Saturday, December 20, 2003

The capture of Saddam Hussein is a hot item as is the trial of Michael Jackson. Of course I don't wish to compare the two. It's just that it all seems so trivial compared to the loss of a child. Even if it's only in your dreams. Last night I dreamed I had to say goodbye forever to as well Ferdinand as his sister Eva. And it still flippin' hurts! There was a panicking crowd and a bunch of security-people dragging me along.
I managed to convince them I wouldn't go unless they would allow me to kiss my children goodbye and whisper personal messages into their ears which thy could pass along to their children, might they live through the coming ordeal. Somehow I knew my son would survive and my daughter would not. Awful! I don't recommend dreams like that.

Luckily, in "real" (what's "real" anyway but a state of mind?) life Superfer is sitting next to me in the internet-café since we still don't have internet-access at home. Am working on it, though. The ADSL-modem is working fine now and I could use some tips on how to reconfigure my system (WIN98, first edition) so I can actually check my e-mail from my desk. Ideas, anyone?

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