Friday, November 28, 2003

When we see people in rags by the thousands on TV we send them money(in a genuine effort to help/to sooth our consience). When we see one in front of our local supermarket we send him a dirty look. Why is that?

When Googling around the world I found this poem with my name...Terrebel. Aint that kewl?

A certain American president gave a bunch of soldiers the chance to see him in real life.
Personally I could think of greater gifts. More in the line of the presents my son got for his birthday: An electronics playset from his dad, a CD-player and tuner with build-in alarm from his gran, a telescope from his neighbour Johanna, his natural mom and her boyfriend; clay and a cookbook from neighbour Angélique; ironing-beads from neighbour Janine and her boyfriend Leon; glasspaint and an origami-book from neighbour Miriam and her daughters Eva and Dayna and so on and so on.

His actual birthday (number eight) was last tuesday and we celebrated that evening with his an my mom at a local restaurant. It's the fifth time I've been there in the past year and every single time with different women. See how long I can keep that up...
Today he celebrated with his mates and sister(s).

Thursday he was free from school and we decided he could come to work with me and we had a very nice day and all the kids from my afterschool-group liked him a lot and vice versa. It will certainly happen again in the future!

By the way: have I told you how I got to met a new neighbour?
Last sunday we performed the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the start of a night filled with political discussions. Although it was nog exactly our kind of crowd we did manage to enjoy ourselves as cast as you can judge for yourselves by looking at the pictures.

Afterwards a small group went to a Gothic-bar for a last drink before hitting the sack and there it was that we got to talk to this young lady. After some chit chat we found out we were neighbours ("Luckily this place is so close to my house that I can easily walk it.""That's funny! So can I!"). Her boyfriend is co-organizing this extremeley cool event called Black Xion. With some luck I can share in part of the fun...
(Should you NOT be into Latex, Rubber, Gothic, Fetish, Kinky, Medieval, Occult or Vampyre than please don't click the link!)

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