Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Fight socialism! No taxes for benefits!

When asked what they dislike about socialism Americans often say they don't like the idea of a part of their income going to people who need stuff they themselves don't need. Like foodstamps.

That's hypocrite. Because they don't mind if somebody else pays a part of their income for the maintenance of roads, even though they are not car owners. Tax payers money also goes to the funding of public schools. People pay for that, even if they don't have children. Even if your house never burns down, if you're an American part of your tax money goes to the local fire department.

But hey, let's use a system where everybody pays for their individual needs and the government is not involved in distributing tax money. Your house is on fire? Run out, buy a firetruck and end the fire. Or rent a fire truck and pay for firemen to save your house. Want your kid to go to school? Pay the full tuition. Want to use the road? Pay toll on every single crossing and exit.

That's what people want, right, a system where only the user pays? If you don't want to pay the hospital bill, simply don't become sick. It's really that simple, right?

You know, because you don't like socialism. 'Because socialism takes money from the poor and gives it to the rich.' So tell me how come that's describing today's system of capitalims under rule of the Republican Party, led by president Trump?

Or do you only like benefits when they benefit you personally and you simply just don't care about others?

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