Wednesday, August 07, 2019

Does the Bible state gay people should be punished?

According to hateful Christians (no, of course not all Christians are hateful people!) God destroyed Sodom because a lot of the inhabitants were 'sodomites'. I.e. gay people. Men and women sexually attracted to people of the same sex. Apperently a sin. But that's actually not what the Bible (look it up. It's in Ezekiel) states. Ironically Sodom was destroyed because the people had turned their backs on the weak and needy. So there. More here (click) if you don't believe me.

And here's a statement on gay people made by 'God' himself

Not everyone who calls themselves a Christian (calling yourself a Christian and going to church does not automatically make you a Christian. Just like calling yourself a Volvo and standing in a garage does not make you a car.) follows the teachings of Jesus. For those who find it hard to read sentences that contain more than three words, here's Jesus Himself explaining His teachings in a single picture:

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