Thursday, October 27, 2016

Racists are people too!

People say I should be careful with my words: 'Don't angry racists! Especially when they're related or friends!' Yes, I do have racist family members and racist friends. And that's okay. Every single person is entitled (or should be) to his/her or it opinion. So yes, of course racists are entitled to their own opinion. Or to the opinion of a populist, in most cases.

Racists are people too! Just like Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Nickelback fans, gay bikers on acid, politicians, redheads, et cetera. See: we are all one race. The human race. So when I notice any wrongdoing I feel obliged to step in. Not because it could happen to me but because it could happen to you. When someone places a racist remark, I counter. When someone blames an entire people of whatever is allegedly wrong, I counter. When someone blames a religion for the mistakes of a handful of politicians and businesspeople, I speak out. And tell them they're stupid.

Because that's what I think a person is, who thinks a religion can be an entity. When the police comes to take my neighbours because they are Jews, homosexuals, Muslims or Nickelback fans, I don't think I will close the curtains and pretend I didn't see so one day I could say 'Ich habe es nicht gewusst.' In stead I will do everything in my power (ie write, argue, discuss, go to court) to prevent the day my neighbours will be put on involuntary transport to some 're-education camp' from coming.

I try to live by my motto: 'Someone has to do something about it. And you can be someone.' Even if that means I would have to live the rest of my life next to Nickelback fans.

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