Sunday, April 12, 2015

Islam is not an aggressive religion

Stating that Islam is an aggressive religion is a false statement. Just like christianity it has its peaceful and its hateful statements.
For example: God ordered the Isrealites to commit mass murder and kill all Canaan infants. Now does that sound like a loving God to you?

Some people like to say Islam is a terrible religion because it orders people to kill other people. Well, there is a Holy Book where it says that every living person, men or women, adult and child alike, who does not believe in the supreme being should be executed. Look it up: 2 Chronicles 15:13 in the thick collection of books called The Bible.

Further in the Bible Jews are called 'Children of Satan' by John. If you or your friends have trouble believing christians also committed aggressive acts in the name of God and the Bible, read The Holy Book. These passages for example:

Did you know the populair King James Bible was written as late as around the year 1600 and ordered by the English Church at the time to reflect the ideas and morals of the time? It had nothing to do with the word of Jesus but was merely loosely based upon them!

Yes, there are stupid aggressive idiot muslims. Just as there are stupid, ignorant aggressive christians.

Just my two cents.

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