee and then try to clear the cobwebs in his head with a handful of cold water.

He looked in the bathroom mirror and was relieved to see himself rather than one of the creatures from his dream.

He smiled when he saw the newspaper clipping that was pasted on the bottom left corner of the mirror. Nice memories. Now he knew that all was well.

And then he remembered that the clipping, along with the bathroom mirror and half of what a person collects in the course of a lifetime had been lost in a fire.


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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Not all heroes wear capes

There's hope yet for humanity. The world is filled with heroes. Like this man risking his life to save an impala:

It looks like being a hero isn't that easy. But that's not always the case. As this little girl demonstrates:

We may be 'busy' or 'tired' but what's really keeping us from helping a living being in need?

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Wednesday, March 06, 2019

A positive world with floating solar panels

Part of the answer on the question: 'How will we produce energy in the (near) future may be provided by this invention. Basically floating solar panels producing hydrogen fuel:

More and more devices are created that rely on the power of the sun to function:

Yes, free energy exists!

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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Vinyl is back!

I think it's good news that people seem to enjoy going back to the days life was less complex and you were simply happy listening to the latest record from your favourite band without the need stating so on social media.

For those people there are nerds and other nice people who found inventive ways to play old and new vinyl records. Here's one example:

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Wednesday, February 20, 2019


Some argue it's good news, some argue it's great news. Some argue it's a shame movies like this one are not made anymore. Or are they? And what do you think of the Star Wars Holiday Special?

In this movie the characters celebrate 'Life Day'. To me that makes more sense than celebrating the birth of a character not on His birthday but on the day a different people already celebrated a special day. The Romans celebrated Saturnalia, honouring the god Saturn. The new church of Christ decided to move Jesus's birthday from march (beginning of spring!) to December to make people easier used to worshipping a then new god.

Oh, and fun fact: American (and English) Christian conservatives once outlawed anything that had to do with Christmas as they found it not okay to celebrate a Pagan ceremony. It's true. You can look it up. I did. It's easy.
And did you know that Saudi Arabia (Donald Trump's biggest ally and also the country most 911 hijackers are from) has put a ban on celebrating Christmas? What would happen if mr. Trump's evangelical supporters find out?

Past December in The Netherlands we celebrated Sinterklaas ('Santa Claus' in an older form), Christmas and New Years Eve. That last event was celebrated at the very same time all around the world. Except it wasn't. Completely arbitrary it was once decided to celebrate the birth of a new year not on the shortest day of the year but on a date marked on a calender.

Other people in other countries celebrate different parties throughout the year, based on local traditions and history. To claim one culture is 'better' or 'worse' than somebody else's culture is complete and utter nonsense.

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