Friday, March 26, 2004

Let's erect a "security-wall" around the Houses of Parliament!" After two activists climbed the fences and evaded security to eventually climb Big Ben and roll out a banner,
talk is now to raise a wall around the area of 4.6 meters high. This action should withold terrorists from blowing things up within the perimeter. Apparently when there's a wall, you can't apply for a job as cleaner at a local temp-agency and enter the gate with a legal security-pass. Nor will it be possible to hi-jack a Boing 747 and fly the thing into the bell-tower. Duh!
Let's build a wall around the planet to prevent terrorists from outer space from landing on it!

Last weekend our Queen mom died on the blessed age of 94. The past year she had no recollection of her loved ones whatsoever. She died in peace and what can you want more? She refused to be referred to as "majesty".

My son and I went to the fairground, in this part of the world known as "kermis".
They had a ferris-wheel, a ghosthouse, a rollercoaster and loads of other need rides and stuff. Great fun!

Friday was the last day for colleague Jennifer who has gone on pregnancy-leave
whilst Blair goes talking to Khadafi and Bush plans to talk to Sharon.
The local baker has molded a pie in the shape of the earth and now they will devide it. It has already been decided that Berlusconi gets Europe so he won't be there...

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