Thursday, May 05, 2016

'I'm not racist but...'

'I'm not racist but...'

Normally when someone says that I have to restrain myself from punching that person in the face because they are about to make a racist remark. These days most folks have common sense and it's fashionable to be politically correct. So the most powerful man in the world - the president of the United States of America - is a 'coloured' man. Johhny Storm, the movie character also known as The Human Torch is portrayed by a black actor

and so is James 'Jimmy' Olsen, Superman's ole' pal at the Daily Planet in the upcoming flick 'Supergirl'.

Of course an actor (or a politician for that matter) should be judged by his acting and not chosen on basis of political correctness, sex, background or colour. But can you really imagine a movie about legend Muhammad Ali in which the famous fighter is portrayed by a white guy?

In my opinion not only white people can be racist.

What do you think?

Here's Muhammad Ali on interracial marriage:

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