Thursday, December 31, 2015

'Thou shalt not play American Football'

'The Bible' means 'collection of books' and everything that's written in that book should be taken literally. Right? Of course except for those parts that should NOT be taken literally. Right? So who decides what should be taken literally and what not? Your minister? The Pope? You? Who decides who gets the yellow marker to mark out what Bible quotes we should live by?

No. 11 basically reads: 'Thou shalt not play American Football'

By the way: Satan stands for sex and drunkenness. So right wing propagandist Bill O'Reilly is a follower of the Devil and only a christian because he tells people he is, not through his actions. Just saying.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

How much food will you waste this christmas?

We live in difficult times. Many people are being killed in the name of a deity or a system. These tabels show where we are today considering the numbers of (civilian) deaths worldwide, in comparison to other era's:

'Families from the Middle East who are desperately looking for shelter should be denied access to our cities and villages because we can't support them and they are a threat to our way of life!'

Great. You just turned away Josef and his very pregnant wife Mary.
Is that a christian or even human thing to do? I wrote about it before. Here.

People all over the world once a year celebrate the lives and deaths of a family from the Middle East, desperately looking for shelter. What if the inn keeper had said 'No!' to Josef and Mary?

Strange: we claim we don't have enough to support refugees, yet we waste amazing amounts of perfectly good food.

The earthquake in Nepal, last april killed at least 5000 people.

Terrorists kill 7000 people a year. Sharks kill 10 people a year. Every year 40 people worldwide get killed because a vending machine falls over and they are squashed. Peanuts kill 12,000 people a year and dogs kill 25,000 a year! We humans kill 475,000 people a year and every single year over 3 million people die because they drink too much alcohol. But mosquitos are even deadlier than us (but still gets beaten by alcohol!). They kill 725.000 people a year. But nothing compares to hunger. Close to 30,000,000 (that's right: thirty million!) people die every year because they don't have enough food. 

And there's no need for them to die because there is plenty of food. How much food do we throw in the bin because of the experation date or because we cooked it but were not hungry enough to eat it all?

Of all the produced food in the world a whopping third is thrown away before it reaches the shops where you can buy it. A terrible waste, don't you think?

And why? Because we don't like cucumbers that are crooked. Because we like lettuce to be round in stead of pointy and because we refuse to buy potatoes that take us more than eight seconds to peel. We won't buy apples that have even an tiny brown spot on them and if a banana has more than two brown spots we buy the banana that has only one.

Think of others before you throw away your leftovers tomorrow: merry christmas!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

When you say you never lie, you are lying.

'If you don't finish your plate, the Boogeyman will get you!'
'Be nice to your sister or Santa won't give you presents.'
'Listen to your teacher, she is always right.'
'Eat your spinache, it will make you strong!'
'If you play with you weewee too much, it will drop off and you will become a girl.'
'Mister Cat has gone to a better place now.'

'Mommy and daddy never lie, so you shouldn't either.'

All false statements. 
For some reason we lie to our children contantly.
To protect them or because it makes us feel powerful to boss around someone who is weaker than we are?

Just think about it: as a good Christian you shall not lie. Yes, that's in the Bible.
And look at these moms and the people in the comments section of the clip: most agree it is perfectly okay to lie if it just happens to suit your purposes. Not to help a child, support it or teach it something but - for example - just because the mom hates balloons she makes up a lie to 'teach' her child not to play with them. In my opinion she is a terrible human being! If she would say she is a true Christian you know she would be lying again. 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Should all drugs be abolished?

What if I told you there is a harddrug out there that kids easily can get their hands on? It causes long therm health issues, kills thousands of people every year directly and thousands more are inadvertedly killed by people using it. It costs society billions a year in damages and even people in power use it. As a matter of fact: most politicians use it. Of whom many on a daily basis! Would you oppose this drug? Of course you would!

Well, you just opposed alcohol.

Yes, recent studies show alcohol is more dangerous than heroin!

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Fox News not satire?

Some call Fox News a news channel. In The Netherlands we call a channel like that a provocative biased entertainment channel. Seriously: the first time I watched Fox I thought it was satire.

I simply refused to believe people can be so extremely biased. And stupid. And still call themselves 'journalists'. Take this for example:

Who needs facts when there's Fox?

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Many US cops don't know the law

Probably more than a thousand citizen have been shot dead by a cop in America in 2013. Exact numbers can not be given because police refuses to cooperate on building data bases. Even with the FBI. 

In England exactly zero citizens have been killed by a police officer in that same year. 'Yeah, but that's because police and citizens don't carry guns!'
-'So you're saying that when people don't carry guns, nobody gets shot? So in order to have less shootings we should ban guns, right?'
''s not what I meant.'

It's amazing how few American cops know the law. They obviously don't learn about the law in their training. Luckily there are some citizens out there who are willing to take the time and effort to teach cops how the law works: