Wednesday, October 02, 2019

Why and when do we show our emotions?

With all this stuff on social media and in main stream media it has become hard to tell if someone is merely acting or shows a display of real emotions.

On Instagram a nice young lady can show tears, stating her dog just died and her thousands of followers wish her well. Accept the story isn't real and the young lady is a model who was hired for a weekend in which hundreds of pictures with her were taken. In those pictures you see her with her favourite cereals, her new shampoo or a shiny new handbag. All product placement and part of a marketing campaign to boost the sales of those products. So you can't really trust social media.

In my opinion here are two examples of people sincerely touching the hearts of others.

Here's an interview of Stephen Colbert and Anderson Cooper where they question eachother on grief and acceptance:

And here's a man who uses his own emotions to stir up emotions in others:

When do you show emotions and do you share them with everyone?

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