Monday, October 31, 2016

The week in words (Or: Can a few represent the many? #column)

'In the past few years 200 muslims committed terrorist attacks, worldwide!'

-'Yes, and every single day 25,000 people die of starvation. What's your point?'

'That every muslim actually is a terrorist because those 200 muslims represent all muslims!'

-'But 300 muslims prayed for the souls of the people killed by Omar Mateen in front of that nightclub were he emptied his rifle.'

'That may be, but 300 muslims do not represent all muslims!'

On a lighter note: Hillary Clinton is unable to recover 32,000 of her private emails, said to contain 'private' information. Republicans however, did much, much better: the Bush-Cheney administration lost 22 million emails. But, of course - that's totally different.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Senses (A #ShortStory) #AmWriting

On his way to the bar his eyes met hers.

If she were a ray of light shining casually across the book case, she would have rested at Murakami.

Her vague smile must have had a magnetic attraction because suddenly he found himself standing next to her.

Before long their hips moved in the same rhythm and their bliss dripped from their faces in the form of sweat.

For minutes they were alone for hours and only when the Cuban musicians played their last chord they slowly came to their senses.


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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Racists are people too!

People say I should be careful with my words: 'Don't angry racists! Especially when they're related or friends!' Yes, I do have racist family members and racist friends. And that's okay. Every single person is entitled (or should be) to his/her or it opinion. So yes, of course racists are entitled to their own opinion. Or to the opinion of a populist, in most cases.

Racists are people too! Just like Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Nickelback fans, gay bikers on acid, politicians, redheads, et cetera. See: we are all one race. The human race. So when I notice any wrongdoing I feel obliged to step in. Not because it could happen to me but because it could happen to you. When someone places a racist remark, I counter. When someone blames an entire people of whatever is allegedly wrong, I counter. When someone blames a religion for the mistakes of a handful of politicians and businesspeople, I speak out. And tell them they're stupid.

Because that's what I think a person is, who thinks a religion can be an entity. When the police comes to take my neighbours because they are Jews, homosexuals, Muslims or Nickelback fans, I don't think I will close the curtains and pretend I didn't see so one day I could say 'Ich habe es nicht gewusst.' In stead I will do everything in my power (ie write, argue, discuss, go to court) to prevent the day my neighbours will be put on involuntary transport to some 're-education camp' from coming.

I try to live by my motto: 'Someone has to do something about it. And you can be someone.' Even if that means I would have to live the rest of my life next to Nickelback fans.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Last week in words

Still in the news: Donald Trump and Brexit

-'Why do you dislike Muslims?'
'Well, they disrespect women! You know, like they groped women by the genitals in Germany on New Years Eve and they say horrible things about women's sexuality 'n stuff.'

-'What does it say on your t-shirt?'
'Hillary sucks, but not as good as Monica.'

-'And that means you respect women?'

-'You want men who grope women in the crotch to leave your contry immediately?'
'Yes, of course!'

-'So you want them to leave America and go back to the country where there ancestors come from?'

'Yes, of course! Right now! In this country there is no place for men like that!'

-'Do you want Trump to move back to Scotland, where his mother was born, or back to Germany, where his grandfather is from?'

The search for intelligent life in England also continues...

-'So you voted for Britain to leave the EU because of all those rules and regulations?'
'Yes! I hate those regulations!'
-'Name one.'

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Out loud (a short story) #AmWriting

5. Out loud

Nobody knew what had made her do it but everyone knew about the pain in her heart.

Her untainted soul had cast a shadow on everyone who had ever looked into her eyes.

Anyone who knew her at all knew that her exuberance was no more than a disguise for her despair.

Only few were surprised at her deed and although nobody wanted it to have happened many wondered why it had taken so long.

Some even wondered out loud.


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Thursday, October 20, 2016

13 and buying a lottery ticket? No way? Buying a gun? No problem!

This young man loves to aim a gun and shoot at passing cars. For no apparent reason:

Trained police officers, experienced hunters and soldiers can handle guns. Most other people can not:

Luckily guns are not freely available! Right? I mean: teenagers can't get lottery tickets, beer or cigarettes so let alone guns. Right? Wrong. Or let me rephrase that: very wrong.

Here are some facts (warning for pro-gunners: the article contains actual statistics, not some made up figures by a TV anchorman)

This video can't be embedded so please click on the link:

Monday, October 17, 2016

Last week in words

Presidential candidate Donald Trump claims the New York Times is biased 'because the newspaper is owned by a Mexcian: Carlos Slim.' Probably Mr. Trump is unaware of the fact that Fox News' owners are a man from Scotland and a Saudi prince.

President Duterte of the Philipines argues that the children dying on his harsh war on drugs are 'collateral damage': 'You see, my men shoot with automatic guns and they go 'BRRRRRR!'.'

'Mr. Duterte, why are you running this war on drugs?'
-'I don't want innocent children to die.'

I guess Mr. Duterte is missing the point.
Too bad his men are not missing the children.

Protesting against government decisions is - apparently - a crime these days. And so is reporting about it. The US government had journalist Amy Goodman arrested for covering a protest about the construction of a massive oil pipeline in Dakota.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

It's all their fault!

They are unfamiliar with our culture, don't speak our language. They form a huge strain on our society's resources. Without them we would have much more space and freedom. When they first arrive all they do is sh*t themselves and cry.

It takes them a full generation of time before they finally start contributing to our way of life and when they do, they take over our jobs! Who dares to speak out against them gets told of, especially on social media.

Of course I'm taking about immigrants, right? Wrong.
I'm talking about babies.

On a more serious not: Donald Trump blames most problems in America on immigrants. Yet, a lot of immigrants (only indians can claim they are true Americans) are willing to make this man their next president. Why?

Thursday, October 06, 2016

Are all conspiracies just theories?

Some stories are so far fetched, we tend to think they are made up. Of course lots of stories are not entirely true. Sometimes on purpose but usually by accident. Play 'the Chinese whisper game' to test this: come up with a line to say, whisper it into they ear of the person next to you, ask that person to repeat that to the next person and have it repeated a few times. Now imagine there are thousands of people betwoon person number one and the last person and there's a difference of 2000 years between the first and the last whisper. Do you still think everything in the Bible is exactly as it was stated 2000 years ago?

As for me, I don't believe in conspiracie theories. I do however, believe in conspiracies.