Monday, March 21, 2005

Excuse me if I'm wrong but if a human life is really so precious as a lot of people in the Terry Schiavo-case want us te believe, then why does America still holds on to the death penalty? Every human life is sacred, right? Unless of course mean George Junior decides differently.

He decides to kill thousands of innocent people in Afghanistan, Iraq and loads of other countries nobody ever heard of before the US dicovered oil in the ground. See here the sole reason why he hasn't send troops to Darfur yet.
On the other hand he decides that one particular human life should be saved.
Who appointed him god?

And can it be undone?

It was an old fashioned busy weekend, last weekend. Saturday our friend Daniƫlle came to stay over.
Sunday her friend Deborah came to show us her new boyfriend Andrea. Neighbour Johanna made use of her richt to visit our son. The afternoon was for the first rehearsal in the new season of The Rocky Horror Picture Show with a few new castmembers. The evening was reserved for dinner at my mom's with her brother and his wife who had come over from the Chicago-region.


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Xaviera said...

Good point: death penalty vs. Terry