Friday, April 10, 2015

About racist cops

In America you get punished when you do something illegal. Except when you do it to stop other people from doing something illegal. Apparently. A police officer thought he could get away with killing a man in cold blood. Walter Scott was shot in the back eight times after police officer Michael T. Slager ('Slager' is 'Butcher' in Dutch...) tasered him after stopping him for a broken tail light. According to the policeman mister Scott took his taser and ran away. Unlucky for the cop a bystander filmed the whole thing.

The video shows the cop planting his taser next to the dead man. Two other officers were quickly at the scene. Not to perform CPR on the man with his face down in the grass but to back up the story of the killer who claimed his life was in danger so he had no choice but to shoot Mr. Scott in the back. Eight times. Even though the victim was mortally wounded the cop still put the cuffs on him. It makes you wonder: does the US police force have more murderers, cowards and agressive idiots on the payroll? And what do the politicians do about it?

Tap more civilian phonecalls to prevent 'terrorism' via what the NSA calls The Program? But in the United States civilians are 55 times more likely to get shot dead by a cop than they are likely to be killed by a terrorist. Making unknown police officers deadlier than Osama Bin Laden ever was. The police is supposed to be your best friend but with friends like these, who needs enemies?

Luckily the mayor of Noth Charleston is taking it serious: in the near future every single police officer in the district will be equipped with a body camera so they won't be allowed to simply kill because they feel like it. It will also mean the end of racism, making the job less appealing to Republicans racists like this one.

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