Monday, October 24, 2016

Last week in words

Still in the news: Donald Trump and Brexit

-'Why do you dislike Muslims?'
'Well, they disrespect women! You know, like they groped women by the genitals in Germany on New Years Eve and they say horrible things about women's sexuality 'n stuff.'

-'What does it say on your t-shirt?'
'Hillary sucks, but not as good as Monica.'

-'And that means you respect women?'

-'You want men who grope women in the crotch to leave your contry immediately?'
'Yes, of course!'

-'So you want them to leave America and go back to the country where there ancestors come from?'

'Yes, of course! Right now! In this country there is no place for men like that!'

-'Do you want Trump to move back to Scotland, where his mother was born, or back to Germany, where his grandfather is from?'

The search for intelligent life in England also continues...

-'So you voted for Britain to leave the EU because of all those rules and regulations?'
'Yes! I hate those regulations!'
-'Name one.'

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