Monday, October 17, 2016

Last week in words

Presidential candidate Donald Trump claims the New York Times is biased 'because the newspaper is owned by a Mexcian: Carlos Slim.' Probably Mr. Trump is unaware of the fact that Fox News' owners are a man from Scotland and a Saudi prince.

President Duterte of the Philipines argues that the children dying on his harsh war on drugs are 'collateral damage': 'You see, my men shoot with automatic guns and they go 'BRRRRRR!'.'

'Mr. Duterte, why are you running this war on drugs?'
-'I don't want innocent children to die.'

I guess Mr. Duterte is missing the point.
Too bad his men are not missing the children.

Protesting against government decisions is - apparently - a crime these days. And so is reporting about it. The US government had journalist Amy Goodman arrested for covering a protest about the construction of a massive oil pipeline in Dakota.

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