Tuesday, December 22, 2015

When you say you never lie, you are lying.

'If you don't finish your plate, the Boogeyman will get you!'
'Be nice to your sister or Santa won't give you presents.'
'Listen to your teacher, she is always right.'
'Eat your spinache, it will make you strong!'
'If you play with you weewee too much, it will drop off and you will become a girl.'
'Mister Cat has gone to a better place now.'

'Mommy and daddy never lie, so you shouldn't either.'

All false statements. 
For some reason we lie to our children contantly.
To protect them or because it makes us feel powerful to boss around someone who is weaker than we are?

Just think about it: as a good Christian you shall not lie. Yes, that's in the Bible. http://www.godvine.com/bible/category/lying
And look at these moms and the people in the comments section of the clip: most agree it is perfectly okay to lie if it just happens to suit your purposes. Not to help a child, support it or teach it something but - for example - just because the mom hates balloons she makes up a lie to 'teach' her child not to play with them. In my opinion she is a terrible human being! If she would say she is a true Christian you know she would be lying again. 

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