Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Why not keep our promise to help Africans?

Remember Live Aid 1985? 'Let's send lots of money to Africa because those people are really really poor and live in terrible circumstances and we really really love Bob Geldof and Bono!' We told those poor Africans we can easily afford to help them because we are extremely wealthy and 'too bad you don't live in Europe because in our countries people actually get money for doing absolutely nothing and call it 'unemployment benefit.'

So, if the harvest fails time and time again, you see your kids starve and other countries start bombing your homes to 'help' you fight the regime you're under and you remember there are countries where you don't have to do anything to get food and shelter? Unless you're a liar you would say you want to go there.

Of course we welcomed the people from all those different African countries with open arms because we helped them once and promised them we would do so again and always. At least we did when Bob Geldof and Bono where within hearing range.

In stead we suddenly claimed our countries are 'full' and there's no space for new people from abroad. Except of course when they are from 'decent' (i.e. 'white') countries like Norway and Canada. We also claim we are not as wealthy as we once told them we are and there is absolutely no money to keep our promises. We need all the money we can get to fight 'terrorism'. You know, putting up camera's so people who want to blow themselves up to make a point
will think twice before they pull the cord of their bombvest. What if a camera spots a suicide bomber and thanks to the images of the explosion he could get the death penalty?

It's true that there have been no suicide bombings at London Liverpoolstreet Station and Amsterdam Central Station since millions have been spent on camera's. Neither have their been suicide bombings there when there were only a few camera's.

So putting up camera's to fight suicide bombings is just as useful as putting a banana in your ear to prevent alligators from walking around at Sesame Street.

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