Friday, April 29, 2005

I always feel a bit...I don't know...a bit...shameless when I unexpectedly receive visitors while I'm still in my undergarments. Heck, why should you get fully dressed on your day off and you spend most of the day just potting (a new word I learned today!)? Anyways: Sharon and Raquel, friends of my neighbour Angélique didn't stay very long as they were off to the Albert Cuypmarket and prepare themselves for Queensday.
Queensday is the yearly returning party to celebrate the Queen Mom's birthday. That day the whole of the country turns into one giant fleemarket and fairground. At night the party continues for the grown ups until the next morning. Except in Amsterdam where since a couple of years drinking in the streets on Queensday has not been made eaysier thanks to all kinds of new rules. It's even forbidden to start partying the night before, which had been the tradition for many years. Just imagine walking around the streets around three at night while you get yourself a Vietnamese eggroll and see people unrolling the carpets they will later display their attic-junk on? Listening to beginning bands and occassionally push away some drunk idiot who tries to impress your date by showing her his private parts...?

Aw well, things change but hopefully the wheather will not. Well, not until the day after tomorrow then. As I'm writing this is a very nice spring afternoon. Funny though: one day you walk around in your t-shirt and the next in your wintercoat. That's the Netherlands for you!

Hollywood filmmakers gladly accomodate the US military in order to obtain their help
in making their movies. Read the full story here:

And here's a happy story about obesity.
Apparently "only" a mere 100,000 Americans die from overweight every year. Earlier estimates spoke of over 400,000. Now that's a relief, isn't it?
My current overweigt is about 3 kilograms (or less than half a stone for those who prefer to deal inEnglish measurements). What's yours?

Should I ever visit the USA in the future again, I think I will skip visiting Florida. Suppose a citizen considers me to be lifethreatening? He or she can than shoot me on the spot thanks to a new law implemented by the Jeb Bush.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Those of you interested in how and why the ways of the law have changed since 9/11 may want to read this here article.

If you're not interested in politics and other nasty stuff you might want to know that I'm slowly building up a father-daughter relationship with Dayna, Eva's younger sister. For years I was convinced somebody else was her biological dad but am now slowly coming to terms with the fact that's it's about 90 percent sure I've got two daughters and not only one.

That brings the total to three children being put on this world with a little help from yours truly.
As far's my job's concerned: after talks with my colleague, my direct superior, a psycho-therapist, a councellor and the company doctor, I've started working three days a week in stead of five. It gives me more time to study, more time for my kids and since the Dutch system makes sure I don't get less than someone on welfare it doesn't matter how many hours I work, moneywise. Hence this construction.

Within a year I plan to have a normal paying job again but will try to make it possible to work with kids once in a while just because I like doing it so much. Does that make sense?

Sunday, April 10, 2005

According to Colin Powell about 80 percent of White House officials is on drugs. Mostly steroids.
You can read about his allegations in his book: Pumped, Living Fast, Loose, And On The Juice During My Tumultuous DC Days—And Nights.

They asked me if I'd be interested in doing a panto this year around christmas. I told'em:"I'm single nowedays and my nine-year old son is a wee bit too young to stay home alone for nearly two months." The response was:"Congratulations!" Don't yo just love British humor?

My son, oldest daughter and I went to a local fair this morning and spend a little more than we should have...
We had fun, anyway.
Less fun is the fact that Eva has just been picked up by her mom and I just can't get used to saying goodbye to my little girl. I'm slowly starting to build up a relationship with her little sister who's probably mine since tests show "the other guy" is not her father. Although there have been more "other guys" I'd like to believe my ex when she says she's only had unsafe sex with "him" and me during our relationship. With all others she used precaution.
Now that's nice, isn't it?

Tomorrow I'm seeing my employer's social worker to talk about my future on the workfloor. With a colleague who's pushing me to look for another carier and a paycheck coming in while one from social security would show a higher amount I'm not really that motivated to work with kids anymore.

Any ideas about what course I should follow are more than welcome...