Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Without greed there would be no more hunger.

It seems a lot of people blame Islam for the awful happenings in Paris, a couple of months ago. Workers at the office of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo were killed 'in name of Allah'. Utter nonsense of course. A couple of young men felt insulted and decided to act. As young men, full of testosteron, do: without thinking. Their actions provoked millions of people worldwide to take a stand against terror. Terrorists want people to be afraid. If people would show they are not afraid anymore, terror will stop being a means of getting what you want.

You can't blame 'Islam' for the actions of a handful troubled young men. Just as you can't blame 'Christianity' for what a couple of hundred catholic priests did to thousands of young boys.

If there's a single 'religion' to blame for most trouble in the world, it's capitalism. Without greed there would be no more hunger.

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