Sunday, April 10, 2005

According to Colin Powell about 80 percent of White House officials is on drugs. Mostly steroids.
You can read about his allegations in his book: Pumped, Living Fast, Loose, And On The Juice During My Tumultuous DC Days—And Nights.

They asked me if I'd be interested in doing a panto this year around christmas. I told'em:"I'm single nowedays and my nine-year old son is a wee bit too young to stay home alone for nearly two months." The response was:"Congratulations!" Don't yo just love British humor?

My son, oldest daughter and I went to a local fair this morning and spend a little more than we should have...
We had fun, anyway.
Less fun is the fact that Eva has just been picked up by her mom and I just can't get used to saying goodbye to my little girl. I'm slowly starting to build up a relationship with her little sister who's probably mine since tests show "the other guy" is not her father. Although there have been more "other guys" I'd like to believe my ex when she says she's only had unsafe sex with "him" and me during our relationship. With all others she used precaution.
Now that's nice, isn't it?

Tomorrow I'm seeing my employer's social worker to talk about my future on the workfloor. With a colleague who's pushing me to look for another carier and a paycheck coming in while one from social security would show a higher amount I'm not really that motivated to work with kids anymore.

Any ideas about what course I should follow are more than welcome...

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