Friday, March 05, 2004

4. 28 February 03:11 Executive Office Of The President, United States

8. 29 February 16:57 IP Planet Networks, Israel

I don't get many hits for this weblog but they do seem to come from interesting places..

For those who think the American constitution is a sacred thing, think again.
To George Junior it isn't. When electoral gain is eminent anything goes, even changing the constitution. Most Americans oppose gay marriage so of course so does George Junior. That's logical, isn't it?
So if mayor Jason West of New Paltz needs to be sacrificed in the process, so be it. Tough luck.

Sandra Tsing Loh said "Fuck" on the air during a radio-show and got sacked.
You see, in America it's illegal to say "Fuck" but not to kill thousands of innocent people worldwide and stigmatize millions more. Sex is a filthy thing and murder is not. Just ask George Junior who still believes killing people to show other people that killing is wrong is a good thing. Hopefully for him he's the only one who's stupid enough to reason thus...

The past week was an official week off for kids in my region of the country.
But not for me. For an afterschool-teacher these are the hardest working-days.
Check this: on monday we went to the Royal Tropical Institute . Among loads of other neat stuff we saw the gamelan instrumentarium that used to be used by the orchestra that filled my great grandfathers bedroom a long, long time ago. Pretty cool, huh? On tuesday my colleague took the lil'ones to see Brother Bear while I took the older ones to Neverneverland. Wednesday my son joined us in waterfun at one of the cities nicest public pools. Thursday there was an organised sporting-event where we played soccer/football (Am./Eng.), basketball, skippyball, badminton, etc. For friday we had a talenthunt for which tons of (grand)parents showed up to watch their (grand)children amuse themselves whilst singing, dancing, acting and telling jokes. All and all a wholly tiring week but also very fulfilling. Tomorrow I can sleep in since Ferdinand is in the safe hands of his gran...

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