Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Those of you interested in how and why the ways of the law have changed since 9/11 may want to read this here article.

If you're not interested in politics and other nasty stuff you might want to know that I'm slowly building up a father-daughter relationship with Dayna, Eva's younger sister. For years I was convinced somebody else was her biological dad but am now slowly coming to terms with the fact that's it's about 90 percent sure I've got two daughters and not only one.

That brings the total to three children being put on this world with a little help from yours truly.
As far's my job's concerned: after talks with my colleague, my direct superior, a psycho-therapist, a councellor and the company doctor, I've started working three days a week in stead of five. It gives me more time to study, more time for my kids and since the Dutch system makes sure I don't get less than someone on welfare it doesn't matter how many hours I work, moneywise. Hence this construction.

Within a year I plan to have a normal paying job again but will try to make it possible to work with kids once in a while just because I like doing it so much. Does that make sense?

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